Web application development services

We lead web apps from the stage of UI/UX design to coding, testing, and post-release maintenance.

Our team has engineered more than 200 web-based apps. The list includes applications for Forex trading and betting, healthcare, construction, hotel management systems, and real estate marketplaces.
During the web development process, we strive to make applications secure, intuitive, and tailored to the customer’s business goals.
When creating digital web products, we use the most widespread technologies: Laravel for the backend and React for the frontend.
In our web application development projects, we use time-tested solutions that make it easy to scale applications in the future.
50+ developers in an independent team
17+ years of experience
1,500+ projects
60% repeat customers

In the process of custom web application development, we take the following steps that allow us to provide services in the best possible way:

  • 1
    Gather requirements
    We collect information about your idea and identify what basic and non-standard software features will satisfy its needs. Then the analyst creates a project breakdown and estimates the price and time required to create the product.
  • 2
    Build the UI/UX
    Designers create the UI/UX of the interface and a UI Kit that can be used for scaling up the application. At this stage, we make lo-fi wireframes, a project mind map, and a detailed design to provide users with a clear user flow. We involve you at every stage: we show references and verify the details so that the custom web application development is clear and transparent.
  • 3
    Plan 2–3 week sprints
    Our web application developers work with short iterations. By the end of each of them, you get a tangible result — an app version on the development server that they can check and estimate.
  • 4
    Establish scalable architecture and write clear code
    Then we develop basic features such as registration, authorization, or profile. During the process, both frontend and backend engineers work in close coordination to implement all the features mentioned in the breakdown.
  • 5
    Make sure the software runs stably
    We run automatic tests for APIs and end-to-end tests for released products to make sure that users don’t have problems with the app. Moreover, we apply the Sentry error-tracking and performance-monitoring tool for both backend and frontend testing. We keep the cloud under control with kube-prometheus-stack and use Argo CD as a GitOps tool to track issues while deploying applications.
  • 6
    Bring the software into production
    Our engineers set up several environments where the created product can be deployed. Usually, we set up three environments: a development environment used by developers, a staging environment where the customers can check our progress, and a production environment, where software becomes available for use.
  • 7
    Provide post-launch maintenance
    We believe that our services should not stop with the web app release. After an MVP, or the first version of the app is released, we are ready to continue working on the project. We can add new features, enhance the product based on user reviews, and fix bugs if there are any.
Costs and time
Standard web app development
4 months
Urgent web app development
1.5 months
Post-release maintenance
Subscription fee
Infrastructure support, bug fixing, and more
Why choose us:

We strictly adhere to meticulously elaborated standards and regularly conduct cross reviews to ensure high-quality code for your web application, optimizing performance and ensuring robust security.

Our plethora of achievements enables us to make the web application development process fast and efficient.

We are not limited to a particular technology; if the product requires something distinctive from the standard tech stack, we will embrace it and choose the most suitable web solution, regardless of its simplicity or complexity.

As we provide a complete range of full cycle development services, from design to deployment and DevOps practices, our professionals are equipped to perform tasks to the highest standards.

Our web application deployment process is standardized and automated, which means  you won’t have to wait long for your product and its updates to reach the users.

Having been in the market since 2007, we have adapted to various changing trends and new technologies, which has taught us to be flexible and resilient when providing web development services.

If we realize in the middle of a project that we need to scale the team to develop complex functionality, we can seamlessly integrate a specialist into the web application development process so that it doesn’t lack expertise.

We’ve already been chosen by different clients from different industries to be their web app development company. And we are up for the challenge to build your next web application, regardless of the task complexity and your company industry.

Web solutions we offer

E-commerce platform

We have a special offer for marketplace web application development. By combining our extensive design experience with the best Shopify opportunities, we can swiftly build you a fully-featured online store that meets industry standards in 15 days or less.

Booking system

In case of web application development for booking or reservations, it must be extremely user-friendly. The systems are suitable for such businesses like restaurants, hotels, and airlines. We can build all functions required for convenient booking, from integrating APIs for mapping stays to developing client-host chats, and payment systems.

Knowledge management system

These custom web applications collect your business data in one place and present it in a visual form for easier analysis. We can help you see what’s going on in your company management tools, CRMs, and social networks.

Learning management system

This kind of web application can be both designed for  internal use within an organization or as an education platform for many. With it, you can systematize and share collected knowledge by organizing training sessions for the staff or providing content to users by subscription.

