Branding design services

Designing brand identities and logos that will resonate with your target audience

As a part of branding design services, our team can design a brand identity or a logo that will reflect the mission of your company and give it a unique look. Here’s how we can help:

Create a brand book that consists of branding colors, typography, a set of decorative elements, usage guidelines, and samples.
Embed all the elements from the brand book into your app.
Design a logo in just 5 days.
Choose colors and fonts that fit your vision and positioning directly in the application development process.
50+ developers in an independent team
17+ years of experience
1,500+ projects
60% repeat customers
We are ready to provide branding design services for you if you want to:
develop a style that reflects the features of the industry, key values, and the mission of your business,
stand out from your rivals,
build a trustful relationship with your clients,
make your business more recognizable.

How do we provide mobile app design services?

  • 1
    Collect information about your business, requirements, and vision of the brand identity
  • 2
    Gather reference material
  • 3
    Design 1 or 2 variants of visual elements
  • 4
    Discuss them with the client and make amends
  • 5
    Assemble a brand book
  • 6
    Additional step: create a UI using a developed style.

Reach out to us now to discover the cost and timeline for creating a unique brand design for your company!

Our brand design samples

View a few elements of brand identities that our design team has created for various projects while executing branding design services.

The upper limit of costs and timeline may vary depending on the complexity of the visuals.
Branding design services hourly rate
$50 per hour
Brand identity design
7 days
Logo design
5 days

Other design services to help you with brand development

As a part of branding services, we can draw custom illustrations to make your products lively and recognizable.
We can create a logo as a separate design service, without adding it to the brand book.
Except for branding services, we can develop software of any complexity from scratch. An ecosystem of apps can streamline your internal processes and bring extra conveniences to your customers.
In the process of this design service, we create a draft of the app that will reflect the visual style of the future product and showcase its main features.
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Does your company develop a full brand strategy for the company?
The brand strategy usually consists of different aspects including tone of voice, the brand’s mission, values, and vibe. In this case, brand design is just a part of the whole brand strategy. Our team is ready to help you purely with the visual part, while it will be your role to provide us with information about your industry and the brand vision you want to create.
Can you provide examples of your previous brand identity design work?
As a part of branding design services, our team has created many brand identities for companies of different sizes. You can find out more about our experience in our Cases section as well as look through our UI/UX design portfolios on Dribbble and Behance.
What is a brand book, and what are its functions?
A brand book is a set of guidelines whose aim is to explain how a business expresses its mission and values through elements like a corporate logo, color palette, typography, or illustrations. These guidelines allow designers to create visuals in a consistent and recognizable style, no matter whether they are outsourcing providers or in-house employees. The brand book ensures that your company always looks and feels the same way, so it can be used by marketers and sales managers as well. As a part of our branding design services, we can develop a brand book for our company.
How do you involve the client in the design process? Will there be opportunities for feedback and revisions?
Yes, we always rely on the vision of our customers while designing visuals. Our team starts executing branding design services with a thorough discussion of your requirements and vision. After gathering your requirements, we will provide you with several drafts and sketches, and you will have an opportunity to give feedback. After that, we will improve the visuals in line with it.
Do you sign an NDA?
To ensure the safety of your inventive ideas and secure your sensitive data, we will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you. You have the option to use our standard NDA, or if you prefer, we are willing to sign an NDA provided by you.
Do you offer any additional services related to brand identity design?
In addition to brand identities, we can design merch prints, hand-drawn illustrations, and mockups for social media in the process of delivering branding design services. We know about the technical constraints of all the social media platforms and operating system guidelines, and that’s why we can create visuals in line with them.
Do you sign an NDA as a part of this design service?
To ensure the safety of your inventive ideas and secure your sensitive data, we will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you. You have the option to use our standard NDA, or if you prefer, we are willing to sign an NDA provided by you.
What other services do you provide except for branding design services?
Ronas IT is a full-cycle software development company, that except for branding services, we can build an applicationor a website from scratch. We can design the interface of your app, embed your brand identity into it, develop it, and provide post-release maintenance after the release of the first app version.
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