Backend development services

Ronas IT delivers efficient and scalable backend development services, enhancing the performance and growth potential of your applications.

50+ developers in an independent team
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Backend development workflow

By choosing us as your backend development company, you can expect the following workflow for your mobile app or web product software development.

  • 1
    Gathering requirements
    We collect details about your concept to determine the necessary basic and non-standard features. We review third-party services and existing libraries that could reduce software development costs. Our analysts then create a detailed project breakdown and provide estimates for cost and time.
  • 2
    Plan 2–3 week sprints
    Our backend developers employ short iterations to deliver tangible results, such as a new app version, for your review after each sprint. The development plan is aligned with the application's design.
  • 3
    Establish scalable architecture and write clear code
    We leverage pre-existing basic features and tailor them to your specific needs to save time. This allows us to focus on developing unique features and ensuring rapid and efficient implementation.
  • 4
    Establish development environment
    This step involves the creation of a development environment. This is a sort of workspace where our DevOps team work on the technical processes of building (assembling all the elements of the project) and deploying (pressing it into service or making it operational).
  • 5
    Develop features with automated tests coverage
    We write code and create automated tests to facilitate smooth modifications and bolster release resiliency. These tests also generate API documentation, streamlining communication within the team. Our autotests incorporate generative AI and our custom library of standard solutions for expedited development.
  • 6
    Ensure stable software operation
    We conduct automatic API tests and end-to-end product testing to prevent user issues. We use Sentry for error tracking and performance monitoring and employ kube-prometheus-stack for cloud management, while Argo CD assists in tracking deployment issues.
  • 7
    Bring the software into production
    Our engineers set up several environments where the created product can be deployed. Usually, we set up three environments: a development environment used by developers, a staging environment where the customers can check our progress, and a production environment, where software becomes available for use.
  • 8
    Provide post-launch maintenance
    As we’re more than just a backend development company, our services do not stop with the web or mobile app release. After an MVP, or the first version of the app is released, we are ready to continue working on the project. We can add new features, enhance the product based on user reviews, and fix bugs if there are any.
Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss how we can tailor our backend development services to meet your unique requirements.

Backend development services we provide

Cloud-based solutions

For those looking to collect user data, track customer activities, and use other backend services without investing in physical servers, we offer cloud-based solutions. Our default choice in software development is to utilize cloud services, unless requested otherwise by the client.

API development and integration

If your goal is to enable your application to interact with other apps or data sources, our team is skilled in building the necessary connections.

Web backend development

We provide comprehensive backend services to ensure your web application operates at full capacity with all the needed functionality.

Custom development

For complex features or unique solutions for your product’s business logic, we offer our expertise to bring your ideas to life through our software development services. Our approach to mobile and web development is inherently customized; we utilize our proprietary solutions developed through years of industry experience for any pre-built features.

Mobile backend development

API versioning is a standard practice in our mobile app development process to ensure clients experience no interruptions during updates on the client side. We incorporate all essential functionalities required for a smooth and secure user experience, including user authentication, password setting, and reset options, among others.

Backend development technologies

We provide rapid backend development and automated deployment of apps, leveraging effective technologies in the field, including:

Languages and frameworks







Laravel Echo

Laravel Nova

Tools and environment


PHP CS Fixer



Laravel Telescope

Data management




Google Pub/Sub



Backend development services

The precise cost for backend development services depends on your project’s complexity and the number of features.


What’s more?

Frontend development

Backend development forms the backbone of any application, serving as the foundational server-side technology that powers an app's functionality. It is indispensable for handling data storage, server logic, and ensuring seamless integration between different parts of the app.

Complementing this is frontend development, which provides the user-facing interface that allows for interaction with the backend's processes. Together, these two crucial aspects of development work in harmony to produce a comprehensive user experience.

Our expertise encompasses both these critical domains. Discover the value added by our professional frontend development services. For more detailed information about our offerings, please follow the link.


Apart from being your frontend and backend development company, we can offer more than just building your product. We can make it look neat, operate with AI, and properly maintain it.

Maintenance and support

After we finish the software development of the product and deploy it into production or upload it to online stores, our collaboration doesn’t have to end. We can continue to monitor if the app works properly, fix bugs on time, and prevent errors. We offer maintenance and support services for a $1,000 subscription.

AI integration

If you want to integrate AI tools into the server side of your product for analytics, task automation, or customer service purposes, we can make it possible with REST API development.

