Building custom enterprise software

We can develop enterprise applications to automate
diverse internal processes of your business.

Enterprise applications are specifically designed for large organizations and are targeted at improving productivity, communication between teams, monitoring metrics, and automating the overall internal workflow. If you want to delve into enterprise application development, here’s how we can help you:

Build apps of different kinds, including CRM systems, billing apps, business intelligence apps, supply chain and HR management systems, enterprise learning management systems, and work with many other formats.
Engineer unique digital products that match the format of your business and integrate them with the corporate software you already use.
Analyze your business to understand which type of app your business needs, and then create UI/UX design and code the interface of any complexity.
Provide post-release support: enhance the app with new features as your business grows and fix bugs if there are any.

Key reasons to develop an enterprise application

You are the only app owner

All third-party services that you use may shut down one day. One way to avoid this is to leverage enterprise app development. Thus, you will always have access to important corporate data and won't lose it.

Improved communication

Some files and discussions may get lost if they are kept in different apps and messengers. Custom enterprise software is the tool that provides team members with data necessary for fulfilling their responsibilities.

Alignment with specific business needs

Off-the-shelf solutions fall short of meeting your unique needs. Whether you’re a construction company needing reporting software, or an e-commerce company requiring a unique inventory management system, with enterprise-level application development, you can get an app that fully aligns with your workflow.

Increased productivity

Enterprise application helps streamline and automate manual work and save valuable time and resources. This also results in reduced errors, faster production cycles, and increased overall productivity.

Cost and timeline

The upper limit of costs and timeline may vary depending on the app’s complexity
Enterprise-level application development services

$50 per hour
Post-release maintenance

Includes infrastructure support, bug fixing, and optimizing further development strategy.

Subscription fee
Get in touch with us to find out an approximate timeline and cost of your enterprise app development project.

How do we handle enterprise application development?

  • 1
    Gathering requirements
    After you leave a quote here, on our website, our manager will arrange a call with you. During this call, we will ask you about your idea, business domain, workflow, and requirements for the future enterprise app.
  • 2
    Project estimate
    When the requirements are clarified, our analyst, who will also act as a project manager, creates a project breakdown and discusses it with you to leave only the most valuable features. After the list of features is refined, the analyst will estimate the time and cost required to develop an enterprise application.
  • 3
    UI/UX design
    Our design team will create wireframes and a design concept to think through the UI and UX of the future application. After that, we’ll create a detailed interface design and discuss it with you. At this step, you will be able to provide your feedback, so we can finalize the mockup and make it fully reflect your vision.
  • 4
    Coding and building infrastructure
    Then, the team of engineers will code the interface and think through enterprise application architecture. When working, we usually divide all the processes into 2–3-week sprints. After each of them, you will get a tangible result and receive a report about what has been done and what is planned to be done in the upcoming sprint. Thanks to this, you will always know what is happening with the project and what work has already been completed.
  • 5
    Product release
    Depending on the approach you chose, we would either deploy your custom enterprise software to a production server where users can access it or submit the app to Google Play and App Store if you decide to get mobile or tablet versions of the applications.
  • 6
    Post-release maintenance
    After the release of the first version of the project, we always assist with its maintenance and don't leave clients alone with the created application. We can plan enterprise application development further to enhance the product with new features, fix bugs, and maintain infrastructure.

Tech stack

Our team can either create a mobile or web app for your team. As for mobile development, we prefer using the React Native framework and technologies compatible with it. However, we can create two native apps for iOS and Android if your digital product requires it. Depending on the approach, we would choose the following technologies to develop an enterprise application.

Web app development

Front-end development


An open-source framework for building web applications developed by Google.


A popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Backend development


Backend framework with detailed documentation, a wide community of developers, and lots of tools for data security.


Backend framework for creating robust web applications.

Mobile app development

Cross-platform mobile apps

React Native

A framework that allows creation of iOS and Android mobile apps from a shared codebase.


A platform that simplifies the maintenance of mobile apps.


Coding language compatible with React Native.

EAS update

A tool that enables instant updates and efficient bug-fixing.

Would you like to get an outstanding UI/UX design for your app? At Ronas IT, we know how to do it right — fill in the form to start the project with us!

Other development services

Rapid MVP development

If you have an idea that needs to be launched or presented to investors quickly, we can assist you in developing a minimum viable product (MVP). We can launch an app with the essential features within 3–4 months. If you require a faster turnaround, we can allocate additional resources to the project and complete it within 1.5 months.

Backend AI integration

You can enhance your custom enterprise software with AI-powered features. AI solutions can automate many corporate tasks including lead scoring, creating reports, providing advanced data analytics, and a lot more. Our team uses the REST API framework to incorporate all these cool features into the app.

