How we have created a logo for «Grillnitsa» foodtruck

Let us tell you how we create logos and take foodtruck «Grillnitsa» logo as an example.
A client wants us to create a logo for his «Grillnitsa» foodtruck, where mainly steaks and short-ribs are served. He shows us a stock picture and says «the top left and bottom right logos are cool, I need something similar with BBQ».


The stock examples seem boring to us, we start collecting ideas and references and making initial sketches at the same time. The first idea is a grill engulfed in flames, rushing somewhere on its wheels. We’re starting to work it over.


We’re looking for more «flamy» and «meaty» associations, and everything cool and on wheels:



We’re making first sketches vectors, also looking for solutions for the fonts, we don’t want to make the logo overly aggressive. On the contrary, something nostalgic from the Soviet era or playful, childish to balance the aggressiveness would be better:



The variants seem empty and don’t hit the spot, we’re keep looking for the fonts:



Sans-serif look better to us, let’s try those:



We’re keeping on working with the font and now adding the steak and the grill:



Looks like the right direction, but something is amiss. We add some “demonic” features, as well as some abrasion and untidiness.


Now, color.


Showing the logo to the client. Approved.