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react native app development
react native app development
What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework initially created by Meta in 2015 to improve Facebook users' experience. The framework is used to create apps for both Android and iOS using JavaScript and React. React Native allows for cross-platform app development, meaning both mobile operating systems share a common codebase. This makes React Native application development cost- and time-effective.

Our team has developed more than 30 React Native mobile apps in the fields of betting, real estate, FinTech, delivery, and item rent, among others.

Our React Native developers continually test and integrate new technologies across various aspects of cross-platform development. This includes architecture, routing, SDK and API tools, UI libraries, automated testing, and more.
In mobile development, we strictly adhere to Apple and Google guidelines to ensure swift releases to the App Store and Google Play.
We possess the expertise to tackle cross-platform app development projects of any complexity while delivering native-like experiences to users.

Our React Native app development workflow

We follow a structured process for React Native app development, beginning with gathering requirements and concluding with the deployment of a stable app.

  • 1
    Gather requirements
    We start developing React Native mobile apps by analyzing the requirements, business ideas, and expectations of the customers. The project manager creates the project breakdown and estimates the time required for mobile app design.
  • 2
    Create UI/UX design based on the results of analytics
    Designers create the UI/UX design of the React Native app and a UI Kit that can be used for scaling the design up. Then we discuss the created visuals with the customer and make adjustments.
  • 3
    Plan 2–3 week sprints
    We always perform mobile application development with short iterations. By the end of each of them, the customers get a tangible result — an app version that they can check and estimate the progress.
  • 4
    Establish scalable architecture and write clear code
    We develop the features according to their priority and focus on flexibility. Our React Native developers create reusable code that runs on iOS, Android, and even on the web! During the process of React Native app development, both frontend and backend engineers work in close coordination.
  • 5
    Ensure the software of the React Native app runs stably
    We run automatic tests and use error-tracking tools in a ready-made application to fix the bugs.
  • 6
    Release the mobile app to the store
    In the process of delivering React Native app development services, we follow Apple and Google guidelines and ensure that React Native apps have no bugs and run flawlessly to provide a quick release to the store. By now, we have already helped more than 80 customers to release their mobile apps.
  • 7
    Provide React Native app maintenance
    Developers ensure the software runs stably and fix any bugs. Moreover, we are ready to keep working with you even after the first version is already released. We can adjust the product based on user reviews and add new features.
Costs and timeframes:
Average React Native development services
We suggest startup owners begin with creating the first version of the mobile app with key features only. This approach allows our clients to test business ideas quickly and allocate resources wisely.
3 months and from
for a working React
Native app
Rapid React Native development services
In case you have tight deadlines, need to show the mobile app to investors, or launch it as soon as possible, we can offer a bigger project team for rapid cross-platform development.
1 month and from
for a working React
Native app
Already have a mobile application and need React Native consulting services? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll find together how to deal with your issue.

React Native application development tech stack

In building your cross-platform app, we prioritize the project's necessities rather than limiting development to a specific tech stack. However, these are our core React Native technologies:

We leverage Feature-oriented architecture and manage our repositories with NX. It makes development flexible and focused on business features.
We use the full power of Expo services to cut off your expenses on creating infrastructure for builds, submissions, distribution, and updates for your app.
We are capable of integrating analytic tools like AppsFlyer, Braze, Firebase Analytics to provide you with tools for your app’s audience faster growth.
We stick to the latest versions of React Native and Expo ecosystem to build high-performance and secure apps.
To provide high level reliability of your app in production, we use Sentry and other bug tracking tools. We also offer comprehensive end-to-end testing using Maestro or Detox.
We use popular UI libraries like UI Kitten, Reanimated and Moti to build beautiful and consistent interfaces.

Design included

It's important to note that our design skills are just as strong as our coding capabilities. By opting for our full-cycle development of a mobile application, you'll receive user interfaces created in line with the latest trends. Even if there is only one designer working on your project, our constant education and knowledge-sharing culture ensure that you benefit from the collective expertise of the entire team.

Our designers work closely with the development team, so from the design stage, you will already have a glimpse of the future functionality, thus avoiding any unmet expectations.

