Frontend development services

We create the client side of apps prioritizing the user experience.

What’s included in the service

Creating a full application with frontend and backend parts

Usually, when we provide development services, they include frontend and backend development. Complex mobile apps and web apps with features like payments, messaging, booking, etc. can’t work without a backend. For entrepreneurs, it’s more profitable to request these services from one provider.

Creating the frontend alone

There are two options when we can deliver the frontend development service separately. If you wish to create a simple landing page with no business logic or if you already have a ready-made backend part of the app.

Creating the backend

Respectively, if you already have a frontend part of the app but wish to develop the backend part or improve the existing one, we can help you with it. We build robust, scalable, and efficient backend to provide a secure foundation for a seamless user experience on the frontend.

Why us?

Bundled development service

Apart from app development, we can create UI/UX and graphic design and provide you with quality assurance, management, and analytics. Our goal is to help our clients implement their ideas without unnecessary difficulties.

Customized approach

We build products based on your requirements and expectations without imposing extra services. From the first project discussion, we can suggest frontend solutions that fit your business needs.

17+ years of experience

We’re experienced in developing mobile apps and web apps for businesses from different areas. Our frontend development team is technologically skilled and knows how to deal with projects of any complexity.

The process of frontend development service

  • 1
    We start with a thorough analysis of your idea to find a frontend solution that fits your expectations. Our analyst describes all the product features in the form of user stories — they’re used to estimate the project budget and timeline. Then, we send you the detailed estimate, discuss it together and prioritize features if needed.
  • 2
    Frontend development services can include the design of the app’s interface. We design the UI/UX for your app and make adjustments according to your feedback. When it comes to creating the layout of web apps, our designers focus on responsive design so that the app can be easily adapted to mobile devices.
  • 3
    App development
    Whether you need to build a mobile app or a web app, we’ve got you covered. Working in 2-3 week sprints, we give you a tangible result by the end of each sprint.
  • 4
    Quality assurance
    We run automated tests and use bug-tracking tools to fix any issues during the app development process and before the app is released. This way we make sure that the app runs stably and smoothly.
  • 5
    Release and post-launch support
    Our team helps clients publish mobile apps on the stores, following Apple and Google guidelines. For web apps, we deploy them to the internet to make them available for users. The frontend development service doesn’t end here — we fix bugs after the release and add new features if needed.

Frontend technologies we rely on

Web development


React simplifies web development by providing a modular approach to building interfaces. Its component-based architecture and robust ecosystem enable developers to quickly create dynamic and responsive apps that can easily adapt to evolving business needs.


Next.js is a frontend development service that offers an easy-to-use platform for building server-rendered React applications, which allows websites and apps to have SEO. Its automatic code splitting and page caching optimize loading times, improving user experience. Features like static generation and API routes enable developers to create high-performance web apps.


Angular makes web development easier, especially for large-scale apps, because it has a clear set of rules and helpful features like automatic updates between data and interface. This framework helps developers build fast, reliable apps without having to write as much code from scratch.

Mobile development

React Native

We love using React Native for app development because it lets us use the same code for both Android and iOS apps, which saves time and money for our clients. It uses familiar React concepts to create mobile apps that feel just like native ones. Plus, its instant updates and lots of pre-built components make building apps faster and easier.



Redux is a powerful state management tool among frontend technologies that helps developers manage application state in a predictable way, making it easier to track and debug. It works especially well with large applications, where maintaining a clear and consistent state across many components can be challenging.


NX’s a set of tools designed for monorepo development, which means multiple projects can be housed within a single repository, promoting code reusability and easier maintenance. NX helps developers create web and mobile apps faster and work together better.



OddsCrowd is a community for people who like to bet. At first, they asked us to build a website where users could join sports betting competitions for free and win prizes, while also tracking their betting stats and discussing sports. Later on, they wanted to reach more people, so they reached us to create an app that works on both iOS and Android phones. We used React Native to make this mobile app because it lets us build just one app for all users. To build a reliable app, we chose tools like Expo for making and testing the app, and Expo-Notifications to send users messages. We also used Sentry to find and fix any errors, and added Firebase Analytics to help the client learn how people use the app.



Hamperapp is a company based in Florida, offers online laundry and dry cleaning services to individuals and businesses like hotels and restaurants. To reach more customers, the Hamperapp team decided to create an app. For this app development project, we stuck to our usual tools: Laravel for the server side of the app, and Angular for the client side and the admin dashboard. For the mobile app, we were to choose between building one cross-platform or two native apps. The Hamperapp team chose to go native because it gives a better experience for users and more control over the app. So, we used Swift to make the iOS app and Kotlin for the Android app.


