AI business integration services

We integrate AI into existing business solutions and build them from scratch.

AI integration helps companies to automate routine processes and tasks, increase efficiency, and cut expenses. It also improves user experience by providing customized recommendations and fast customer support. AI helps to boost sales with lead generation and qualification and offers relevant marketing ideas as well.

Steps we take in the process

  • 1
    Business analysis
    Analytics is an important part of our AI business integration services. At this stage, we identify our client's business goals and find an AI solution to reach these goals within the budget expectations. Our analyst prioritizes features and estimates the cost and time needed to build the product.
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    UI/UX design
    Based on the analytics, our UI/UX designers build an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Then they create the UI according to the client's brand identity and the UI Kit that can be used to scale the design up.
  • 3
    Planning the sprints
    We usually divide the work into two-week sprints. That’s enough time to complete a piece of functionality and show our client a tangible result. After each sprint, the client can check the work and evaluate the progress.
  • 4
    Development and QA testing
    First of all, our developers create a scalable architecture and write clear code. At this stage of AI business integration services, we can train AI models or integrate a ready-made solution with the help of OpenAI. To make sure that the product works correctly, we run automatic tests and use error-tracking tools to fix the bugs.
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    Release and maintenance
    To quickly release the app to the store, we follow iOS and Android guidelines and make sure the software runs smoothly. As for web software, we check it for bugs and bring it into the production environment. After the first version is released, we continue to work on it — fix post-release bugs, add new features, and update the software based on user feedback.

Our projects:

Industries we work with


With the help of AI, medical professionals can now analyze large, complex sets of patients’ data in real time, identify diseases faster, and make accurate predictions. AI business integration in healthcare services can streamline administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, patient registration, and billing.


AI solutions for financial services can offer personalized financial advice, help users manage their spending, and even provide investment recommendations. AI algorithms can detect unusual patterns in transactions and flag them, making it easier to prevent fraud.


Business automation services can help travel companies optimize their pricing strategies to stay competitive and maximize revenue. AI algorithms can analyze customer behavior and market trends and provide pricing recommendations. AI-powered chatbots can answer customer queries, reduce the workload on customer service teams and improve response times.

Real estate

With AI algorithms, buyers can quickly find properties that match their criteria, while sellers can receive accurate property valuations and market analyses. AI business integration services can also help real estate agents by providing them with insights into the latest market trends and predicting future changes.


By using AI, businesses can analyze customer behavior, identify patterns, and make recommendations for products or services. E-commerce companies can use AI to automate certain tasks, such as customer service inquiries or inventory management, which can save time and increase efficiency.

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Shortly, it’s an implementation of artificial intelligence into a company's business operations. Using UI can help you automate business processes, gain insights through data analysis, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve customer service. It can also help you gain a competitive advantage and improve your company’s overall performance.
Yes, we can integrate AI solutions into existing applications, as well as develop AI-powered apps from scratch.
We can integrate AI into any application since we have both web and mobile developers on our team. We develop native and cross-platform apps for iOS and Android, as well as high-load web platforms.
The timeline of AI business integration services can vary based on the complexity of the project and your business goals. If you need full-cycle development, we may need about 3 months to create an MVP powered by AI. To find out how much time it may take in the case of your project, please contact us so we can make an estimation for you.
We always monitor projects after the release to ensure the app works flawlessly. We have many clients that stayed with us for years and we continue to work on their projects.
Developing an AI-powered app would cost about $20,000–$40,000 for an MVP version. As for the cost of integrating an AI into a ready-made project, it depends on your request, the product you have, and the type of AI you wish to use. Feel free to contact us to get a precise estimate.
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