Mobile & Web app development for laundry service
UX/UI Design
Project Idea
Hamperapp is a service from Florida that provides laundry and dry cleaning services to ordinary consumers as well as hotels, restaurants, and other large enterprises online. The Hamperapp team has decided to develop an application to enlarge their client base
Key task
Our goals
Implement features for all four user types
Make all the interfaces intuitive
Create a recognizable branding style
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Work steps
Before diving into the design process, we identified the needs and concerns and tried to understand how we can address them. Based on this information, we created user flows and wireframes
User flow
User flow
User flow
User flow
Initially, the Hamperapp team provided us with a corporate logo and colors. We added a gentle shade of green to the brand color palette, improved the logo, and offered a clear typeface. The green color and san serif typeface help us avoid visual noise and reflect simplicity which is the main value of Hamperapp
We created a set of custom minimalistic illustrations of funny characters that users can associate themselves with. They make the interface look cheerful and show how happy the users will become after the laundry is done for them
We created separate UI Kits for mobile and web software versions. They consist of colors, icons, typefaces, and reusable UI elements. Each time we create a unique component, it is added to the UI Kit. With its help, we can quickly scale up the project, build up new mockups and improve them
Web & Desktop

We used our basic tech stack for the Hamperapp project: Laravel for the backend, and Angular for creating the web version of the client application and admin panel.

When developing the mobile version of the app, we had two approaches to choose from: To make the app either cross-platform or native. However, the Hamperapp team opted for native development, as it ensures a smoother user experience and higher flexibility. In the process of developing applications for iOS and Android, we used Swift and Kotlin.

User flow
The Hamperapp team wanted to get features for scaling their business up without our help and controlling all the entities and user orders. These requirements outlined the wireframe of the service flow.
The manager panel allows managers to charge the payment from users and edit the order details in case the user forgets something, like adding clothing items and comments or changing the delivery schedule.
The admin panel allows administrators to add new services, laundries, commercial clients, and promo codes to the app as well as manage orders made by the users.
Technical solutions

To build the architecture of the admin panel and web app we used a library named NgRx that provides state management for Angular apps. The solution helps to save time on implementing new functionality, reduces the number of bugs, and makes it easier to find them.

We used Stripe, Ably, and Mapbox tools as an addition to the basic tech stack. We enabled online payments using Stripe. Tools provided by Ably were used for sending updates to ensure the drivers see new orders in real-time. Besides, we used Mapbox tools to create a route optimization feature.

Killer feature
Not all the service drivers were perfectly familiar with the area where they worked. They tended to get lost and wasted too much gas while working which resulted in bad customer reviews and loss of revenues.
Post-release maintenance
We don’t stop working with the applications after we release them. That’s why now we keep fixing critical bugs when they appear and enhance the app at the request of the Hamperapp team.
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Right now we have both designed and developed all four interfaces, and we keep scaling them up at the request of the Hamperapp team. The team now cooperates with almost 80 laundries around their local area and delivers its services not only to ordinary consumers but also to enterprises, while the products we have developed help them find new clients and scale their business.
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