IT-Stickers for Telegram

 Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in the world, boasting  100 000 000 active users only two and a half years after release.

Such an impressive figure is the result of the messenger’s security, simplicity and convenience both for the users and for third-party developers. For example, anyone can add a Telegram bot, draw themselves a sticker pack or even create their own custom client application in case the original one is not enough. Because of such wide variety of options and its convenience we chose Telegram as our corporate chat app.

Our desinger Lisa created our own sticker pack featuring a funny octopus in everyday IT and not-so-IT situations. We only used those stickers inside our team at first, but then let them out into the wild. After 7 000+ installations in the first month, we saw that the world needs more octopus. So we decided to give him a spotlight in our blog.

stickers (4)

Our team members often share new ideas with the artists, so the pack is constantly updated with new stickers. You can grab yourself an octopus here.