Graphic design services

Our team can craft your brand's logo and identity while also specializing in creating bespoke illustrations and icons that truly embody the essence of your brand.

Our team of UI/UX designers can not only create an appealing interface for your app but also develop custom visuals to make your company’s visual identity feel unique. Here’s what we can do with our graphic design services:

Develop a brand book, logo, custom illustration, or mascot and embed them into the app interface.
Create visuals that comply with the technical constraints of the platform where they are to be displayed.
50+ developers in an independent team
17+ years of experience
1,500+ projects
60% repeat customers

What can we create as a part of our graphic design services?

Logo design
Logo design
Logo design

We’ll offer you 2–3 versions of a custom logo and finalize the one that matches your company’s values better.

Custom illustrations
Custom illustrations
Custom illustrations

We are ready to create hand-drawn illustrations to improve the visual communication of your brand.

Custom icons for apps
Custom icons for apps
Custom icons for apps

We can enhance your app’s interface with custom icons in the process of app development.

Brand Identity
Brand Identity
Brand Identity

We create brand identities that include a style guide with a logo, logo usage guidelines, typography guidelines, and a color scheme.

The upper limit of costs and timeline may vary depending on the complexity of the visuals.
Graphic design services hourly rate
$50 per hour
Average graphic design project cost
$500 — $2,500

Get in touch with us to find out an approximate timeline and cost of your graphic design project.

Three reasons to get custom graphics design

Break away from the competitors

Current business environment is competitive, so most users won’t opt for your service if it’s poorly presented. By availing the graphic design services, companies establish a strong and consistent visual representation across different platforms. A well-designed brand identity can help to create a strong online presence and differentiate from competitors, while a custom logo can effectively capture the essence of the company and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Establish clear visual communication

Some web and mobile applications may need a huge number of features that may look overwhelming at a glance. By leveraging professional graphic design services, you may get visuals like intuitive icons and illustrations that will work not only as a decorative element but as features that guide users through a complicated interface. Proper graphics design may also convey your values and mission to potential customers.

Improve user engagement and conversion

By incorporating visually appealing elements, such as illustrations or attention-grabbing icons, companies can capture users' attention and encourage them to explore further. Additionally, strategic design choices, such as using contrasting colors or creating clear call-to-action buttons, can guide users toward desired actions, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

How do we deliver our graphic design services?

  • 1
    Gather requirements
    Our managers will run an interview with you to find out about your graphic design needs, requirements, the industry you work in, as well as preferable colors, shapes, and fonts.
  • 2
    Create a mood board
    A mood board is a selection of images, logos, patterns, and slogans you like. Our graphic designer usually creates them within branding design and graphic design projects to better understand your preferences and bring you a result that fully matches your vision.
  • 3
    Develop graphic elements
    Our experienced designers will create 2–3 versions of the visuals and discuss them with you. Together you will choose the ones that match your vision best, and our team will keep going to create a fully-fledged version. The final version will be discussed with you.
  • 4
    Assembling a brand book — an additional step
    After all the visuals are finalized we can add them to a brand book. A brand book is a collection of branding and graphic elements like logos, illustrations, and prints. Our brand books also provide usage samples, showing how graphic elements will look on your website or app, presentations, T-shirts, business cards, and other merchandise.
  • 5
    Embed the graphic elements into app design — an additional step
    If you decide to develop an application or a website with our team, we’ll embed the created graphic elements into the interface.


Have a look at the vivid illustrations that our designers create. Get custom illustrations for your company project to make your brand more recognizable.

Why choose us as your graphics design contractor?

We don’t create graphics just for the sake of graphics

If your primary goal is to get an interface design, we won’t persuade you to develop custom graphic elements and will focus on implementing all necessary features and developing robust UX instead of decorating the interface with patterns and custom illustrations. We value usability most.

