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Crafting landing pages that showcase the coolness and mission of your business

Crafting landing pages that showcase the coolness and mission of your business

Our team can build a creative landing page for your goods or services. As a part of this process, we will:

Build a vivid and eye‑catching UI/UX design mockup and a prototype
Develop a complex animation
Use the help of our engineers to breathe life into the mock-up by developing the layout and implementing the animation

Why build a creative landing page?

Win the hearts of your customers

Over 50% of users won’t recommend businesses with poorly designed websites. Creating a landing with an unusual layout and animation can win the user’s attention at first glance.

Present the creative nature of your business

Potential customers won’t believe your event or photography agency can truly deliver great results if your landing page is designed with a website builder, something that looks unique is more luckily to persuade them.

Stand out from the competitors

Many landing pages are created with templates, so they look very much alike. Use the chance to make the look of your landing non-standard.

How do we handle the process of developing creative landing pages?

Ordering the development of a landing page

Leave an application at our website, contact us by email, Telegram, or WhatsApp. Our managers will contact you within 24 hours to clarify your idea.

Clarifying the requirements and gathering references

We’ll ask you to describe your idea more thoroughly and provide info about your mission, industry, audience, and target action your potential users will need to execute while visiting your page.

Also, we can provide you with the library of our design samples, so you choose positive and negative references. This helps us understand what will be the approximate visual style of the landing.

Creating a design concept

The design concept reflects the visual style of the future page, including its color palette, typography, and key UI elements. Our design team creates 2–3 first screen options for the landing page, so you can choose the one that reflects your vision best.

We’ll discuss design concepts with you and choose the one that will be turned into a fully-fledged design.

Developing a fully-fledged design with an animation prototype

Our designers create a detailed design of the landing page and create an animation prototype. Each frame of the animation will be shown on a separate picture in Figma and described, so the developers can clearly understand how to implement the animation.

Developing the layout

The engineers develop the layout of the creative landing page and implement the animation. They make the animation smooth, fine-tune the loading speed, and use the technologies that bring good SEO results.

Would you like to get a custom landing page to crush the next PPC campaign? Delegate its development to Ronas IT team!

What do you get as a result?

A design concept
and a prototype

A fully-fledged design of the creative
landing page with animation

The landing design is optimized
for screens of various sizes

UI Kit that can be used for expanding
the design if required

Layout development from the team
of IT engineers

Costs and timeline*

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the task
Cost $50 per hour
Timeline 3–4 weeks

Our creative landing page samples

We have plenty of landing design concepts. Take a closer look at them and choose the style that better suits your branding style.

Look at some customer reviews!

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What is the difference between a landing page and a regular website?

A landing page is a standalone page that promotes a single service, product, or event. It is usually created as a part of the marketing campaign and used to capture leads or turn visitors into customers. This type of web page is usually created with a commercial idea in mind. They are often created with minimum navigation options and multiple call-to-action buttons to keep the users focused on a single service or product they promote.

A website is a collection of interconnected web pages that may not be targeted at a single commercial goal but have an informational function as well. It serves as an online presence for the entity and often includes multiple pages like home, about, products/services, contact, and more. A website provides wider functionality such as a menu for easier navigation, internal links, and additional content sections.

How am I to use a landing page?

Landings are usually used as part of marketing campaigns. There might be several methods of bringing users to the landing page. For example, campaigns in Google Ads, targeting campaigns in social media, or email marketing campaigns. Landing pages can also bring you organic traffic from the search engine if they are properly optimized to SEO keywords. All in all, you need a landing page if you are planning a new marketing campaign and have already decided what traffic sources to use.

And creative landing page design raises the chances that your brand will impress the users and persuade them to leave their applications for services and goods.

Why choose a custom landing page design over a template-based one?
Templates from website builders are very convenient because they allow assembling the landing page quickly. The problem is that all the template-based pages look the same. To add, templates provide little customization options and don’t give you an opportunity to own your page. In case you decide to get something unusual, you won’t be able to implement it. And if the template provider ceases to work, you might lose your web page. On the other hand, if you create a custom landing page, you will own it and won’t depend on a third-party provider.
Will the creative landing page development take 3–4 weeks exactly or the process may take longer?
Animations are quite non-standard features, and the length of their development usually depends on their complexity. That’s why in complicated cases the timeline can be longer than 3–4 weeks. However, we do everything to reduce development time to a minimum. To make the timeline shorter, our designers work in close connection with developers to understand how they should adjust their mockups so they are easier to implement during the development stage. These features of our workflow help us to reduce the time required for creative landing page development.
How do you handle the communication process?
In every project team, there is a project manager who acts as the contact point between the team and the client. Typically, the manager addresses any project-related inquiries, presents the team's accomplishments, and provides updates on the upcoming tasks or milestones for the following weeks or sprints.
How many team members will there be in the project team?
There will be at least three members in the project team: a project manager who will act as an analyst as well and will help the team gather the requirements for your creative landing page. Also, there will be a UI/UX designer and a frontend developer, who will implement all the features, and animations and set up the contact form.
How do you ensure data privacy?
Our clients have the choice to either sign our NDA template or have us sign their NDA document in order to guarantee the confidentiality of their unique idea and prevent any unauthorized disclosure or theft of sensitive information.
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