UI/UX design services

Our professional team, comprising over 10 designers, specializes in crafting user experiences and user interface designs.

We offer comprehensive services, ranging from idea validation for an app to the creation of profound experiences for your future users, throughout the design process for desktop, tablet, or mobile apps.

If you're ready to move forward with development immediately, we can seamlessly transition to that phase as well, since Ronas IT is a full-stack software development company.


What we offer

We are dedicated to crafting user interfaces that not only serve functional purposes but also significantly improve the overall user experience. Our interfaces are designed to be adaptable across various devices, from iOS and Android mobile platforms to desktop screens.

Mobile app design services

We adhere to the guidelines for designing on iOS and Android platforms, ensuring that customers experience a native app feel, regardless of whether you opt for cross-platform or native development.

Web design services

Our web design capabilities range from creating simple landing pages to complex SaaS platforms. We ensure our designs are responsive, optimizing them for different screen sizes so that your web app’s visitors can reach you from any device.

Desktop app design services

If you aim to build an application with offline access for laptops or desktop computers, our team is prepared to craft user interface and user experience designs that are perfectly tailored to your operating system.

Tablet app design services

Need your app to be adapted to tablet screen sizes? We can prepare the required layout, ensuring that your POS or management system operates smoothly and effectively assists your staff.

Please note that the final cost depends on the complexity of the design.
Hourly rate
$50 per hour
Average project cost
Looking for a UI/UX design company that can offer more?

You can check on our extra design services, such as illustrations, graphic design, logo, and more, to give an even more unique look to your business.

Our UI/UX design process

  • 1
    In our initial communications, we gather all the necessary information about your business and discuss your vision for the future product. Should you have any uncertainties about the concept, we are here to help clarify and refine the project idea. With over 17 years of experience in providing UI/UX design services, you can count on us.
  • 2
    Our design team begins with the concept design of your product. At this stage, our specialists create mock-ups of the user interface design to give you a sense of what the final product will look like
  • 3
    Mind map
    After you approve the concept, we proceed to elaborate on the user experience or create a mind map. This confirms the business objectives of the project and ensures that no essential features, roles, or user steps are overlooked.
  • 4
    User interface design
    Then the design team takes all the necessary steps to create a design ready for developers to use in further mobile, desktop, or web application development.
  • 5
    Thoughtful handover
    We don't just produce attractive designs; we create them with development complexity in mind — all our designs are developer-ready. We provide you with a clear user interface design system and UI kit for further development.
  • Development
    You don’t need to search for another team to bring our UI/UX design to life. We have our own pool of skilled developers who can transform the approved designs into a fully functional and user-friendly product. We deliver all types of software engineering services, including building mobile and web applications.
  • Maintenance and support
    Even after development, we offer you our support. We can update your product to ensure it runs smoothly, granting your users uninterrupted access to the app.
50+ developers in an independent team
17+ years of experience
1,500+ projects
60% repeat customers

Why choose us?

Quick access to development

Our designers collaborate closely with the development team to create designs that are both practically feasible and cost-effective. This teamwork leads to a faster layout process and enhances the efficiency of our UI/UX design services. With a large team of developers, we can quickly access expertise in backend, frontend, and mobile engineering. This ensures that our designers and developers produce user interfaces that function effectively now and prevent future problems, resulting in an improved user experience. And, of course, we can also develop your product, not just design it.

Double-checking the quality

We understand the importance of detail and aim to reduce the need for you to micromanage every stage. To ensure quality, we employ cross-reviews within our team. This means that responsibility for the user interface and user experience design quality is shared, not just placed on a single designer. Each design is reviewed by other designers and overseen by an art director. A comprehensive checklist is also utilized to ensure all aspects of the project are given due attention.

Elaborated design system

In order to craft scalable interfaces and logical user experiences, we have developed our own comprehensive design system. This system encompasses component templates, a typekit, a palette system, tips for prototyping, mockup and artboard systematization, procedures for preparing elements for export, and more. These tools facilitate easier and quicker project customization. Adherence to our design system allows us to streamline our workflow, ensuring timely and delay-free project completions.

Keeping up with trends

We are committed to the continuous education of our designers and fostering a knowledge-sharing corporate culture. Thus, even if your project is handled by one or two designers, you benefit from our entire team's expertise. Regular meetings are held to keep up with current trends, and an active group chat is maintained for updates and discussions on professional literature. In essence, we do everything to maintain a competitive edge.