Rapid e-commerce store launch

We can deliver a custom web e-commerce store in a quick turnaround time. Our team will design a unique user interface for your store and utilize the resources offered by Shopify to develop the backend. This approach ensures that your e-commerce store embodies your brand and value proposition, with superior search engine optimization capabilities and a robust backend infrastructure.

DevOps services

The developed app needs to be deployed in an IT environment. As a result of this service, we deploy and maintain a development environment where engineers can build and test the app and a production environment where users can access it. We wield an array of tools that allow us to automate the deployment of environments. We usually deliver this service by subscription.

Design concept

If you're considering developing an app for your customers, we can assist you in creating a design concept that captures the visual style and essential features of the future application. This concept can be presented to project stakeholders and serve as a solid foundation for the final developed product.If you're considering developing an app for your customers, we can assist you in creating a design concept that captures the visual style and essential features of the future application. This concept can be presented to project stakeholders and serve as a solid foundation for the final developed product.

Brand identity design

Except for enterprise-level application development, our team provides design services. We can design a unique brand identity, and custom logo and create hand-drawn illustrations that will make your brand break away from competitors and become recognizable.


Here are mobile and web apps that we have developed to automate different kinds of businesses.


Noah, a Swedish farmer marketplace, approached us with a vision to create an ecosystem of apps. We developed an Android and iOS app for consumers, a mobile app for farmers, and a web admin panel. Our team implemented a feature to automatically remove expired products, streamlining the farmers' operations. The project was completed within four months, ensuring the app launched before the harvesting season for maximum profitability.



Florida-based startup, Hamperapp, approached us to develop a complete ecosystem of native mobile and web apps. Our team designed unique UI/UX interfaces, built native iOS and Android apps for consumers and drivers, and created web panels for managers and admins by leveraging our comprehensive web app development service. We also developed an algorithm to optimize drivers' routes, ensuring timely service and efficient fuel usage. Read the full case to find out how we managed this.



Oddscrowd, a startup targeting avid bettors, approached us for our expertise in web app development. Their vision was to create an app where users can make forecasts for event outcomes while tracking their success and displaying a leaderboard on the main page. To generate revenue, OddsCrowd planned to charge a commission on forecast purchases and earn through affiliate links with bookmakers. To ensure accurate game data, we accommodated multiple changes to the data supplier API requested by the Oddscrowd team. Within a short span of 5 months, we delivered a fully functional app that met their requirements.



ShipMe is a leading shipping service in Saudi Arabia, serving as a delivery auction for online retailers. Within this project, our task was to connect individuals seeking delivery services with reliable carriers, which led us to implement our expertise in web and mobile app development. With the development of iOS and Android apps for different user categories, we automated the ShipMe service workflow, offering improved efficiency and convenience for all parties involved.



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Who will manage the project?
Each project in our company is usually accompanied by the project manager who also acts as an analyst. At first, the manager will help you refine the list of app features and provide time and cost estimates. As the enterprise app development goes on, the manager will create reports about the work that has been done, make presentations for you, tell you about the plans for upcoming sprints, answer all your questions, and address worries. The work of the project manager usually costs $360 a month.
Will I be involved in the project work?
Sure! We always encourage our customers to be involved in enterprise-level application development and provide feedback after each iteration. You can always leave the feedback to the project manager who will be working on your project.
How do you ensure the protection of my sensitive data?
To prioritize the security of your innovative ideas and maintain the confidentiality of your sensitive information, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you. When leveraging our enterprise application development, you have the option to either use our standard NDA or provide your own NDA for us to sign.
Will you have access to valuable corporate data from my company?
Although we will integrate your corporate software with the developed application and deploy it in the IT infrastructure, we won’t have access to your valuable data. We’ll just set up all tech resources, and then you will fill your app with all the necessary information. In other words, our team doesn’t need to access your corporate data to run enterprise application development, and we don’t operate with it in this process.
What business domains do you work with?
As an enterprise applications development company, our team can develop an app for businesses from many industries including restaurant business, construction, FinTech, real estate, booking, education, healthcare, e-commerce, and many others. Even if your company doesn’t fall under any of these categories, you may still contact us since we usually strive to understand any kind of business and its specific requirements to develop a tool that would be extra convenient for business owners and their employees.
Can you integrate my app with the corporate software that we already use?
Of course! In case you use corporate software, and its data needs to be included in your app during enterprise app development, we can do that. We can integrate your app with CRM systems, time trackers, analytics systems, and many other types of software that you use in your workflow.
What’s your pricing model?
We usually use the Time&Material model. It means you pay for the number of hours the team spends working on your project.
Can I have my custom enterprise software enhanced with new features after it is released?
Yes! After the release of the first version, you may stay with us for further updates and IT infrastructure maintenance. We also won’t leave you alone and help you to fix bugs if any occur.
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