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We offer secure and reliable technology solutions for startups that follow the latest industry standards, ensuring your business can confidently maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Our Services
As a custom software development company, we can build software in any form you prefer — mobile or web. The choice depends on which audience you’d like to target — those who will download the application to their mobile phones or those who will access your product through a browser.
Web Development
Web Development
Web Development
We build user-friendly and dynamic websites and web applications, ensuring a robust online presence for your startup that effectively captures your target audience's attention.
Cross-platform Mobile Development
Cross-platform Mobile Development
Cross-platform Mobile Development
We design and develop cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android, helping startups connect with more users and engage them effectively across different devices.
React Native
Why choose us
years of market presence
Our extensive market presence has allowed us to refine our expertise and stay up-to-date with industry trends, ensuring that your startup receives the best possible technology solutions.
years of market presence
Our track record demonstrates our ability to provide software development services for startups across various industries, helping them achieve their goals through our solutions.
work transparency maintained
We put a strong emphasis on open communication and transparency with our clients throughout the whole process, ensuring that you always remain informed and confident about your project's progress.
24-hour response time for initial queries
Our dedicated team is committed to addressing your concerns quickly, ensuring that your questions and inquiries are answered within 24 hours, and fostering seamless collaboration and client satisfaction.
Regular updates on project progress
We keep you informed with frequent progress updates, sharing insights into your project's development, potential roadblocks, and achievements to ensure you have a clear understanding of the project's status and direction.

What startup issues do custom software development services solve?

Lack of personalization

When startups opt for off-the-shelf software rather than partnering with a development company, it can be challenging to implement innovative features or add a personal touch to the product. Custom software development services tailor features to the needs of the business rather than forcing the business to adapt to the features.


As a startup’s main goal is to scale as quickly as possible to secure a niche in the business landscape, the product must be crafted thoughtfully. It needs to be able to process high volumes of data and user actions, as well as be written with clear code that can be easily modified according to business needs.


Although custom software development might seem costlier than ready-made solutions initially, it is optimal in the long run. Customization helps to eliminate the need for extra software subscriptions and licenses, which will multiply as the startup grows.

Integration issues

Integrating different applications might be a daunting task for a startup. Custom software development can ensure all features required by the startup are present within one application, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Support and maintenance

Usually, after the startup’s software development stage, the team that built the product provides ongoing support and maintenance. Thus, by subscribing to post-release maintenance, the business owner doesn’t have to worry about the stable operation of the software.

Customer satisfaction

Creating unique user experiences with customization helps customers remember the brand and associate it with positive emotions. Smooth and, at the same time, engaging activities, together with customized design, drive user interest.

Intellectual property ownership

By creating custom software, a startup owns the rights to that software. They can decide whether to sell it, modify it, or use it as they wish, which can open up new revenue channels for the business.

Costs and time
The upper limit of terms and costs can vary depending on a project’s complexity
Standard software development
2—3 months
Urgent software development
1 month
Post-release maintenance
Infrastructure support
Comprehensive software infrastructure management and maintenance
We will take care of software updates, hardware setup, system monitoring, and troubleshooting, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business.
Starting from
Analytics and/or consulting
In-depth analytics and expert consultations to optimize software development strategies
We provide thorough data analysis, basic market research, and strategic guidance, identifying opportunities for optimization and assisting in making informed decisions.
Starting from
$400/ consultation

How we work

We use an adaptive Agile method in our tailored software development process, implementing 2–3 week sprints that allow for greater flexibility and responsiveness to market demands.

Requirement gathering

Our expert team diligently collects and analyzes your designs, technical requirements, business objectives, and any other data you have to accurately define the project scope. This in-depth understanding enables us to prioritize features and develop a tailored software solution that effectively meets your startup's unique needs and aspirations.

Detailed project estimation

Our team evaluates your project requirements and provides you with a comprehensive document containing detailed cost estimates for each feature, presented as user stories. This transparent approach enables clients to understand the pricing and make informed decisions accordingly.

Transparent and predictable process

Utilizing a strategically planned sprint-based approach, clients remain closely involved in the development process. After each sprint, they can view test versions of mobile apps and stable versions of websites, as well as access development versions of websites in real-time. This fosters a strong sense of clarity and trust, as clients have consistent insight into project progress and direction.

Seamless deployment

Leveraging our extensive experience of over 1,500 successful project launches, we expertly guide you through web app production and mobile app store submission processes. By addressing and resolving potential rejection reasons, we ensure a smooth and efficient release to the market.

Post-release support

Our dedication to client satisfaction extends beyond project completion. We provide comprehensive post-release support aimed at ensuring stability, fixing bugs, and making necessary adjustments based on user feedback. This ongoing commitment allows your startup to continuously improve its software solution and seamlessly implement new features.
Technical expertise in different industries


We can enhance the experience of educators and learners by creating engaging educational experiences. Whether it’s distant learning, AI personalization, classroom management, or interactive teaching — we can create any educational technology you’d like to implement.


Managing multiple processes is a major task in the retail field. Thus, we can build software that automates the workflow and unifies inventory, customer relationship, and points of sale management in one place, or add any functionality you desire.


We can provide you with a rapid rollout of a platform with Next.js Commerce 2.0 or develop a fully customized online marketplace from scratch, depending on your startup’s software development needs.

Social media

Startups in the social media landscape seek scalable and highly interactive platforms that can handle large amounts of data. With our development expertise, we can craft engaging social networking applications, content management systems, and analytics tools that capture user insights and foster community growth. Data privacy and secure user authentication will be of paramount importance in your startup's software development, ensuring quality assurance.