Design Concepts
Design Concepts
UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

Latest React Native development projects:

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Why us?


To provide our clients with the highest quality React Native applications, we practice cross-reviews both during the design stage and the development process. These double-checks help eliminate human errors. Additionally, running automated tests enhances the robustness and quality of our cross-platform apps.


We ensure complete transparency by keeping our clients involved in all our processes. We provide progress reports every two weeks or more frequently if needed. Clients can view task management, and access design and code resources at any time.


We ensure our clients are aware of every step we take in building their application. Our team creates apps with clarity in mind, making them easy and convenient for users. When working with complex enterprise systems for internal use, we help the client's team familiarize themselves with the new tools.


Our development and design teams adhere to the standards we’ve established over the years, including design-quality checklists, guidelines, and high coding standards. With our approach, one can be sure that revisiting the project after some time won’t cause any trouble, as the code will be clear, making it easy to implement any new features.


We don’t limit our development to certain industries or project sizes. Our team is happy to create an MVP for a startup or work on complex, long-term enterprise projects. We have the expertise to tackle any type of challenge. If there is a need to create something unique, we are more than ready to invest our efforts into the project.

Look at some of the reviews!

We always pay close attention to reviews sent by our customers. With their help, we improve our services and get one step close to becoming a successful React Native app development company.

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What is React Native, and why do you prefer it over other mobile development technologies?
React Native is a JavaScript framework created by Facebook. React Native development provides engineers with the ability to create a single codebase and use it to build applications for multiple platforms, which eases up mobile app development and maintenance. Ronas IT engineers enjoy using this framework because it has a large developer community and detailed documentation. You don’t need to hire two separate development teams to build separate applications for iOS and Android, that’s why cross-platform development of React Native apps is more cost-effective than building native ones. This feature makes React Native app development services a great choice for those who want to create an MVP or test a business idea.
How much do React Native app development services cost?
The total cost depends on the complexity of your idea, the number of features of the future React Native app, as well as the number of iterations required to complete the project. The average cost of a cross-platform app is $30.000–$50.000. Contact our analyst for an individual estimate of your mobile app development.
How many people usually take part in providing React Native app development services?
The team usually consists of four people: a mobile developer, a back-end developer, a UI/UX designer, and a project manager who also performs the functions of an analyst. The number of people in the team can vary and depend on the needs of the project, but by default, four people are enough for React Native app development.
Do you only develop React Native app interfaces, or can you design them as well?
Our team specializes in building applications for startups and businesses, which means that we both provide React Native development services and design compelling interfaces, logos, and branding elements, as well as draw custom illustrations and icons. We are ready to support you on your way from the idea to the release of the cross-platform app to the store.
React Native mobile apps vs native apps: Which ones perform better?
React Native uses native components to render a user interface, which means that the app will have a similar look and feel to a native app. However, performance can be affected by the complexity of the React Native app, the experience of the development team, and how well the cross-platform app is optimized.
Are React Native apps hard to update?
React Native provides a hot reload feature. With its help, engineers can keep the software running and push new file versions at the same time. Within the process of React Native app development, engineers can write code and see changes in real time. In addition, this feature allows them to update the React Native app without having to verify it in the app store when the new versions are ready to be released.
Are there any limitations to using React Native for mobile app development?
As for the limitations, React Native mobile apps usually need a bridge to communicate with native components, which can slow down the performance. Also, this framework may not work well with high-end platforms and applications that need to integrate with smartphone hardware such as Bluetooth, a microphone, or a gyro sensor. Native applications can take advantage of the latest technologies like biometrics or augmented reality, while cross-platform ones can’t.
Which popular applications are engineered with React Native?
Instagram, Discord, Facebook, and Airbnb are the most popular React Native mobile apps.
Is there any difference between ReactJS and React Native app development?
ReactJS is a library for building interfaces, while React Native is a framework for building mobile apps that can run on iOS and Android platforms. While the former is mainly used to engineer web apps, the latter is usually used for mobile app development.
Will users understand that the application is built with React Native?
There’s absolutely no difference between apps built with React Native and those built with native languages in terms of user experience. A React Native app feels native-like, and users cannot make any discernment based on just using the application.
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