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Comprehensive tech expertise and strategic guidance to bring Your Startup to the maximized market impact

About the service

CTO as a service, where CTO refers to Chief Technology Officer, is an all-inclusive tech support solution for startups, provided by our team of experts on a subscription basis. Our service encompasses all the necessary activities to guide your startup's development and find the optimal tech solution for its seamless operation.

Overall, our CTO as a service for startups involves directing the organization's technology trajectory, ensuring that it is aligned with business objectives while remaining innovative, efficient, and secure
When do you need a CTO as a service?
You have an outstanding startup idea and a team but need guidance to guarantee performance excellence
Your team is in the product development phase and requires a technology audit to ensure code quality
You want to ensure that your startup has the right architecture to prevent a complete overhaul in the future while also maintaining scalability
Your business doesn't warrant hiring a full-time, dedicated CTO for your project
You lack the time to hire a CTO, yet your development team urgently requires technical direction
You need regular reports on issues and ongoing prevention of potential risks


Our team will assist you in selecting the most appropriate technologies to bring your ideas to fruition, taking into account your startup's requirements, budget, and long-term growth potential.


We will determine the architecture of your future product, provide comprehensive documentation, and manage its implementation, ensuring a future-proof and scalable solution tailored to your specific needs.

Product roadmap

We will assist you in defining and prioritizing your product's features, milestones, and long-term vision. Our strategic guidance will ensure your startup remains focused on its objectives and stays ahead of emerging trends.


With 17 years of industry experience, we've refined processes that are efficient and reliable. We are prepared to share our knowledge on ticket management, bug reports, best practices, code review, auto deployment, scalable environment creation, and more.

Best practices

Our team of experts collaborates with your development team, sharing knowledge of the latest software development methodologies, practices, and tools. This collaboration fosters increased efficiency and effectiveness, while ensuring the high standards in the software development process.


  • 1
    Technical audit
    We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current project, covering aspects such as team capabilities, coding standards, performance, architecture, and build processes. Through the in-depth analysis of your project at the stage of development, we identify the pain points that require improvement.
    You can request a technical audit as an individual service, separate from any other offerings.
  • 2
    Strategic planning
    Our team creates a customized technology strategy that aligns with your startup's vision, goals, and requirements. We deliver this plan to your team, set up all necessary tools, and establish the environment.
  • 3
    Technical guidance
    We provide guidance to your development team, offering best practices and expertise in relevant technologies to ensure your project's success.
  • 4
    Architectural design and review
    Our team works closely with your development team to design the overall architecture of your product, ensuring that it is scalable, secure, and future-proof.
  • 5
    Evaluation of third-party integrations
    We conduct an extensive analysis of the various third-party integrations, such as APIs, CRM and CMS systems, tracking tools, cloud services, vendors that provide services implemented within your project in general.
  • 6
    Quality assurance and code review
    We assist with the implementation of quality assurance processes and perform regular code reviews, ensuring that your product meets high standards.
  • 7
    Security and Compliance
    We help with the implementation of security best practices and ensure regulatory compliance, safeguarding your startup's data and applications.
  • 8
    Performance Optimization
    We work to maximize your product's performance through load testing, code optimization, and ongoing monitoring, addressing any bottlenecks or scalability issues.
Starting at $1,000/m, we offer a subscription to our services. The exact cost of CTO as a service for startups depends on the scope of work individually determined for each project. The price mentioned is the minimum subscription fee.
17+ years of industry experience
1500+ projects launched
100% work transparency
500+ threats prevented
Over$1,000,000 saved for clients
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Why is CTO such an important role?
CTO as a single professional or service is essential for startups as they help to align the company's technology objectives with its overall goals, manage technical projects, provide expert advice on technology strategies, and ensure the startup stays competitive in the market by adopting the latest technologies.
What are the advantages of CTO as a service over hiring a full-time CTO?
CTO as a service for startups provides cost savings, flexibility, and access to specialized expertise compared to a full-time hire. It allows for faster onboarding and reduced risk, as the engagement can be adjusted or terminated more easily based on your organization's changing needs and requirements. One of the most significant benefits of choosing CTO as a service is gaining access to the collective expertise and proficiency of an entire team, rather than relying on the specific skills and experience of a single individual.
What can a CTO as a service do for my startup?
CTO as a service can help your startup with technology strategy and planning, evaluating and implementing new technologies, improving and developing new products, managing technical projects, supervising your technical team, and ensuring all technology-related activities align with the company's objectives.
How do I understand if I need this service?
To determine if your business needs a CTO expertise, consider your reliance on technology, growth and scalability, internal technical expertise, competitive landscape, and ability to manage technology projects. If any of these areas present challenges or opportunities, a CTO as a service can provide the guidance and technical leadership needed for success.
How can a CTO as a service help my startup stay ahead of the competition?
A CTO as a service can help your startup stay competitive by providing insights into emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices. They can also guide your team in adopting innovative solutions, optimizing your product's performance, and ensuring that your technology strategy is aligned with your business objectives.
As a non-technical entrepreneur, can I still take advantage of a CTO as a service for my startup?
Certainly! A CTO as a service is designed for startups of all technical backgrounds. Our experts will help you understand and implement technology strategies aligned with your goals. You don't need technical expertise to benefit from our services; we'll empower you with the right solutions to drive your startup's success.

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