UKR club

UKR Club is a web app designed to help people find holiday spots in the UK, with a focus on using mobile phones to search. We found out that most of the company’s customers prefer to use their phones over computers to look for places. To fit the client's budget, we decided not to make a separate app and website. Instead, we created a mobile-first web app available through a subscription. We used React for web development, because it’s flexible and allows us to add more features later. For the landing page, we used Next.js because it has lots of ready-made features, is good for SEO, and has simple routing which is suitable for single-page applications. With these tools, we were able to create the main features for the first version of the product, uphold UK Retreats' principles, and stay on budget and schedule.

UKR club
UKR club
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What are frontend development services?
Frontend development services encompass the creation of the user interface and user interaction layers of a web app or mobile app. These services ensure the application is visually engaging, user-friendly, and responsive, aligning with the user's needs and expectations.
What is backend development?
Backend development refers to the server-side development involved in creating the core computational logic of a website or web application. It includes server scripting, database management, and the architecture that allows the frontend to interface with the backend, enabling essential functions like data processing, authentication, and content management. It’s responsible for handling the behind-the-scenes activities that make a web or mobile app function properly.
What does your frontend development company include in these services?
Our frontend development services include the full spectrum of creating a user-friendly client side for both web apps and mobile apps. This can involve anything from crafting a simple interface for a web page to building the complex frontend part of an application that pairs with backend for fully functional platforms.
How much does the frontend development service cost?
The cost can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the technologies used, the scope of the work, and the timeline for delivery. Every project is unique, and we prefer to provide a tailored quote after understanding your specific requirements. Please reach out to us for a detailed estimate that aligns with your project's needs.
Can I only request frontend development services without the server part?
Yes, you can. If you need just the frontend for a simple landing page or you already have an existing backend, our frontend development team can work with you to create a frontend solution that meets your requirements.
Do you sign an NDA?
Absolutely. We take client confidentiality and intellectual property rights very seriously. If necessary, we are ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before any sensitive information is shared, ensuring that all details of your project, discussions, and proprietary information are kept confidential.
How does your team keep up with the latest in frontend technologies?
Our developers are always updating their skill sets to ensure they are proficient in the latest technologies. This allows us to offer cutting-edge solutions in web development and mobile app development that are not only reliable but also future-proof.
Could you explain the benefits of a responsive design?
A responsive design ensures that your web app or site's layout and content automatically adjust to fit the screen size and resolution of different devices, providing a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This is an integral part of modern web development.
How do you ensure the web applications you develop are optimized for performance and user experience?
We place a strong emphasis on performance optimization and user experience in our web development process. Our team implements best practices such as efficient code architecture, responsive design, and progressive enhancement. We also use technologies that enable fast rendering and dynamic content loading while maintaining a smooth user experience. Additionally, we conduct meticulous testing to ensure the app performs well under various traffic conditions and on different devices. Our goal is to deliver products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also fast, reliable, and user-friendly.
How does your team handle the differences between Android and iOS platforms in mobile app development?
We understand that Android and iOS have specific guidelines, user interfaces, and functionalities. Our team is well-versed in both platforms and uses a tailored approach to ensure that the mobile app provides a native experience on each. When using React Native for cross-platform development, we leverage its ability to share code while still allowing for platform-specific customizations.
What measures do you take to ensure mobile app and web app security during the app development process?
Security is paramount in app development, and our team implements a comprehensive security strategy from the ground up. We incorporate best practices such as secure coding techniques, encryption, and secure data storage and transmission. Throughout the mobile or web development cycle, we conduct vulnerability assessments and code reviews to identify and remediate any potential security issues. Additionally, we keep abreast of the latest security trends and compliance requirements to ensure that the apps we deliver are robust against threats and safeguard user data effectively.
What industries do your frontend development services cater to?
Our frontend development company meets the diverse needs of various industries, ensuring that specific business requirements and industry standards are met with precision. We work with sectors such as Healthcare, offering HIPAA-compliant applications; Fintech, creating platforms that manage transactions safely; Social Media and Networking, ensuring engaging and scalable solutions. Booking systems that simplify reservation; Real Estate platforms that show properties with intuitive interfaces; Transportation services that provide logistic solutions and tracking systems; Betting, delivering secure betting experiences; and Online Education, developing portals and virtual classroom apps.
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