DevOps services

We guarantee 99% uptime for any environment

We are ready to help you set up IT infrastructure and configure your project there. Depending on your needs, we can set up three environments:

A development environment for our engineers

A staging environment where the clients can check the progress

A production environment where software becomes available to users

What do our customers get?

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    Accurate estimate.
    The approach we implement allows us to set the resource quotes for each product. So, can provide customers with an accurate price estimate and offer the price that matches the project goals best.
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    Ready-made solution.
    Since we use an out-of-box solution, our customers don’t need to worry about updates, scalability, and technologies used. We will take care of all these ourselves.
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    The customers receive safe and stable infrastructure. The developers support it throughout the whole development process. We guarantee a 99% uptime for any environment.
60+ employees
1,500+ projects
16+ years on the market

After analyzing more than 300 projects, we found the combination of techniques and approaches that help us fully automate DevOps processes and receive ready-to-develop environments within 5–7 minutes. Here’s the best DevOps combination we have worked out:

K8s as a container orchestration system that helps automate the deployment process
Terraform as an IaC tool
Helm as a package manager
GitLab CI, as we use GitLab for all projects

Our projects:


We always pay close attention to reviews we receive from clients. They help us to improve workflow and communication standards and get closer to becoming a successful DevOps company. Have a look at some of the reviews:

1811 reviews
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Top 50
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4.9 / 5
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Usually, the cost of DevOps doesn’t exceed 5% of the overall development price. We count the price of each product individually, so this price may vary depending on the complexity of the developed digital product.
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