Transportation and logistics

Businesses in this industry highly depend on transit times and the overall efficiency of their processes. Custom software development can help streamline operations, from real-time tracking to optimizing routes. As  part of your startup’s software development, we can integrate advanced analytics to ensure your company is heading towards better results.

Real estate

Custom software development can simplify property management and document flow. For new market entrants, we can develop platforms that make agents' and clients' lives easier when choosing real estate, managing portfolios, and connecting everything to the CRM system. Combining mobile app development for different roles with web development for administering queries can be the most suitable choice in this case.


Healthcare startups are at the forefront of innovation, aiming to use technology to improve patient care. Being on the market for over 17 years, our software development company can build secure and compliant applications for electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, patient engagement, and healthcare analytics, while ensuring confidentiality and adherence to healthcare regulations.


Custom software development for delivery startups can resolve issues in real-time tracking of carriers, optimization of routes, delivery management, and customer support tools. Our solutions for startups can help businesses to grow without a fear of not handling high volume of orders and be sure that their customers receive orders on time.

Hospitality and travel

Customer satisfaction is the primary concern in this sector. Tasks such as dynamic pricing, guest management, and booking systems require special attention to function seamlessly. We can create custom software solutions that streamline reservations, help manage properties, and personalize travelers' experiences.


With our custom software development, you will receive secure software for performing various operations, including payment processing, wealth tracking, banking, and trading.

Begin your startup's software development journey today. Contact our team to learn more about your product's estimate and our services.

View our cases

A social app for bettors' community engagement
A cross-platform app dedicated to renting items
UK Retreats
A web app to find unique UK accommodations
An app for efficient laundry and dry-cleaning

More services

We do more than just write code for your software. We provide a full range of services for efficient software product development, tailored to your startup’s needs.
Before the start of your software product development, we will assist you in conceptualizing your idea and offer the most efficient way to bring it to release. If you wish to continue analyzing your product metrics post-release, we can additionally build a data management tool for you that brings together information from all your sources.
Custom design
You don’t have to question whether you will get a custom design for your product in addition to custom software development. We have our own team of designers who have been crafting creative solutions for digital products since 2007. We can handle any queries regarding the visual aspect of customization, from designing your logo to implementing animations and graphics into the product.
We don’t really have quality assurance as a separate procedure. Instead, we run automated tests throughout the development process. This ensures that our startup software development services are safeguarded at every step we take, and the result is ready for release without extra efforts and delays.
Once released, your product will very likely enter an eternal loop of changes and updates. To ensure that changes in the code do not affect your users, we suggest establishing development and product environments. We can roll them out with our team as part of custom software development, or we can collaborate with your software engineers.
AI integrations
We can integrate AI tools into your product concurrently with your startup’s software development. Businesses can benefit from implementing artificial intelligence in various ways, including automating the company’s workflow, improving customer experience, and speeding up processes.
E-commerce solutions
If you’re interested in custom software development of an online marketplace, we have a special offer for you. We’ve refined a method to roll out a uniquely designed e-commerce platform in less than 15 days. By combining the Next.js Commerce 2.0 framework with a Shopify backend, along with our design experience, we build e-commerce websites that are distinctive and unlike any others in a short time.
CTO as a service
This subscription service might be useful if you have your own software engineers working on your startup’s software development but lack technical expertise. We can help with choosing the right technologies, establishing and automating processes, sharing our best practices, and providing technical guidance.
Couldn't find the offer you've been looking for on this page? We're confident we can still help.
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Can your software development services for startups help with the ideation phase of my project?
Yes! We collaborate closely with startups during the ideation phase and provide expert guidance in shaping your ideas into a tangible product roadmap. Our team offers valuable insights and suggestions based on our extensive industry experience, ensuring your software solution is innovative, user-friendly, and market-ready.
Do your software development services for startups include Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) integration?
Absolutely, our skilled team is well-versed in integrating AI and ML technologies into software solutions for startups. We can help you leverage these cutting-edge technologies to enhance your product's capabilities, automate processes, and gain valuable insights from data, positioning your startup for long-term success. We also offer a dedicated service for AI integrations.
How do you ensure seamless communication with startups in different time zones?
Our software development services for startups prioritize effective communication, regardless of time zone differences. We use a range of communication channels, such as email, video calls, and project management tools, and follow a flexible scheduling approach to ensure smooth collaboration and keep you updated on your project's progress.
Can you provide support in developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for my startup?
Yes, our software development services for startups include MVP development to validate your business idea and collect valuable user feedback. We focus on creating an MVP with essential features and an engaging user experience, paving the way for further development and ultimately helping your startup grow and succeed. Find more on MVP development services for startups page.
Do you offer user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design as part of your software development services for startups?
Yes, our design team focuses on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that offer exceptional user experiences, ultimately contributing to better engagement and retention for your startup's software solutions.
Can you provide software development services for startups across different industries?
Absolutely! Our team has experience working with startups in diverse sectors, including fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. We adapt our software development services for startups to address the unique needs of each industry and client.
Why do you suggest mobile app development with React Native?
We’ve developed applications with native languages, but React Native is a perfect choice for the fast start, as it allows for coding for both Android and iOS platforms simultaneously. For startups striving to enter the market with original ideas earlier than competitors and looking for ways to save resources, this React.js framework is a good match that doesn’t compromise on quality, giving a native feel in the end result. For users, there is no noticeable difference between a product built Swift or React Native, or between Kotlin and React Native, but there is a significant difference for your budget and time.
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