Rapid custom ecommerce website development

Combine the convenience of Shopify's robust backend with our design expertise to launch a visually captivating, fully functional e-commerce store that reflects your brand values, all within an exceptionally short timeframe.

About the service

We understand that every business is different. With our custom ecommerce development subscription, you get an ecommerce platform with all necessary functions and a unique design.

How is it different from the familiar website builders?

Design customization for your brand

Our custom ecommerce development services transform your online store into a one-of-a-kind experience that truly represents your brand. We use Next.js Commerce 2.0 framework for frontend development — it allows us to use best patterns for building ecommerce solutions fast while customizing the web design. Website builders only offer design templates, we create a unique and engaging brand experience.

Lightning-fast performance and seamless user experience

One of the key advantages of using Next.js Commerce 2.0 for custom ecommerce development is its exceptional performance. It’s designed to deliver lightning-fast page loading times and reduced latency, ensuring that your custom ecommerce website performs exceptionally well on both mobile and web devices. Your customers will never experience any lag or delays when browsing through your online store, they will enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Efficient admin panel solution

Instead of developing an admin panel from the ground, we integrate Shopify's backend into the ecommerce website development to save you time and resources. You can maintain complete control over your store's operations without the need for custom backend development, which frees your resources to focus on your business. While website builders come with admin panels, their functionality isn’t tailored to fit ecommerce solutions.

Owning the results

When you create an ecommerce website with a builder, your website is dependent on the builder's platform. If the service experiences downtime, price changes, or policy adjustments, your website might be affected. If the platform shuts down, you might lose your site entirely. Even if you decide to migrate your site to another platform later, you will need to rebuild the design and functionality entirely. With our custom ecommerce development, you won’t depend on a particular platform and will own the website completely.
By choosing us as your next ecommerce development company, you’ll gain access to the design and development expertise we’ve been cultivating since 2007. Let’s discuss your idea and find a solution that fits your business.

Perfect for:

Accelerated launch

For the ecommerce web development of your platform, all we’ll need to do is create the design and develop the frontend part. For the backend, we integrate ready-made APIs that provide the necessary functionality. When you create a custom ecommerce solution with us, you get a personalized interface with a rapid backend rollout in 5-15 days.

Hypothesis testing

Our method requires fewer resources than custom website development, which makes it more cost-effective and suitable for hypothesis testing. Ecommerce website costs when building the product from scratch would include development of an admin panel, and functionality such as payments, sales, and managing products —- all of which increase the overall expense considerably.

Market expansion

Imagine, you came up with an idea to expand your business with the help of a new product, and you need to do it quickly. The average ecommerce development takes over two months from concept to release in the stores. Even with website builders, it might take time to understand how they work and the design you create on your own might not stand out from competitors. With our ecommerce website development, you can launch the product quickly and make it unique.

What features will your ecommerce solution have?

Inventory management

Products that are out of stock are properly labeled and restocked when available so that users don’t experience any inconveniences.

Multiple option availability

While shopping, customers are offered a wide range of options to choose from, which enhances the user experience and improves sales.

Hassle-free checkout

A one-click checkout, powered by Shopify Checkout, provides simple and secure payments for customers. The checkout can be customized with any information you desire.

Detailed order record

The ecommerce solution enables customers to keep track of their order history, allowing them to refer back to previous transactions.

Hidden items

You can “hide” certain products on the platform for exclusive releases and limited-edition products. These cannot be found by browsing the website and are accessed through direct URLs.

Customizable design

Your platform will be not only functional but also eye-catching. Our ecommerce website development services can extend to creating illustrations and designing a logo if you don’t have one.

Real-time order status

Customers will be able to receive updates on the status of their orders, including details like dispatch, shipping, and estimated delivery times.

Dynamic Shopify-driven features

Ecommerce website development with Shopify allows for a variety of dynamic features, such as product categorization, menus for convenient navigation, and pages customized for different products.

Comprehensive ecommerce facets

Ecommerce development includes features like product search, a shopping cart accessible from any page, detailed product pages, overview pages for quick product summaries, and more. With rapid ecommerce web development, we don't compromise on functionality.

How we launch your ecommerce solution in 5-15 days

Project kick-off

Before we start your ecommerce website development, we ask you questions to understand your vision, budget expectations and goals for the future platform. This way, we make sure that our ecommerce website development aligns with your business objectives.

Custom web design

Our designers work closely with you to figure out your brand image and create a visually appealing and unique design for your online store. The time needed to design the interface depends on your requirements. If you opt for a simple minimalistic design, we can complete the project within the 5-day timeline. However, if your ecommerce website needs to have a lot of screens or you have more complex design requirements, we dedicate up to 15 days. Our goal is to provide you with a design that not only represents your brand and looks beautiful but also makes your ecommerce platform user-friendly.