DevOps services

Our services include development environment setup, which helps a live environment run stably while engineers make changes or experiment with backend development. We also offer monitoring and infrastructure support that helps track the product once it is deployed.

UI/UX design

Designing interfaces has been going hand in hand with our backend development services since 2007. The UI/UX designs we create are fully customized and adhere to guidelines for designing for different platforms.

E-commerce special offer

For companies looking for a rapid rollout of their marketplaces, we’ve developed a method to combine a Shopify backend solution with a customized design, without repeated templates.

If you’re interested in any additional services to our backend development, drop us a line.

Our cases

Businesses leverage our backend development services for different purposes: to build a product, supply a mobile app with an admin panel, or integrate APIs. We can help find backend development  services that resolve your particular issue.


OddsCrowd is a web platform that collects information on sport games, providing sport bettors with the latest updates. The information on the website is regularly updated with analytics and news. Our task was to make the backend solution work effectively with APIs.



Hamperapp is an application for a laundry service which consolidates a mobile app, web version of the client application, and admin panel. Our custom software development resulted in a doubling of users annually and 30 users registering in the app per day.


UK Retreats

UK Retreats is a mobile-first web application that offers unusual stays across Great Britain. It provides access to bookings by subscription. In the first month after launch, the app went from 0 subscribers to 850.

UK Retreats
UK Retreats


ShipMe is a parcel delivery service with multiple roles: carriers, shippers, and managers. The project included native mobile and web development. For the corporate shippers role, we built a dashboard that allows them to accept requests, manage couriers, track deliveries, and communicate with customers.



Noah is a Swedish application that directly connects farmers with their customers. For this project, we developed a mobile app for consumer and producer roles and an admin panel for managers, which required backend web development.


Why choose us?

Scalable code

We write clear, scalable code which makes our projects live long, easy to update and adaptable for business growth. To make sure there are no flaws, we practice code reviews for all our projects.

Cutting-edge technology

We use the most popular and robust technologies for software development and constantly improve our skills so we don’t fall behind the competition.

Workflow transparency

We keep you informed on the progress of backend development weekly and notify you of updates as soon as they are completed. develop your product, not just design it.

Full-cycle development

If you ever need to update your product, require ongoing support, worry about the feasibility of your idea, or question how the app will be deployed after backend development — we can take care of it for you.

Uninterrupted monitoring

In case you proceed with our support and maintenance, we’ll quickly react to any occurring issues or bugs that crop up, ensuring the stable work of our backend solution.

Flexible approach

Our experienced developers can work with tasks of various complexity. Even though we have a core tech stack, we are not limited to it if a certain technology better helps to achieve custom software development goals.


Our clients rate our services highly, emphasizing their great experiences with our responsive team and comprehensive skills ranging from UI/UX design to frontend and backend development services.

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What is the backend?
The backend of an application refers to the server-side components that handle the logic, database interactions, authentication, and server configuration. Backend is responsible for the actual functionality of a website or a mobile app, including data storage and retrieval and other processes that happen behind the scenes.
How long does backend development take?
The duration of backend development varies greatly depending on the project's complexity, scale, and specific requirements. On average, a moderate project might take around 2 months, but smaller projects could be quicker, whereas more complex systems with a lot of integrations and custom functionalities might take 6 months to a year or more.
Why did you choose PHP for backend development?
We chose PHP for backend development due to its wide adoption, strong community support, and rich ecosystem of frameworks and tools that enhance productivity. As for the frameworks we largely use Laravel for its elegant syntax, built-in security features, easy database migration system, as well as creating our own solutions based on this framework.
What is your experience with cloud platforms and which ones do you support?
Our team has extensive experience with deploying and managing backend systems on cloud platforms. We support several leading cloud service providers, including but not limited to, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with services like Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud SQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS, as well as specialized database services such as MongoDB Atlas and Redis Enterprise Cloud. Our experience ensures that we can select the best cloud solutions tailored to your project's needs for scalability, reliability, and performance.
How do you handle data migration from an existing system to a new one?
Data migration is handled with careful planning and execution. We conduct a thorough analysis of the existing data structures and develop a migration plan that minimizes downtime and preserves data integrity. This typically involves data mapping, extraction, cleansing, import, and verification processes. We also offer additional support for complex migrations that may require customized scripts or tools to ensure a smooth transition.
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