Mobile app design services

Building mobile app interfaces that are optimized for development and easily engage with the target audience of your business.

mobile app design
The Ronas IT team delivers mobile app design services for startups and small-sized businesses in fields like fintech, delivery, betting, e-commerce, and many others. Here’s how we can help you:
Design a mobile interface strictly following Human Interface and Android guidelines to ensure seamless release to the stores.
Build a scalable interface based on the analysis of your requirements
and UX of the similar products, making the mobile app convenient
for both our business and your customers.
Create screens optimized for development,
so this process is quick and hassle-free.
60+ employees
1,500+ projects
16+ years on the market

How do we provide mobile app design services?

  • 1
    Collect information about the company, project requirements, and desired timeline.
  • 2
    Develop 2–3 screens, a few UI elements, or a clickable prototype to define the visual style.
  • 3
    Create detailed mockups that are optimized to devices and in line with iOS or Android guidelines.
  • 4
    Discuss the final design with the client and make necessary adjustments.
The upper limit of costs and timeline may vary depending on the complexity of the visuals.
Mobile app design services hourly rate
$40 per hour
Average mobile app design project cost

We will build a UI for you if you want to get:

A product that addresses the customers’ needs

Making application screens attractive and user-friendly is a way of encouraging them to use your services more often. As a part of our mobile app design services, we build eye-catching interfaces with easy-to-use layouts and navigation because the lifetime of end-users is our priority.

Screens that are easy to develop

While working with digital products, we always follow development standards to make  application development quicker and more cost-efficient.

An app with your company’s branding style

The UIs we create while delivering mobile app design services are not only visually pleasing but also correspond to the existing brand identity. Your company’s mascot, brand color palette, and typography —  all of these can be embedded into the screens.


View a few samples of UI/UX design for mobile apps created by our design team. We can use these screens as positive or negative references while delivering mobile app design services.


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Both apps and websites can be useful for solving specific problems. Users have to download the app you have developed, so they should have a reason to make this additional step. If they want to find extra information about your company or make an appointment, they most certainly use the mobile version of the site, not the app. But if they are going to order a taxi or a food delivery, they can be ready to download the app you developed. And in this case, mobile app design services will definitely come in handy.
We have already assisted more than 1,500 clients in creating and launching their digital products to the market. Our team has provided UI/UX for all of them. To find out more about our experience in providing mobile app design services, you can view our Cases section. Furthermore, you can explore our project gallery on Dribbble and Behance.
When we get down to work, we've got your vision in mind for future visuals. As a part of our mobile app design services, we find out about all your requirements and implement them while designing an interface. Moreover, we can improve the visuals at your request during the design concept phase and after the detailed mockups are created.

Throughout our company's existence, we've created interfaces that comply with various platform rules, so we have a clear understanding of each platform's interface requirements. To deliver our mobile app design services more smoothly, we have crafted our own design system where we store ready-to-use elements, such as icons, buttons, and panels, that adhere to the guidelines of Android and iOS. They help us to compose new interfaces more quickly.

Furthermore, our designers are constantly in touch with our developers to understand how quickly a particular design element could be implemented during coding and whether it complies with Human Interface and Android guidelines. This way, our team doesn't just create an interface that can simply be launched in the stores, but we also speed up the app development process.

Typically, as a part of our mobile app design services, it takes us 3–4 weeks to design an entire mobile application. But if you're in a rush to get the design ready, we can scale up the number of designers on the team, which would then speed up our app design process.

Similar to our other services, a project manager oversees the implementation process of our mobile app design services. Their role is to define all requirements and pass them to the designers. In addition, your project manager will show you blueprints and sketches, and determine if further iterations are required in the design process.

Our project managers operate on a subscription basis, costing $320 for a week's worth of their services. They engage in customer interactions throughout the day, which makes it challenging to estimate their work time. Hence, we employ a subscription payment model for their services.

Ronas IT team is a full-cycle software development company. That’s why except for providing mobile app design services, we can also turn the designed interface into a functioning app and provide post-release maintenance after the release.
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