Custom web development services

We create secure web products that ensure a smooth user experience

Web development
Web development
We have designed and developed more than 200 web products with booking systems, marketplaces, real estate, and corporate sites among them.
We engineer software of any complexity: from one-page sites to complex eCommerce platforms with high-load fintech applications.
Digital products we create as part of our custom web development services are usually secure, easy to access from all types of devices, and high performing.

In the process of delivering custom web development services, we use Django and Laravel for the backend and React and Angular for the frontend. Here are a few reasons for that:

They provide diverse development resources, so any of your software ideas can be brought to reality.

They have big development communities and a lot of pre-built code pieces that speed up the development process.

They provide tools that help to avoid many common security mistakes.

50+ developers in an independent team
17+ years of experience
1,500+ projects
60% repeat customers
Costs and time
The upper limit of costs and timeline may vary depending on the app’s complexity
Custom web app development
3—4 weeks
A web app is a piece of software. Unlike a website, it encourages the user to manipulate the data presented in the web app. Its content is dynamic and interactive. If you need urgent web app development follow the link to learn more.
Landing page development
1—3 weeks
A landing page is a single-page website whose purpose is to promote a service or sell a product. It should be well-structured and visually appealing to inspire the user to contact the seller.
Custom marketplace development
2—3 weeks
We can either create your custom marketplace from scratch, or you can save on costs and take advantage of our special subscription offer. Our development team can build your personalized online store in 15 days or less.
Corporate website
2–4 weeks
A website collects linked web pages containing data in texts, images, videos, and other formats. Its goal is to convey necessary information to its visitors. Our website development services will provide your company with a corporate website that is pleasant to view and read.
Web interface design
3–4 weeks
We create unique web designs for any type of product, from landing pages to complex web apps. Should you be interested in web design as a separate service, read more here.
Wondering how much it would cost to outsource your web development? Fill in the form, and we will help you to calculate!

How do we deliver custom web development services?

  • 1
    Gather requirements
    At first, the project manager gathers information about your requirements, business goals, and expectations.
  • 2
    Create UI/UX design based on the results of analytics
    After analyzing the requirements, we figure out which version of the product we should develop first, mobile or desktop. The analysis also helps us to specify product features. Then UI/UX designers create visuals and a UI Kit that can be used for scaling the design up.
  • 3
    Plan 2–3 week sprints
    While delivering custom web development services, we always work with short iterations. By the end of each of them, the customers get tangible results like an update of the site on the development server or an app interface ready for testing.
  • 4
    Establish scalable architecture and write clear code
    At this stage, we develop basic features such as registration, authorization, or profile. Then we create the backend and frontend of the product, write code, and run tests and reviews to maintain its quality.
  • 5
    Bring the software into production
    Our engineers set up several environments where the created product can be deployed. Usually, we set up three environments: a development environment used by developers, a staging environment where the customers can check our progress, and a production environment, where software becomes available for use.
  • 6
    Provide post-launch maintenance
    We guarantee that all the bugs are fixed and the software runs stably. Ronas IT developers are ready to continue developing your site or application after the project work is finished: They adjust it based on user reviews and add new features.
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We’ve already become a web development company for these clients. Read about real cases if you’re considering outsourcing your web development to Ronas IT.
UK Retreats project
UK Retreats project
A mobile first web app for UK Retreats
Noah project
Noah project
An admin panel web design and development for Noah
Shipme project
Shipme project
A web dashboard for ShipMe
Oddscrowd project
Oddscrowd project
Web design and development for Oddscrowd

What are the benefits of choosing us as a web development company?

  • We keep you updated on the progress of your website development every two weeks or can communicate small updates more frequently if needed.
  • Since 2007, we've been creating robust apps and web products for a variety of industries, so we're up to the challenge.
  • We are always here for you. If you have any concerns, you can contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.
  • We deliver our projects on time. So, once we had 10 weeks to develop a sports application in time for the Super Bowl. You can read about this case here.
  • Our design team consists of experienced professionals who will give your website a unique face. You can check out their work on our Dribbble and Behance profiles.

Explore related services

Backend AI integration

Our development team can spice up our web design and development services with artificial intelligence implementation. We can find the most suitable way to enhance your web app or website with the latest technologies.

Knowledge management system

If you are struggling with collecting data from your different sources in one place, our dev team can create a knowledge management system that analyzes processes within your organization. We can create a convenient admin panel that suits your specific needs.

Rapid marketplace roll out

Using custom web design services to stand out from other marketplaces can cost extra time and money. Our service for e-commerce combines custom web design with a Shopify backend. Our approach allows you to complete your website development in 15 days or less.

DevOps practices

Planning to build a website with your in-house development team? We can still help. We can create a development environment so you can make updates and fix bugs without disturbing your users. We can also offer full support and manage development and product environments with our dedicated team.


The reviews that we receive from our customers help us improve our practices. Have a look at some comments we got from the customers who had already made use of our custom software development services.

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How many people are there on the development team?
Generally, four people are enough to perform website development, web design, and project management. Thus, the team consists of one backend and one frontend developer, a designer, and a project manager who also performs as an analyst. The team members are selected so that we can both always stay in touch with our customers and quickly adjust if project requirements change.
How much do you ask for your custom web development services?
The total price of web software usually depends on its complexity, business goal, and the content used in it. On average, the UI/UX design costs $5,000–$10,000, while web app MVP usually costs about $30,000–$50,000. At the same time, the price of the landing page is about $2,000–$4,000, and corporate website development costs $5,000–$8,000. The price of each digital product is usually counted individually, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get an estimate.
How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce platform with you?
Online marketplaces usually connect three types of users: customers, retailers, and administrators. As a part of our custom web development services, we can develop interfaces for all three types. In this case, we would ask about $25,000–$30,000 for a marketplace. We count the price of each project individually, so contact our analyst to receive a price estimate for your project.
What is your experience with eCommerce app development?

We acted as a web development company for two eCommerce projects.

One of the projects is a marketplace where users can sell and buy both physical items and info products. We made up a unique user flow for purchasing each type of product and gave retailers an opportunity to create and delete their own filters. As a result, our client got a platform for selling different kinds of products with an advanced filter system.

Another project was a farmer marketplace designed for the Swedish market. With its help, users can connect with local farmers and food producers and buy products from them.

How do you make your workflow transparent for the customers while delivering custom web development services?
Each project team in our company has a project manager who is responsible for creating weekly reports, answering questions, and addressing all your worries. The reports sent by our project manager usually reflect work progress and achievements during the period, the number of hours spent, and a plan for the following week.
Do you sign an NDA?
Before executing custom web development services, we sign an NDA. Our manager provides you with an NDA template, or we sign the version you provide us with. With this procedure, we ensure that no one will steal your idea or disclose sensitive data.
Can you both design and develop a digital product?
Sure! Our team provides full-cycle custom web development services. It means we build the UI/UX of your product, develop it and provide maintenance after the release. You can find extra information about our web design services by following the link.
Can I request updates to my website after it has been developed?
Further updates are not included in the website development services. However, we may still remain involved with your project after the website has been developed as part of the post-release maintenance and support services you may subscribe to.
Do you include quality assurance in the website development workflow?
Yes, but we don't use manual testing, we only do automatic testing. We do it for the backend throughout the entire development process because it is the most critical part that contains business logic. The frontend changes a lot during the development stage — usually clients ask to change the design, add or remove functionality. Therefore, we write tests for the frontend part at a late stage of project development. In any case, you can be sure that your website has been thoroughly tested by us at all stages of creation.
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