Admin panel preparation

The functionality of Shopify's admin panel allows us to set up backend operations without building them from scratch. As an ecommerce development company, we configure the panel and prepare it for the integration with the frontend of the platform. This way we ensure that the communication between the ecommerce website’s components will be smooth and efficient.

Client introduction

Before we start your e-commerce website development, we believe in establishing a strong foundation by understanding your vision and goals for the future platform. Our team takes time to listen and comprehend your unique requirements so that we can provide you with an e-commerce solution that aligns with your business objectives.

Frontend development

Our ecommerce development team uses Next.js framework to render the design. Their ecommerce development template allows us to use its ready-made functionality to complete the frontend development within a few days. By using Next.js, we ensure a seamless integration with the admin panel, resulting in a cohesive and user-friendly ecommerce platform.


We understand the importance of a quick deployment process right after ecommerce website development. That's why we choose to use Vercel, which offers a template specifically designed for ecommerce platforms. With the help of Vercel, we can swiftly deploy your ecommerce website, getting you up and running within minutes. This means minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your business.

Built-in SEO optimization

Our ecommerce solutions have built-in SEO optimization. This means that your website will be optimized for search engines, ensuring better visibility, higher organic rankings, and optimal performance across various devices. Even with a substantial catalog of products, your site will load lightning fast, achieving a 90+ score on Page Speed tests. This not only improves user satisfaction but also helps your custom ecommerce website drive more organic traffic and potential customers.


At the end of our ecommerce development process, you will receive a fully-functional and customized ecommerce platform that is crafted to your specific needs. Unlike off-the-shelf websites, your platform will stand out with its unique design and robust functionality. After the ecommerce website development, we can support your product and fix any appearing issues.

Test the capabilities and loading speed of a website built with Next.js Commerce 2.0
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Why do we choose Next.js Commerce 2.0 in building your ecommerce platform?

Enhanced user experience

With Next.js Commerce 2.0, we can create dynamic storefronts that offer a personalized and engaging experience for the end client. By creating a recognizable design without compromising performance, we ensure a fast and smooth shopping experience.

Improved performance

The template is designed to deliver exceptional performance by providing ecommerce development features such as React Server Components, data fetching and caching, and edge runtime. This results in faster page loading times and reduced latency.

Ease of scaling

Scaling to new regions can be effortless with the Edge Runtime feature. We can expand your platform’s reach to more regions in ‘one click’ by adding a single code line, without any complex programming. This makes ecommerce web development easier and allows you to expand your business with very little expenses.

Shopify compatibility

Next.js Commerce 2.0 is perfectly compatible with the Shopify ecommerce platform. Our team can easily combine custom design with the Shopify functionality, providing you with a convenient management solution. However, if you have a preference for other ecommerce platforms, we can integrate any other platform within our advanced customization subscription.

Custom design vs. pre-built templates

With the many opportunities to create your own marketplace with the help of website builders, we understand the doubts you may have when choosing a service that is partly based on custom development, which is usually associated with high prices. Here are a few arguments that may cast our service in a different light for you.


Lower prices on ecommerce development

You'll only have to pay for our frontend work and primarily for the design, while prices for the Shopify backend remain the same as if you were building the website on your own. We never charge extra and always provide estimates before the start of the project.


Streamlined development for business efficiency

The main goal of our service is not to provide you with the same offer as website builders but rather to give you an independent ecommerce solution and free you from the complex work associated with frontend development or Shopify marketplace setup. What we do is take on the ecommerce website development job for you, saving your time while you focus on partnering with products providers, logistics, and building pickup points.


Brand representation through custom design

While with Shopify you have a choice of different templates to create a nice design on your own, it may happen that different facets don’t complement each other, or you find it difficult to match the interface design with your logo. There might also be a problem of becoming a visual copy of similar websites that are fully based on the out-of-the box templates. Choosing our service, which offers a pre-build admin panel with a customized design, appears to be a good alternative.


Experience and expertise

We've been creating designs for websites and apps in different industries for over 17 years now and have extensive experience in adjusting to very different requirements. We show our design works on our Dribbble and Behance accounts — check them out to see our concepts and design cases. We also share our expertise with designers through our Instagram account. If you wish to evaluate our experience in custom software development, you can read our blog or check the cases page on our website.


