It outsourcing for your business: pros and cons

   If you are an owner of a small or middle business, you most likely faced a dilemma: what’s better, to hire your own IT staff or to outsource your IT? And if outsource – what to choose, an IT company or freelancers? To make this decision, you need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of IT outsourcing.

   You can hear about many pros and cons of IT outsourcing in detail in Morgan & Westfield “Deal Talk” podcast with Roman Surikov, CEO of a Russian company Ronas IT. In his interview to Jeff Allen Roman gives advice on how to choose a good IT company for a productive collaboration and how to minimize your expenses and still get quality IT services.

   Roman and Jeff also discussed one of the main trends in app development, hybrid apps, which allows ‘one app fits all platforms’ approach instead of developing separate apps for iOS, Android, Windows phone and a web app for browsers.


  You can read Roman’s interview on Morgan & Westfield’s “Deal Talk” podcast page.