Benefits of web development services for small businesses

The pros of web development services for small businesses

The technological world is evolving, and the necessity for small businesses to have a robust web presence has never been more vital. With the aid of web development services, businesses can create effective and efficient platforms that not only establish their brand identity but also significantly reduce operational costs, improve customer interaction, and expand their global reach. Irrespective of the scale of your small business, you are better positioned to thrive in the digital landscape with a well-developed website or web application, helping you to outshine your competition and enhance your brand reputation.

In this article, we explain the aspects of web development and enumerate key benefits web development services have for small businesses, help you choose between web and mobile development, as well as provide you with successful cases.

What is web development?

Web development involves designing, building, and managing websites and web applications and can be split into two main parts: front-end and back-end.

Front-end is a step in website development responsible for creating what the user can see and use on a web platform. It utilizes different programming languages and tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and React. Whereas, back-end development is about working on the technical side that users don’t see, using technologies like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, and Node.js.

In simple terms, the goal of web development is to create websites and web applications that look good, are easy to use, and work on various devices. It can also involve other things like website design, programming, and managing databases.

Difference between websites and web applications

Websites and web applications, while part of the broader field of web development services for small businesses, have distinct features. Websites are typically static, meaning they present the same content to every visitor and are primarily informational. They could include blogs, news sites, and company websites, where you generally read, view, and interact with the information presented.

How web development services for small businesses can help you build a platform like Bloomberg

Web applications, on the other hand, are interactive and have functionality that allows users to perform specific tasks. These tasks could include online shopping, banking, or email services. Web applications often require user input and data processing, meaning they interact and respond to the user’s actions.

How web development services for small businesses can help you build a web app like Youtube

So, while web development covers both these areas, the key difference is about user interaction. Websites provide information, while web apps offer functionality and a more engaged user experience.

What advantages do web development services have for small businesses

Web development services for small businesses serve as an effective and budget-friendly strategy for establishing brand recognition, consolidating trust and reliability, and expanding the global reach of a business. It offers an avenue for businesses to resonate with customers, foster relationships, and create a favorable impression that motivates returns. This is a substantial asset in the current business environment, as the ability to develop and maintain relationships with clients is instrumental in securing their loyalty and trust.

  1. Building brand identity

    One of the pivotal advantages of website development is its role in solidifying a business’s brand identity. An effective, professionally developed custom website or app can translate the company’s mission, services, and values into a visual narrative. It’s akin to a virtual showroom — a unique space that presents the company’s offerings and tells its authentic story, establishing an emotional connection with potential clients.

    For instance, consider Apple’s website. It showcases the potency of web development in forming a distinguished brand identity. The website’s sophisticated design, easy navigation, and user-friendly interface mirror the company’s commitment to top-notch quality and innovation, prominently reflected in its wide array of products.

How web development services for small businesses can help you build a website like Apple
  1. Reducing costs

    Web development is also a critical player in reducing business operation costs and driving profitability. Unlike traditional marketing channels like print or television ads, a web platform offers a cost-effective and expansive reach. By leveraging the power of web development services, small businesses can gather a larger audience’s attention and target potential customers more accurately without a substantial financial outlay.

  2. Connecting with customers

    For a small business, website development also presents an opportunity to connect with their audience, cater to their needs, and offer real-time solutions more efficiently. This shorter response time cultivates customer loyalty, trust, and a positive market reputation. A compelling example is the Zappos website, designed to offer an easy shopping experience with perks like free shipping and returns, a 365-day return policy, and round-the-clock customer support.

How web development services for small businesses can help you build a platform like Zappos
  1. Providing 24/7 availability

    Another prominent advantage of having your own professional website is the 24/7 accessibility feature it offers. Unlike traditional physical stores which operate on fixed hours, web platforms are always open and available. Providing customers with the freedom to shop, browse, and interact as per their convenience fosters a sense of respect for the client’s time and lifestyle, further enhancing their brand loyalty.