Thorough review and adherence to design standards

In creating our designs we follow strict standards and rules we've elaborated over time. All our designers practice mutual reviews to make sure our interfaces are consistent and follow the best industry practices. Additionally, we have a design system that includes checklists covering every aspect from text to background images. We embrace a culture of perpetual learning — our designers share knowledge with each other and meet every week to catch up with the latest trends to implement them in your e-commerce platform design.

Select your preferred subscription plan
Rapid delivery
simple yet unique design
5 days
Advanced customization
complex design with tailored features
15 days
Both packages include:
Essential infrastructure support to ensure the smooth operation of your project and keep it running effectively
Additional service:
Data management and visualization to track and monitor the processes within your ecommerce platform, CRM system, website, and any resources — helps you get valuable insights and make informed decisions.
Request a personalized quote for your future project by simply filling out a short form on our website.

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How is custom ecommerce development different from popular out-of-the-box solutions in terms of features and functionality?
Custom ecommerce development allows for personalized and unique design, tailored specifically to meet your business needs. On the other hand, popular out-of-the-box solutions provide pre-designed templates and limited customization options.
What are the benefits of customization in ecommerce development?
Customization in ecommerce development offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to create a design that perfectly captures your vision and reflects your unique style. It helps in establishing a strong brand identity and creating a memorable user experience. Additionally, custom ecommerce development enables you to incorporate specific features and functionalities that cater to your business requirements, providing a tailored solution for your customers.
What options are available for customization in terms of design complexity?
When it comes to design complexity, our custom ecommerce development services can accommodate any level of complexity. Whether you prefer a simple yet distinctive design or a more complex design with tailored features, our ecommerce development company can bring your vision to life. However, please keep in mind that more complex designs may require additional development time.
Can you provide examples of UI/UX designs you have created for different business sectors?
Certainly! We have created a wide range of UI/UX designs for various business sectors. To see our portfolio, you can visit our Behance and Dribbble profiles or check our cases on the website. There, you will find examples of how we have tailored the designs to suit the specific needs and styles of different businesses. Feel free to explore and get inspired for your own custom ecommerce platform.
What are the additional services for data management and visualization?
With custom ecommerce development, we offer additional services to enhance the functionality and performance of your online store. Our data management and visualization services automatically collect and aggregate data from various sources, including your ecommerce platform, website, CRM, management tools and more. This data is then presented in a visual format, making it easy to interpret and gain valuable insights for ecommerce app development. To explore the benefits of utilizing data in your business, read our article.
What if I am interested in fully custom ecommerce development with building both backend and frontend from scratch?
As an experienced ecommerce development company, we have you covered. If during our first meeting on custom ecommerce software development we figure out that your needs go beyond Shopify's capabilities, it’s not a problem. We can provide you with custom ecommerce website development services. In this case, we build the infrastructure from scratch, using Laravel and React — it will allow us to implement any features that Shopify lacks. The timeline for such a project will depend on the complexity of your idea, and the ecommerce website cost will typically start from approximately $30,000. Although we’re confident that our subscription offerings include the necessary components for creating an online marketplace, we’re open to any ideas you might have. For more information on custom development, please check the related webpage.
Why should I consider such ecommerce development company services instead of building an ecommerce platform from scratch?
Building backend and API for managing products can be time-consuming and costly. With our ecommerce web development services, you can use existing, reliable platforms like Shopify to handle these functionalities. This not only saves you time and resources but also delivers a proven, robust ecommerce solution for your business needs.
What advantages does Vercel offer for deploying my ecommerce platform?
Vercel offers rapid deployment for the frontend of your storefront and can also save costs on ecommerce website development. Vercel provides a free tier, making it a budget-friendly option.
What are the key advantages of using Shopify for my ecommerce platform?
By using Shopify, you can significantly reduce the ecommerce website development expenses. Shopify has been in the industry for a long time and its user-friendly administration interface provides a lot of convenience. It comes with ready-to-use functionalities and an integrated API for managing your products, along with mechanisms for payments, discounts, and more, eliminating the need for a custom-built backend. Moreover, it includes one year of support for your platform.
What technologies do you use for ecommerce development?
Primarily, we use the features of Shopify for setting up the backend operations during custom ecommerce development. Our designers create the custom design for your platform using Figma. For frontend development, we use the Next.js framework, which allows us to build a highly responsive and dynamic ecommerce store. Lastly, for the rapid and successful deployment of your platform, we use Vercel.
Can you develop mobile applications or do you only develop ecommerce websites?
We’re experienced in custom software development and develop mobile apps using React Native. In case you want to let your users browse your marketplace from their phones, we can go two ways: Provide you with ecommerce app development services or just use the design first approach in web development. This way, you won’t need to develop a mobile app for your ecommerce solution, the users will be able to access the web app from their mobile devices.

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