Concept design services

Turning bright business ideas into compelling digital products.

A design concept is 2 or 3 screens that reflect the visual style of the future product and showcase its main features.
It aims to help the project team and their customers build a common vision of the future fully-fledged design.
Also, the concept can be presented to investors and potential users before the detailed design is completed.
We build concepts based on requirements, idea of the project, collected references, and brand identity. Our team has built more than 1,500 conceptions for apps and websites in the fields of delivery, crypto trade, fintech, real estate, and others.
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We lay solid foundations for successful mobile and web products

To create a concept that matches the client’s needs, we take the following steps:

  • 1
    Help a client define the requirements.
  • 2
    Gather references to find the suitable style.
  • 3
    Create a mind map and lo-fi wireframes.
  • 4
    Create 2–3 screens of the future application or site.
  • 5
    Discuss the screens with the client and make improvements.

The best design concept samples:


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The final concept price depends on the number of iterations we make to complete it. It often takes 16–20 hours to develop a conception, and the average price is about $1,200. However, don’t hesitate to contact our analyst and get the estimation.
The anticipations and requirements of the clients are our biggest priority. Design concept lets us make sure we are creating the design that the client wants to get exactly. Besides, it is quick to change. And once the screens are ready, we discuss the developed visuals with a client to confirm if the UI and functionality conveyed in the conception match the anticipations. If not, we change it as necessary and discuss it again. Making adjustments at this stage is far less expensive than making them when the interface design is completed. All in all, concepts allow us to save time and resources of the clients.
When we deliver conceptual design services, we often ask the customers to find the samples they don’t like. Then an in-house analyst discusses the provided examples with the customer to find out what exactly they dislike about them. Whether the color palette is too dark, the typeface looks too extravagant, or the style is too childish? With negative references in mind, our team can meet all customer expectations and build the conceptions with fewer iterations.
Sure! Ronas IT specializes in building web and mobile applications for startups and businesses. We are a full-stack IT company, so we can design and develop the digital product and maintain it after the project work.
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