  2. Improving conversion rates and increasing sales

    Web development services for small businesses also act as a catalyst for improving conversion rates and overall sales revenue. By optimizing their website and catering to high-quality website design, businesses can guide visitors to complete a purchase. Whenever a visitor subscribes to a newsletter, fills out a contact form, or places an order, a strong impression of the brand’s credibility and service quality is formed.

  3. Improving marketing

    The relevance of website development in effective marketing cannot be overstated. Its primary role is to serve as a powerful platform to market a business, its distinct products, and innovative services. By harnessing digital marketing platforms’ potential, such as SEO, social media, and email marketing, a small business can maximize its accessibility, penetration, and relevance in the competitive market, gaining an edge over its adversaries.

  4. Building trust and credibility

    Web development services for small businesses also hold significance in building trust. By offering useful information, addressing customer concerns, and demonstrating market expertise through a well-designed website, businesses can win customer trust. Adding client testimonials and endorsements to your professional website can amplify the social proof of a brand, further fortifying its trustworthiness.

    Web development strengthens a company’s credibility by highlighting its accomplishments, rendering expertise, and showcasing awards. Detailed case studies, informative white papers, and consistent blog posts, all incorporated into a company’s website can enforce the brand’s authority and trust in their domain.

  5. Expanding the business’s reach

    With a proficiently developed web platform that can be translated into numerous languages, businesses can effectively communicate with customers from different regions and time zones. It brings inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility, marking a brand’s presence and impact on a global scale.

    The power of web development lies in its ability to allow a small business to connect with its audience, create long-term customer relationships, and maintain a consistent brand image across various platforms.

Web vs mobile development — which to choose?

Deciding between mobile and web development services for small businesses can be tricky. Each has its pros and cons, and your choice depends on your business needs.

Mobile apps are usually designed for a specific task, like playing games or purchasing products. They work on particular devices and can often work without the Internet. However, they offer limited functions compared to web platforms, and users have to download updates to get new features or improvements.

Web apps, on the other hand, can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection through a web browser. They don’t need to be downloaded or installed. They offer more features than mobile apps. Adobe Photoshop’s web app, for example, offers all the Photoshop features, while its mobile app only offers a few. Updates to web apps happen instantly and are accessible to users immediately.

Web development services for small businesses vs mobile app development services

Web development is generally cheaper and quicker than mobile app development and simpler to design. It offers a broader reach, is adaptable to any device, offers quick updates, and better search engine optimization. However, it needs the Internet to work and may not offer all the platform-specific features that an app can. For tasks that need to be performed frequently or require a user’s undivided attention, mobile apps are better.

However, if you still want to reach as many users as possible, you may get a mobile version of the website by creating a responsive design. Responsive design means your website will automatically adjust its layout to a mobile device when a user opens it in a mobile browser. As a standard, an experienced web development company will create a responsive layout as a part of its services, so you will be able to gain a mobile presence anyway. In other words, you can gain a mobile presence even if you decide to create a custom website.

When making your choice, consider your audience, what features you need, your budget, and how quickly you need it done. Both mobile and website development can be important for your business, and your choice should depend on what you need most for your product or service. Consider your audience’s behavior and needs, and what you want your product to achieve. Also, keep in mind your budget and timeline. This will help you make the best decision.

According to the Digital 2022 report, about 92.1% of people who use the Internet do it through their phones. So, even if some people with mobile phones don’t use the Internet, it’s clear that most people do. Hence, if you decide to leverage website development for your business, we recommend going mobile-first or at least creating a responsive design.

Successful cases of web development services for small businesses

With high-quality website development, you can pursue a wide range of businesses. You can automate internal processes, start selling your products, or create a subscription-based application, working on a SaaS model. Nowadays, web applications and websites are created in various fields, such as food delivery, healthcare, streaming services, visual editors like Figma, and many more. In general, there is ample room for your imagination on the web, allowing you to launch diverse types of businesses. As a web development company, we have accomplished a few big projects in this sphere. That’s why we are ready to share our experience and bring some inspiration.