Industries we serve

No matter your sector, we’ll find the most suitable solution within our UI/UX design services. With us, you don't need to pay for separate UX research since we have extensive experience creating apps for different industries and know the patterns of user behavior quite well.

Here are some examples of our designs for various industries:

E-commerce and retail
We can create a custom UI/UX design solution for your online marketplace. If your startup is opting for a quick start, we can offer you our tailor-made design services along with a rapid rollout using the Shopify backend. Check out our special offer here.
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Healthcare and selfcare
User experience is the central focus of any healthcare and medical app as they deal with the sensitive topic of well-being. To facilitate efficient and transparent communication between personnel and patients, we create clean and functional designs with simple navigation. For self-care applications, we aim to provide interfaces that are both uplifting and calming.
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Real estate
Convenience and speed are key factors in searching for a property from both the client's and agent's perspectives. Real estate applications have varying goals—some advertise unique designer apartments, while others aggregate all sorts of accommodation offers and require detailed filtering. Our UI/UX design services strive to fulfill your expectations and address specific business needs.
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Travel and hospitality
To engage customers and encourage their return to your platform, it's essential to build a user’s journey that offers a streamlined booking experience. Users should be able to easily navigate and study the facilities in great detail to make an informed decision.
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The user experience and interface of mobile banking apps, investment platforms, financial trackers, or cryptocurrency exchanges should simplify complex financial operations for users. In our designs, you'll find necessary information displayed on screens, supported by easy-to-understand statistical charts.
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Social media
Interactive elements, intuitive interfaces, and seamless content sharing are all key to building the addictive UI/UX design of a social media platform and persuading users to stay. With our design services, we’ll make every effort to create an application that reflects your ideas and engages your audience.
Management systems
Our UI/UX design services for business management focus on delivering structured interfaces that cater to various roles within an organization. We understand the importance of data visualization, task management, and process tracking in creating a convenient and efficient user experience for employees.
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And we can do much more. Check our Dribbble account to find out more about what our UI design services can offer.


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Where can I find your designs?
You can visit our Dribbble and Behance accounts, where you'll see a wide range of styles and types of UI/UX designs we are capable of creating. To view our real, completed designs for different startups, please visit the Cases page on our website. There you'll find the outcomes of both our development and design services.
Can your design team help with redesigning an existing application?
Absolutely, our design team is eager to assist in revitalizing your existing app with a new look and feel. We can join the process at any stage and collaborate with you to enhance your app or provide a full revamp. You can check one of our redesigns case study here.
What is the typical timeline for a UX/UI design project?
The time frame for a UI/UX design project usually spans 3 to 4 weeks. However, the duration can vary depending on the complexity of your design requirements and the number of different user types and features involved. For a more precise estimate, we recommend speaking directly with our manager.
Who owns the design rights after the project completion?
Upon completion of your design project, all design files created by us belong to you. Furthermore, if you require confidentiality, we are willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Do you offer prototyping or MVP design services?
Yes, we provide design services of varying complexity. For example, we can complete an interface concept design in just 1 week. If you're seeking design solutions other than extensive UI/UX design services, we encourage you to explore our Design Services for Startups page or contact us directly for more detailed information.
What tools and technologies do you use for UI/UX design?
For our design initiatives, we primarily use Figma as our central tool for everything from websites and applications to logo creation. To animate visuals, we rely on After Effects. For high-quality, interactive prototypes, we use ProtoPie. When it comes to illustrations, our designers utilize Procreate as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for their artistic needs.
Can you as well develop my product?
Sure, we are not just a UI/UX design company; we offer end-to-end development to our clients. We provide a full range of software engineering services, such as web application development, mobile app development, MVP, and software development for startups. We also offer DevOps support and post-release maintenance services.

How to get started with our UI/UX design process?

  • 1
    Fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. To find the form, click on the “Get in touch” button.
  • 2
    You can also contact us through email at or on any social network you find below this page.
  • 3
    We’ll then contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.
  • 4
    In our meeting, our manager will learn all the necessary information about your project to prepare the approximate estimation.
  • 5
    Once you give our UI/UX design services a green flag, we’ll start working on your design and keep you updated regularly.
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