Mobile app development services

Creating iOS, Android, and cross-platform applications for startups and small-sized businesses

Our team has engineered over 100 mobile products in real estate, FinTech, healthcare, delivery, and retail. We build both cross-platform and native apps depending on the needs of your audience and business goals.
When delivering mobile app development services, we make the apps safe and intuitive and provide transparency of the project's progress.
Ronas IT engineers use React Native for cross-platform development and Swift and Kotlin for iOS and Android native products because these technologies help us build secure digital products.
60+ employees
1500+ projects
16+ years on the market

Custom mobile app development process

  • 1
    Gather requirements
    Before diving into mobile enterprise app development, we determine the requirements and collect information about the customer's business. The analyst then creates a breakdown, prioritizes product features, and estimates the time and cost needed to complete the project.
  • 2
    Create UI/UX design based on the results of analytics
    UI/UX designers create the UI of the interface, embed the company's brand identity into it, and develop a UI Kit that can be used to scale the design.
  • 3
    Plan 2–3 week sprints
    We usually work in short sprints. After each of them, customers receive a tangible result, which they can check and evaluate the progress. It could be an application version or a site update on the server.
  • 4
    Establish scalable architecture and write clear code
    Then engineers develop the features according to their priority. At this stage, frontend and backend teams work together to implement all the basic functionality.
  • 5
    Make sure the software runs stably
    We run automatic tests and use error-tracking tools in a ready-made product to fix the bugs.
  • 6
    Release the software to the store
    We follow iOS and Android guidelines and make sure the software runs smoothly to provide a quick release to the store. We've already helped over 80 customers get their apps released, so we know how to avoid all the common mistakes.
  • 7
    Maintain the app after the release
    We continue to work with the software even after its first version is released. We may update the software based on user feedback, add new features, or fix bugs.

Our custom mobile app development cases


The reviews that we usually receive help us improve our work approach and get closer to becoming a successful mobile development company.

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The price depends on the complexity of the software being developed. The average price of a React Native app at Ronas IT is $15,000–35,000, while a native one costs up to $25,000–40,000. The price of each product is calculated individually, so you can contact our analyst to get an estimate.
The custom mobile app development process is usually managed by our project manager, who acts as the contact person between the customer and the team. The manager will answer all questions about the project as well as create presentations and weekly reports that will keep you informed about the results of the sprints and the scope of the upcoming sprints.
The number of members on the project team depends on the complexity of your project. But usually, four people are enough for mobile enterprise app development. The team usually consists of a mobile developer, a backend developer, a designer, and a project manager who also performs as an analyst.
To ensure that your unique idea is not stolen and personal data is not disclosed, we sign an NDA. We can provide you with our template or we can sign the one that you provide us with.

Native apps are usually created specifically for iOS or Android operating systems. Each of these platforms needs the code to be written in a specific coding language: Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android. That’s why you will need to hire two separate development teams to create and maintain such apps.

Cross-platform apps are usually built with the use of one code base that can be used for building both iOS and Android apps. These types of apps are easier to maintain but may perform slower than their native counterparts.

As a mobile development company, we engineer cross-platform apps depending on your business goals and target audience.

Native apps better integrate with the device’s operating system, which results in better performance. These apps can also take full advantage of the device’s hardware: microphone, gyroscopic sensor, or Bluetooth. To add, with the help of native development, you can implement advanced features connected to augmented reality or biometrics. Native apps are more expensive to develop than cross-platform ones.

React Native apps can perform as well as native ones. But in case you are planning to build a complex high-load platform, React Native may not be a good choice. React Native makes the development quick and cost-effective as you need only one team to develop and maintain the app.

In the process of delivering mobile app development services, our team can analyze your idea and target audience and find out which of these models is a better match.

Mobile app development services are not the only services we provide. We specialize in building web and mobile applications for startups and businesses, which means we can create web, mobile, and desktop products. Moreover, we can develop a design for your UI/UX interface, as well as corporate identity elements and illustrations that will make your product recognizable and outstanding.
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