UKR Club

How Ronas IT provides web development services for small businesses: the example of UKR Club app

UK Retreats helps people find unique accommodations across the UK. To increase their value and increase the customer base, they decided to build a digital community, UKR Club.

We found that their clients prefer using mobiles for accessing the app. However, to cut the development costs, we gave up on the idea of making a mobile app and decided to make a mobile-first web application. This application is subscription-based, allowing users to find ideal accommodations quickly and easily. To promote subscriptions, we created a landing page as an addition to the app. At the very beginning, the customer utilized our web design services to develop the branding style and a convenient web app layout, and after the UI/UX design was completed, we built the app’s code. Both the app and landing page were made using React and Next.js frameworks, respectively, for scalability and SEO optimization.

Despite no specific design brief from UK Retreats, we ensured the MVP met their needs within their budget and timeframe. The MVP was ready in 3 months, attracting more than 850 sign-ups in the first month. The app continues to grow and we keep supporting it.

Read the full case here


How Ronas IT provides web development services for small businesses: the example of Hamperapp

Hamperapp, a Florida-based laundry service, wanted to grow its client base with an application. Our job was to design and develop user-friendly interfaces for the four different user types we identified. We needed to think through all the user flows and create 2 mobile apps for clients and drivers, a web app for managers, and an admin panel.

Using Laravel and Angular, we built a stable web application. We also used NgRx to streamline the app’s admin panel and web application, making it quicker and easier to add features and find bugs. We also created a unique algorithm that helped the laundry drivers find the shortest possible path to the service customers, which helped the service save money on petrol and keep the drivers on the right path. Even after launch, we continue to improve and refine the applications based on Hamperapp’s needs. Also, the Hamperapp team used our web design services to develop branding, a unique service icon, and marketing materials like a showreel.

Our work allowed Hamperapp to expand its service to 78 laundries across two U.S. states. By the end of 2022, our applications recorded 47,521 orders. This growth helps Hamperapp find new clients and further expand its business.

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Oddscrowd web

Oddscrowd is an application for a community of bettors. OddsCrowd charges a 5% commission on forecast purchases and generates revenue through affiliated links with bookmakers. Users will place bets on the bookmakers’ websites rather than directly on the OddsCrowd platform. Our task was to design and develop an interface for this service within 4 months and complete the work before the start of the Super Bowl, a major sports event.

After creating a convenient app layout and delivering web design services, we moved on to develop a web application with PHP Laravel and Vue.js with Nuxt v2 framework. Search engine optimization is really important for the Oddscrowd service, and these technologies support server-side rendering which is important for SEO. In combination with Nuxt, it provides good SEO along overall performance.

Also, we used multiple APIs. We developed the payment system with PayPal and implemented authorization through Twitter, Google, and Apple. We also tried several APIs for bringing reliable data delivery to the app. These sources were offered to us by the Oddscrowd team, and we switched these APIs each time the team came up with a new more reliable source since its trustworthy data is a key feature of such an app.

As a result, our team has managed to develop this web app within 3 months. The Oddscrowd team stayed with us to expand their business and build a mobile app in addition to the web app. Also, they stayed with us for the maintenance. We have already been helping Oddscrowd with their business for 5 years.

Read the full case here

To conclude

In a nutshell, the benefits of web development services for small businesses are immense and varied. They provide a cost-effective, flexible, and customizable means to heighten your visibility, engage customers, build trust, expand reach, and ultimately, boost profits. The choice between mobile and website development should be made based on your unique business needs, customer preferences, and technical requirements. Armed with the insights from this article, it is clear that leveraging web development services is a must for a small business aspiring to make a digital mark. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for growth and success is substantial.

In case you are planning to build a web platform to bring your business idea to reality, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team can both deliver web design services and develop the interface with the help of technologies that match the scale and budget of the project best.

If you’re interested in web development, you can contact us to get a free estimate

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