We fully align with your vision along the design process

We usually engage our customers in the custom graphic design process and gather their feedback after each design iteration to ensure they get the desired result. Delivering our design service, we use creative skills to prepare several versions of visuals to choose from, so you always can choose the ones that fit your visual identity most.

Skillful team

The members of our design team often improve their creative skills and study new design materials to stay acquainted with current UI/UX design trends and be able to deliver visuals of any kind including screen mockups, custom logos, hand-drawn illustrations, as well as brand identities.


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Upwork logo
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Additional design services you may need

Web design

Our experienced designers can create a layout for your website or web app that would look equally good on a computer, tablet, and mobile screen.

Mobile app design

Our team will build a mobile interface strictly following the iOS and Android guidelines. We’ll make the interface both suitable for your business and convenient for potential app users.

Creating design concepts

We can help to develop a draft of the future application that reflects its visual style and key features. The concept can be presented to the project’s stakeholders and become a foundation of the developed product.

MVP development services

Except for design services, Ronas IT team can help with software development. Our engineers and designers work in close connection to create a digital product with minimum features, so you can test your business idea.

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Can the custom illustrations and icons be adapted for use across various platforms?
Before delivering graphic design services, our project manager conducts calls and discussions with our customers to find out key requirements. During this process, we will find out where the visuals are to be displayed and adapt them to the technical requirements of the needed platforms. So, you will only need to provide us with the list of your target platforms.
What is a brand book and when do we need such branding services?

Our design service team will create a brand book if you decide to develop the entire brand identity with our team. This product will include the info about your brand colors, typography, logo design, and other graphics design we create during the projects.

All the instances from the brand book are diverse and can be used for various purposes. For instance, they can be embedded into the interface of the app, printed on merchandise, business cards, or used on your social media banners and other marketing materials. The graphic elements and guidelines from the brand book can be used by various specialists from your company including designers, marketers, or sales managers.

Even if you don’t have a developed visual identity yet, our design services team can help you choose a suitable visual style for your digital products while creating UI/UX design.

It’s worth noticing that in the process of delivering professional graphic design services, our team mainly develops the visual side of the brand identity, while you will be responsible for providing us with information about your corporate values, mission, and unique selling point.

How do you ensure the design aligns with our brand's values?
As we have mentioned, we start providing graphic design services with a thorough discussion of your requirements. They are the first thing we will rely on while designing brand identity, logos, and illustrations. Moreover, we discuss blueprints after each design step with you to ensure that visuals align with brand values and your own vision.
What is the typical timeline for a graphic design project?
It usually takes 5–14 days to complete the work with graphic design visuals. The upper limit of time depends on the complexity of the delivered graphic design services and the number of iterations required to complete the project.
Who serves as a contact point between the graphic designer and the customer?
Just like with all the other creative services, the process of graphic design services execution is curated by a project manager. A project manager is responsible for clarifying all the requirements and handing them over to the graphic designer. PMs will also present you with blueprints, and sketches and find out if the custom graphic design process needs more iterations.
How is the project manager's work factored into the price calculation?
Each project is accompanied by a project manager. PMs work by subscription: one week of their work costs $320. They communicate with customers throughout the day, that’s why their work time is hard to estimate, so we use a subscription payment model in their case.
What is your policy regarding confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements?
In our commitment to protect your innovative concepts and guard your confidential information, we enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you. You're welcome to utilize our standard NDA, or if you prefer, we're open to signing an NDA that you have supplied.
Can you handle the design for our website and other digital products?
Yes, our graphic designers are well-versed in website design and can create visuals that enhance user experience and align with your brand identity. With our website design services, we ensure that your website looks professional and consistent.
How do you create logo design?
From creating a brand-new logo design to refreshing an existing one, we’ve got you covered with our branding services. Our graphic designer will work closely with you to understand your requirements. Then we show you several possible directions so you can choose what you like, and work on the logo design in iterations and let you give feedback on the details. When you choose the final version of the logo, our graphic designer finalizes it and hand it over to you.
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