Designing a web application: from idea to implementation


We were presented with a task to develop a service consisting of fully-functional social network and a cross-platform mobile messaging app for Middle-Eastern market.

After connecting the accounts, the user can post to Twitter and Facebook and receive notifications directly from the app. We can’t disclose the name due to NDA.

The service allows the user to see the most effective ways of promotion by displaying statistics related to subscribers, posts, comments, likes, reposts and other activity across several networks.


The client did not have design specifications, and we wanted to create something that would resemble the style of Google+ — bright and simple.  We created huge amount of pages such as profiles, dialogues, newsfeed. Pages of companies have their own design, including the customer’s.


The purpose of the front page is to present the social network in the most favourable light. We decoded what are the main advantages of the product that he wants to display on the front page. After some corrections and refinements we gave the customer several design variants and he chose the final one.



We also created a separate page, which describes the cross-platform messenger included in the service.



The messenger is created using Bacbone.js and Cordova. With it you can send text messages, photos, videos and geolocation coordinates from your iOS, Android or Windows Phone device without SMS fee. Mobile and web applications use the same design.