Dive In Festival


Our task was to develop native iOS and Android apps for an anannual international business conference. This year the Dive in  Festival was held on 27-29 September. It included more than 50 events which took place over 3 days in 16 cities across 4  continents in Australia, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Bermuda, UK and the USA.

We created minimalistic, intuitive icons.



List of events allows to quickly browse all the conference meetings, see essential information about each one and filter  events by city and date.


You can get detailed information for each conference event including description of its main meeting theses, date, time,  location and speakers.


You can learn more about each of the conference speakers in the app: their job positions, biography and professional  achievements.


All of the conference media files are available for viewing online in the corresponding section of the application.


We also developed an admin panel and a ticket registration system for the website and the mobile apps.

Before and during  Dive in Festival average daily attendance was about 1,000 people. 10530 conference tickets were bought via the web and  mobile registration system that we created. Dive in Festival app crash-free index is 98,5% for all sessions.

crash free