Our clients’ stories. Madmilk: from music to fashion

When we present another project from our Portfolio, we usually focus on the tech stack, initial tasks and things that were done in the end. At the same time, a very important part of the whole story remains hidden: we rarely talk about who our customers are, how they came up with their business idea and whether we stay in touch with them today.

It’s about time to restore justice, so from now on we will be publishing personal and professional stories of our clients and highlight the history of our cooperation with them.

Today we would like to introduce you to Madmilk – a young contemporary women’s clothing brand from Russia. We’ve been working with the guys from Madmilk since 2014. Now they are gradually gaining recognition both within and outside Russia, and it’s incredibly satisfying for us to be a part of that journey.

One of the brand founders, S., used to live in Omsk – the same city that our company is located in. Having left his home city in the distant 2002, he went a long way from a rock musician in Yekaterinburg to a producer in Moscow. One time he happened to be in charge of creating the promotional T-shirts and other merchandise for a band. What began as a few samples gradually grew into a whole collection, and S. himself did not notice how he was fully drawn into this entirely new job. That was when he first got an idea – why not start the clothing business? In this endeavor, he quickly found an accomplice – U., and together they built Madmilk.


At first, Madmilk was a joint Turkish-Russian project. Over time, suitable production facilities were found in the suburbs near Moscow, and gradually the entire production cycle was transferred to Russia. The only things to stay imported were fabrics. The product policy also underwent some changes: at some point, the focus was on the dresses, but after mastering this line of business Madmilk moved on to the other garments. Now they are actively working on expanding the product range.

S. creates the designs himself: «They are something that I either came up with or saw somewhere or both». His sketches are then turned into patterns by design engineers and sent to production. U. deals with the other side of the process – he is in charge of sales and operations management.

A lot of young clothing brands can manage without professional IT services for quite a while: at the beginning, their business methods are still fairly transparent and do not require automation, while large multi-brand online stores are able to compensate for the lack of their own website. But the faster the company evolves, the more difficult it is to leave these tasks for later.

When Madmilk came to us for the very first time, we suggested one of the ready-made online store solutions for not to “reinvent the wheel”, to save the budget and go online as soon as possible. However, the guys had one unique requirement: to integrate the new website with another online store, which they cooperated with at that time. That is, the final product had to be an online catalog that redirects orders to Madmilk’s partners. As a result, we created a custom solution fully from scratch, including an online store for retail and wholesale clients.

Another important part of our collaboration is a new product management system, designed to meet the special requirements of U. This software, for instance, allows you to analyze production and group sales statistics by different sales channels.


Our cooperation with Madmilk continues to this day: as the company is growing, new tasks and new requirements for IT support are emerging. «Our plans are to evolve further. Now we are trying a lot of new things, seeking who we are and what we like,  U. noted as we chatted recently». For our part, we are constantly improving the existing product management system adding new analytical functions to meet new business needs.

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