Custom design services

Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that match the needs of your business and reflect its core values.


What can you get when working with us?

UI approach

UI designs that match the functional requirements of the platform

Development approach

Interface designs that can be used for digital product development

Prototypes approach

Interactive prototypes that reflect how the future product will function

UIKits approach

UI Kits and style guides for expanding the existing design

Design services we deliver

From highly converting landing pages to SaaS apps — we are ready to create an interface of any size and complexity. Build trendy and effective products that will attract potential customers and make your business stand out from its rivals.
Bring your ideas to life and create utilized and visually appealing products that match the platform guidelines. We not only create visually-pleasant apps but also make them a useful tool that addresses the pain points of our clients and app end-users.
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Tablet App Design
Our custom design services team is set to make a responsive design for your website or design an app for the size of the tablet screen. We ensure clear and legible navigation and well-organized content and add helpful dashboards to your product.
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Desktop App Design
Desktop apps can be installed on users’ computers and usually work with the computer's operating system. We research the market and target audience to make the software easy to use and fit the OS’ guidelines.
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Design Concept
Design concepts help to design style and product functionality with just a few screens. Our custom design services include building strong concepts to provide a solid base for building a detailed interface.
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Brand Identity
Develop color palettes, typography, and illustrations for cards, and banners that both match the company’s mission and establish the right visual connection with the customers.
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Logo Design
Collect references and discuss the colors, visual elements, and the company’s activity field. Then combine all the gained knowledge and turn it into logos that correspond to the branding style.
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Make hand-drawn, vector, and 3D illustrations that can be turned into stickers, blog article images, or become a part of the onboarding page. We can embed a company mascot into the branding style as well as add some illustrations to product screens to make them memorable and eye-catching.
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Motion Design
Adding some motion to UI elements enhances the interface interactivity and provides a smoother user experience. As part of our custom design services, we can create showreels and add motion to ready-made interfaces.
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Graphic Design
Apart from creating custom illustrations, brand identities, icons, and logos, we can design merchandise items for your company and develop prints that can be put on your business cards, banners, and souvenirs.

UI/UX Design Workflow

  • 1
    Creating a project mind map and low-fidelity wireframes of the most complicated flows
  • 2
    Developing 2–3 screens, a few UI elements, or an interface prototype to define the design style.
  • 3
    Creating a detailed interface design based on the approved concept.
  • 4
    Discussing the completed design with the client and making improvements.

That’s what our clients say about our custom design services:

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Figma is the primary tool that we implement in our workflow, as it allows us to design websites, applications, logos, and many others. We use After Effects to animate our designs and ProtoPie to create realistic and clickable prototypes. And when it comes to illustrations, we opt for Procreate and both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
The number of days and weeks required for the creation of the design depends on the complexity and goals of the developed product. On average, it takes us 3–6 weeks to design an app. To find out how much time exactly will the design need and what the custom design services cost will be, you can get a free estimation from our analyst.
Ronas IT is a full-stack development company, so we can not only create a design but also develop and after that maintain a finished digital product. We share communication standards, work with iterations, as well as conduct code reviews to deliver high-quality code and develop apps and web platforms of any complexity.
Ronas IT is a full-stack development company, so we can not only provide custom design services but also develop and after that maintain a finished digital product. We share communication standards, work with iterations, as well as conduct code reviews to deliver high-quality code and develop apps and platforms of any complexity.
Before starting to design the product, we go through the stage of analytics. The analyst can analyze your business and its goals and create a project breakdown using this knowledge. After that, all the features will be prioritized. Thus both you and the project team will understand what features your product needs, how much time will be spent, and how much will the work cost. You can find more about analytics here.
Absolutely. Our team can review your current product and come up with a plan to make it look better and improve its usability. We take into account existing user feedback, current design trends, and your business’s specific goals to offer a redesign that is both aesthetically pleasing and performance-efficient.
Totally. During custom design services, we work closely with our customers to understand what their brand is about. Our goal is to make designs that show off your brand's style on your software or website. We can use your brand colors, fonts, tone, and overall feel to make a design that fits your business.
Yes, our team makes sure they know the latest ideas and trends in design. Our designers keep building up their know-how and abilities to add in the latest design ways, so the product we make for you is up-to-date and useful. This lets us create unique designs that help your brand shine.
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