AI marketing solutions for your software

We can integrate AI into your mobile or web app to raise customer engagement.

Our team can analyze your promotion strategy and install AI marketing solutions that match your current marketing goals. We leverage AI to:

Build algorithms that can analyze customer data: They can be used for the development of smart feeds and recommendation systems that raise retention rates and improve customer engagement within an app or website.
Automate the lead scoring process and help identify leads that are most likely to become your customers.
Create chatbots that can answer frequently asked questions and engage with customers in real time.
developers in an independent team
years of experience
repeat customers

How do we install AI marketing integrations?

  • 1
    Business analysis
    The process starts with the analysis of your requirements, current marketing goals, and channels. At this step, we will understand the scope of work and create a project background. Finally, the customer gets the approximate cost and timeline estimate.
  • 2
    Our team usually works with 2-3 week sprints. During this time we complete a certain amount of work and give customers an opportunity to test the prototype, demo app version, or web app on a development server.
  • 3
    Our engineers install AI features into the backend of your software using REST API. As a result, the customer gets a product ready for launch.
  • 4
    We can keep maintaining the app after its release to the market. The development team can fix bugs if there are any, enhance the app upon your request, or update the code to ensure high performance.
How can your business benefit from an AI marketing solution?


Medical apps can benefit from NLP-based solutions like healthcare AI chatbot integrations. Chatbots can help operators process incoming calls and give patients recommendations based on their symptoms, which can reduce the load on the medical staff. AI-based solutions can also be used for keeping documentation up-to-date, managing EHRs, and making accurate diagnoses.


AI-powered marketing can be useful for FinTech startups. With the help of AI, the owners of FinTech software can automate the support and make the user experience smoother. More than that, they can raise retention rates by providing users with data-driven predictions about asset price fluctuations.


Booking chatbots with AI technology allow users to book accommodations, flights, and vehicles without the help of human operators. The users type the details of their travel into the bot, and it offers them the best deals. As a result, the startupper can save the resources spent on the team of operators and provide the customers with a personalized booking experience.

Real estate

AI rental property marketing solutions help the owners of real estate websites collect and analyze customer data, create marketing campaigns, automate newsletter generation, and score leads. All this helps to automate the marketing processes and frees the realtor from doing all the above-mentioned procedures manually.


AI marketing solutions can be used in eCommerce for analysis of the users’ search and purchase history. Based on this info, the technology offers users a relevant selection of products and results in increased sales.

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What is an AI marketing integration?
AI marketing integrations are technologies that can be incorporated into digital marketing strategies. They leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze the data of your clients, predict consumer behavior, and personalize marketing campaigns. With the help of AI, entrepreneurs can run in-depth research on their target audience and find patterns invisible to human eyes.
How can my mobile or web app benefit from an AI marketing integration?

AI-powered features can be installed into already existing mobile and web applications as well as become integral features of newly developed ones. When used in mobile app development, AI features can be integrated to provide personalized recommendations, chatbots, and other features that enhance user experience.

When used for web development, AI-aided features can be used for the improvement of website design, search engine optimization, and increasing conversion rates.

Do I need to have a particular type of business to benefit from AI marketing integration?
Any business can benefit from AI marketing solutions. By leveraging AI algorithms, any enterprise can analyze customer information to run marketing campaigns, save time and resources on scoring leads, or increase customer engagement with the help of a chatbot.
Will AI marketing integration require me to change my existing marketing team?
You will need to provide additional training for your marketing team in case its members don’t know how to leverage AI tools and features. To fill the existing gaps, you might need to provide access to online courses and valuable materials on the topic and encourage your team to get hands-on experience with the technology.
Can you provide any support after the AI marketing integration process is complete, in case any issues arise?
We always provide post-release maintenance after the first version of the software is released. Our engineers can fix bugs and enhance the software based on your customer's feedback. Our team can also provide UI/UX design services: build an interface mockup, develop branding style and logos as well as draw custom illustrations to make your app recognizable.
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