DevOps services for development and post-release stages

Powering your application lifecycle with seamless DevOps services.

Our service has been designed with the goal of simplifying processes for our customers and improving the efficiency of our internal operations since 2007.

Throughout this journey, we have developed comprehensive DevOps solutions and services that cater to the entire lifecycle of a product, from its initial development to its successful release and beyond.
We have firsthand experience in utilizing these solutions within our organization and are committed to sharing our best practices to ensure your trust in our expertise.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a methodology in software development that aims to enhance collaboration between developers and operations teams by automating processes with various tools. DevOps consulting services eliminate the need to hire a DevOps expert and help automate processes quickly through an outsourced solution.

The primary goal of DevOps implementation is to accelerate development and expedite the product's release.The services we provide strive to create environments that facilitate the integration of a continuous delivery approach into the product's development and maintenance.

What is DevOps?

You might need DevOps consulting if:

  • 1
    You’d like to improve the speed and efficiency of your product’s development and deployment
    DevOps consulting specialists can propose technologies that you may not be familiar with but which can significantly streamline and automate your processes, resulting in quicker development timelines.
  • 2
    You encounter deployment bottlenecks that delay your software delivery
    Our DevOps experts will introduce you to efficient practices such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, which improve the quality of software and keep the application ready for deployment to live production at any time.
  • 3
    You’re looking for ways to improve reliability and security of the system
    A DevOps solution includes system monitoring setup together with secure storage of the system’s components, which provides the app’s reliability and prevents errors.
  • 4
    You want to avoid downtime and user inconvenience
    Performing code changes in the development environment before integrating them into the live environment allows for implementing updates seamlessly with minimal to no downtime, ensuring a consistent and satisfying experience for your end-users.
  • 5
    You’re eager to stay competitive through rapid development
    Faster deployment implies faster reach to the audience. And it is only possible by embracing DevOps processes and the tools they bring in.
  • 6
    You need to be prepared for your product’s scaling at the moment of business growth
    DevOps implementation allows for easier management of the operations, which become more complex with an increase in business activity, saving your resources, time, and money. With a DevOps consulting company helping you out, you can prepare your system for the future growth of your business.
What we offer:
We will set up your development and/or production environments regardless of the development team building your application. Our DevOps services provide monitoring and visibility into development and production environments, allowing for early detection and resolution of issues, and optimizing uptime and user experience.
Development environment
A safe space for developers to build, test, and refine the app. It allows for experimentation and troubleshooting without affecting the live version.
Production environment
The live version of the app after release that users interact with. It needs to be stable and efficient. Rigorous testing ensures a smooth user experience.
Plans & pricing
Development stage:
DevOps Fast Start
with Ronas IT team
We launch a project with Ronas IT team and offer our development environment through a subscription-based model. This plan suits the projects we develop for you and remains operational until the first production release.
What’s included:
GitLab setup
Domain in Ronas.Cloud
Our CI/CD:
  • test and code review
  • multiple deployments per day
Sentry for error tracking
Monitoring and support with Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki tools
Expo for React Native releases
Apple Developer account for iOS release
Quick start (24 hours)
We take care of the environment setup, while you focus on solving business challenges
Rapid development
We provide seamless integrations out of the box.
Cost-effective setup
No upfront investment required for cloud services and related tools.
Freedom of choice:
Avoid vendor lock-in with our code optimized for Kubernetes (k8s). It's not tied to any specific provider like GCP, AWS, or Azure.
Reliable infrastructure
With a track record of launching 60+ projects simultaneously, we minimize infrastructure errors.
DevOps Fast Start
with your team
We launch a project with your team and offer a subscription-based development environment. This plan suits the projects you independently develop with your team.
What’s included:
GitLab setup
Domain in Ronas.Cloud
Our CI/CD:
  • test and code review
  • multiple deployments per day
Sentry for error tracking
Monitoring and support with Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki tools
Expo for React Native releases
Apple Developer account for iOS release
Optimal resource utilization
We provide early alerts for suboptimal use.
Quality architecture:
Poor architectural decisions will be identified early on.
Performance assurance:
We establish a framework for your team and report all issues.
Complete control:
You retain full ownership of all the code and the team's leftovers.
Secure access:
We guarantee safe storage and complete ownership of all system components' access.
Team flexibility:
Our service streamlines team transitions and deters irreplaceability.
Post-release stage:
DevOps Proactive Care
next step after DevOps Fast Start
Once the project is released and goes into production, we transfer the project to the client's live environment. We offer monitoring and infrastructure support DevOps services to ensure the smooth operation of the app.
What’s included:
Environment monitoring and resolving issues within a 24-hours time frame
Timely updates of all the environment components
Monitoring system setup with Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki tools
Cost management to identify areas where cost savings can be achieved
HelpDesk for timely assistance and support
Consistent production environment.
Predictable pricing:
Thorough resource monitoring helps avoid unwarranted costs.
Regular updates are implemented.
All components are frequently updated.
Our infrastructure is perpetually primed for both expansion and contraction.
Our infrastructure is continuously ready for further development.


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What is the basic difference between your Fast Start and Proactive Care DevOps services?
Our Fast Start DevOps service focuses on setting up and maintaining an environment for building, testing, and refining your app. The Proactive Care DevOps service handles the running of the live version of your app, ensuring a satisfying user experience through rigorous testing and continuous monitoring. Essentially, these actions are taken to accelerate processes at different stages of a product's life cycle: ″DevOps Fast Start″ is implemented to ensure robust development, while ″Proactive Care″ focuses on the monitoring and maintenance of your product.
Explain in simple words, what are the primary DevOps services you provide, and how is pricing determined?
We essentially offer two DevOps services — project setup and post-release project support. The pricing for the project setup services varies depending on whether our team is engaged in the project or not. Our services come at a lower cost when our team is directly involved in the project.
How long do your DevOps support services for the production environment last?
The length of our DevOps support services in a production environment is determined by the project's specific needs and requirements. Factors such as application complexity, the frequency of updates or releases, and the anticipated duration of support needed can affect the service period. Our team will collaborate closely with you to establish a suitable timeframe, ensuring your application is maintained and supported as required.
Are there alternate payment options available for your DevOps solutions and services?
Yes, apart from our standard pricing plan for DevOps services, we also offer an hourly payment option as an alternative. This gives you the flexibility to choose a payment method that best suits your needs. You can describe your issue to our manager and we’ll find the most suitable solution to improve your company processes.
What indicators suggest that I may need DevOps consulting services?
A need for DevOps outsourcing might be indicated by several factors. The first is frequent delays in product release, inconsistencies between development and production environments, and frequent system failures. In such cases, you might need the assistance of a DevOps consulting company or a software company with DevOps consulting services. It might also be beneficial to consider DevOps outsourcing if you’re planning to scale operations, manage complex systems, or would like to improve the efficiency of your team in general. Implementing a new tech stack or improving the software delivery pipeline might also necessitate a DevOps solution.
What are the benefits of choosing your DevOps Fast Start service alongside your development services?
From day one, having full access to all essential tools enables us to promptly optimize and propose solutions in the domain of infrastructure during the development phase. At the start of any project, it's crucial to concentrate on resolving business issues and minimizing communication time. If we manage all of the infrastructure, we don't waste time waiting for technical updates from the client. Therefore, opting for our DevOps Fast Start service in combination with our development services offers the advantages of efficient infrastructure optimization, error minimization, and reduced communication time. This is made possible by our experience in paralleling the launch of a large number of projects (60+).
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