Social media platform

Each of us has likely experienced using social apps, as there are so many of them. Do you have a unique idea for a social media app? Let’s work out your ideas together. We have vast experience building web applications for different communities, from those interested in mental health support to the community of sports bettors.

Healthcare web application

The purpose of such custom web applications is to manage health records, appointments, and any tasks related to healthcare. In fact, we can create any custom software solution for your needs. Whether it’s healthcare, real estate, finances, or other industries. To learn more about it check the link.

Our work

The most valuable outcome of our work is delivering services that yield tangible business results. The cases below showcase a selection of web applications we’ve developed for our clients. If you’re interested in exploring our other projects, you can visit our Cases page or check out the design concepts we share on our Dribbble profile — and perhaps decide to commission a similar web app for yourself.
Web-based solution for the community of bettors

The OddsCrowd community chose us as their web app development company to create a web application 10 weeks before the Super Bowl. As commitment to meeting deadlines is among our top priorities, we happily accepted this challenge. Spoiler: we truly managed to do it on time.

After a while, OddsCrowd returned to us to build a mobile app to enhance users’ experiences. Currently, the app is under our support.
Admin panel for managing farmer marketplace apps

Often, we not only develop applications but also supply them with a web tool for effective task setting and data management. One of our neatly designed projects with an original idea from a client is the Noah farmer mobile app, which helps users purchase products directly from farmers. Its admin panel allows managers to edit profiles info, add new product categories, and promo campaigns.

The admin panel stores users’ data, and therefore, special attention was paid to security throughout the web development process.

Mobile-first web app for booking stays in the UK

One of our successful cases of web development from scratch is a web application for UK Retreats. The client had a database of unique holiday stays across Great Britain and needed to systematize it and add monetization. Thus, we decided to create a web app that would allow users to book stays by subscription. Additionally, to promote it, we also created a landing page.

The demand for such a local service turned out to be high. The booking app gained 850+ subscriptions in the first month and now has over 10,000 subscribers.

Interested in building a website or would like to know more about our web development services in general? Visit the Web development page to learn more.
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Is a dedicated project manager assigned to oversee the web app development process in your custom web app development services?
Yes, a dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee the web app development process, ensuring seamless communication and timely progress updates. The project manager also serves as a single point of contact, addressing any concerns or queries you may have during the project.
Can you integrate third-party tools or APIs into the web app for added functionality?
Yes, our custom web app development services include integrating third-party tools or APIs into the web app to enhance its functionality or streamline processes. Our developers have vast experience in incorporating various third-party solutions as per clients' requirements.
How do you ensure the web app's compatibility with various browsers and devices utilizing your custom web app development services?
We ensure the web app's compatibility with various browsers and devices by following best practices in responsive design and progressive web app development. Our team thoroughly tests the app across multiple platforms and devices to certify a seamless user experience and consistent performance.
What security measures do you implement to protect web applications against potential cyber threats?
In our web development technology stack, which includes Laravel, Django, PHP, etc., there are built-in tools designed to address all major security concerns and protect against common types of hacks. Additionally, when it comes to hosting, custom applications are deployed on separate servers with access to the code and servers restricted solely to the developer and the client. This layered approach ensures that security is a top priority both in the technology we use for web application development and in how we handle and protect your data.
How can I ensure the custom design included in the web app development services aligns with my vision and expectations?
We prioritize close collaboration with our clients and maintain open communication throughout the design process. You can check our expertise by reviewing our recent web app development case for UK Retreats, where we built a booking application for searching for unique stays. As well as our designs on Dribbble and Behance, which showcase our creativity and design skills.
Can you assist in migrating an existing web app to a new technology stack or platform?
Yes, our custom web app development services include assisting in migrating an existing web app to a new technology stack or platform. We have a team of skilled developers who can efficiently handle the migration process while preserving your app's functionality and data.
How much does custom web app development cost?
The cost of standard web app development ranges from $30,000 to $50,000, while urgent web app development can cost $60,000 or more. Additionally, there is a subscription fee starting at $1,000 per month which includes infrastructure support, bug fixing, and other essential services to maintain and improve the web app's performance.
How long does it take to develop a custom web app?
The timeline for developing a custom web app depends on the number of features you would like to include. For standard web app development with core features, it generally takes around 4 months. If you require urgent web app development, the timeline can be shortened to approximately 1.5 months. Scroll down the Web app development services page to contact our manager.
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