AI–powered solutions

Since 2007, we’ve been providing businesses with scalable solutions. Contact us today for AI integration services that enhance your processes and products.

AI has become a need-of-time tool, helping businesses to extract insights and provide customers with a tailored experience.
We offer robust AI solutions for enhancing your mobile apps, web digital products as well as customer, marketing and internal business processes.
Together, we will find the most suitable way to leverage the opportunities of advanced technology to achieve your business goals. By adopting more efficient tools today, you optimize costs and significantly improve overall productivity.

AI solutions

AI integration for products

Embedding an AI chatbot into your existing product, or during its software development phase, can simplify the user experience for your customers. For instance, they'll be able to access a generative AI helper within the application without having to open a new tab. It can be implemented as a plugin or extension for convenient use.

AI solutions for marketing

AI technology can collect data from your product, analyze customer behavior, segment target groups, and score potential and existing leads. AI services can significantly enhance the analytics behind your promotional campaigns, supporting their outcomes.

AI for business process automation

Customer support powered by AI can provide customers with immediate responses. It can also automate repetitive business tasks, thus improving organizational management. Similar to marketing, AI can provide a business with valuable insights from internal data analytics. AI solutions can expedite HR, recruitment, and financial processes within the company, assisting your employees.


We can implement AI during our collaborative process in your product's software development, or integrate AI into your existing backend systems. We’ll devise the most efficient way to leverage capabilities of backend AI integration services to meet your business needs.

  • 1
    We carefully study the specifics of your business to determine the scope of work and features that need to be integrated. And of course we give you an approximate cost.
  • 2
    We work in 2-week sprints and share results with you by the end of each sprint. It means that you can make changes in the project and observe the process from the inside.
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    We use the REST APIs for the fastest possible implementation of AI solutions in the backend of your product.
  • 4
    We provide post-release support to make sure that all bugs are fixed, and AI works stably. We make changes and implement additional features upon request.
No matter which industry you come from, we'll identify AI solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.


Artificial intelligence in medicine has great potential, which is constantly expanding. Backend AI integration services for the healthcare industry can be helpful in automating various tasks such as patient personal profiling or healthcare personnel support. They can also significantly accelerate different processes, from administrative workflow to image analysis and diagnostics.


Fintech AI-powered backend systems can revolutionize areas such as banking, investment, electronic payments, financial management, and more. There are numerous ideas for using AI in software development, such as fraud prevention, automated customer support, credit history monitoring, analyzing data for better trading decisions, and reducing human errors.


Booking platforms with AI technology can significantly enhance the user experience of travel platforms. AI can act as a smart assistant that suggests the most suitable offers to customers, helps with booking, schedules trips in a calendar, and much more.

Real estate

Real estate AI integration services open up various options for paired agent/customer apps. This integration can free agents from paperwork through automatic document workflow and speed up the process by suggesting available properties in real time. On the customer side, AI can offer personalized promotions and rate properties based on the buyer's views and searches.


An e-commerce store with AI integration can greatly benefit in two ways. AI can provide customers with better product recommendations, advanced search opportunities, and support via generative AI chatbots. Moreover, artificial intelligence can improve database management — the e-commerce industry deals with massive amounts of data, which certainly requires automation.

What about development?

Should you be interested in product software development from scratch with AI integration, we're fully equipped to take on the challenge. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for crafting robust applications, including UI/UX design, frontend and backend development services, post-launch maintenance, and more.
To get started, simply describe your idea using the short form accessible by clicking the button below. We'll assist in refining your product concept and provide an estimate of the software development costs.


What is AI, and how does it work?
The abbreviation stands for artificial intelligence, which is a field of computer science that focuses on designing algorithms and models to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence, such as recognizing patterns, making decisions, and understanding natural language. AI covers a wide range of areas like machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and numerous others. It involves the collection and analysis of data to enable machines to learn from patterns and make predictions. Artificial intelligence continues to evolve rapidly, with new approaches and techniques emerging constantly.
What is AI integration, and how can it benefit my mobile app or web application?
AI integration involves incorporating artificial intelligence tools into a backend system to enhance functionality and performance. By connecting your backend system to AI tools via REST APIs—essentially a set of rules that allow one program to interact with another—we can significantly improve the performance of your product, marketing analytics, or business tasks. For instance, an e-commerce application could utilize AI to offer personalized product recommendations based on a user's browsing and purchase history. Not only can AI integration automate routine tasks and reduce errors to boost application performance, but it can also provide insightful analysis for marketing purposes, showcasing a detailed portrait of your target audience.
How long does the AI integration process typically take?
The AI integration process can vary in length depending on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the AI system being integrated, the level of custom software development required, as well as availability, size, and quality of data. Some simple backend AI implementation solutions can be completed in just a few days, while more complex projects may take several months. The integration process typically involves several stages, including defining the problem and goals, gathering and preparing the data, selecting the AI model, integrating the model into the existing system, testing and validating the results, and deploying the system in production. Anyway, you can contact us, and we’ll calculate the approximate time of development for your project.
How do you update and maintain the AI integration in my app over time?
Updating and maintaining the AI integration over time typically involves monitoring its performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing the necessary adjustments to the AI integration. This may include fine-tuning the algorithms, incorporating new data sets, and making updates or changes to the underlying technology stack. Regular updates and maintenance are essential to keep the AI integration up-to-date, accurate, efficient, and reliable. We provide maintenance services for all our projects, so you can be sure that as AI integration providers for your backend systems, we won’t leave you once the main task is completed.
Can you integrate AI-powered virtual assistants like ChatGPT into my app?
Yes, these technologies are powered by natural language processing and can be integrated into an application with REST APIs. For example, ChatGPT can be integrated to provide a conversational interface to your application, enabling users to ask questions, receive recommendations, and perform various tasks within your app.
Can you incorporate AI in cross-platform mobile or web apps?
Integrating an AI application in cross-platform and web applications through API is no different from the process for mobile apps and is undoubtedly possible.
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