Easy.futbol is a mobile app for managing amateur football teams and organizing matches between them.

The customer provided us with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which was entirely in English, had a primitive design, nonfunctional navigation, overcomplicated user interface (UI) and unclear user experience (UX). That’s how it looked at the beginning:

2First of all, we have finalized the functional part of the application and fixed the navigation.

Then we connected the notification channels (email, sms, push notifications) in order to remind players in advance of the upcoming football match. Also we added the translation system to localize the application for Spanish-speaking users (the app’s target audience are the residents of South America).

You can find the date, time and place of the match on its page.


You can make a strategy of a match and to share it with the team with the app.


The next step was to make the application user-friendly. Here we faced the problem of the UX. The user could have several roles: the manager who created the match, the player and both roles at the same time. The last one role wasn’t taken into account in the logic of the MVP: the user was allowed to be authorized as a manager or player on the main screen of the application at any given time, and he had access to the functions of the selected role only. From the user’s point of view – as well as common sense, this was extremely inconvenient. For example, if a user created a game to participate in it, he had to log out the manager account and log in again as a player.

We found the way out by uniting both roles and merging their interface design. It required minimal intervention in the backend. This decision of our art director Alex was pleased the backend developers to no end.

Now users can be both managers and players at the same time.


The design creation stage posed no difficulties to us. The very first version of the interface and logo, with minor corrections, was approved by the customer. This is how the logo looks:


Easy.futbol is available in the AppStore, GooglePlay and on the landing page created by our team for the release of the application.