Finding the perfect fit: Exploring web app development services in Europe

A man with a laptop is sitting in front of the globe searching for the web app development services. The globe is traversed by multiple dash lines representing different destinations for outsourcing.

Web app development services are the shortest way to craft a user-friendly application reaching users of multiple devices. In this article we’ll explore these services within Europe’s tech sector that stays resilient despite some market downturns.

The bar chart depicts the total value of the European tech ecosystem in trillions of dollars. In 2018 the number was $1T, and $3T in the 1st quarter of 2023. The chart shows both public market and private market data. We can see a stable growth in value since 2014 with a slight decline in 2022.
The light blue shows the public market data, the dark blue shows the private market data

When it comes to tech startups, Europe is performing similarly to the US, and the industry is seeing similar ups and downs, as shown in the chart below.

Number of new tech startups founded per year in the US and Europe, 2028 to 2022. The highest numbers of startups were in 2020 (19K in the US and 18K in Europe). Then there was a decline. The number in 2022 is 12K for the US and 11K for Europe.
The dark blue indicates the number of startups in the US, the light blue indicates the number of startups in Europe

In terms of web app development services, Europe has a high quality talent pool. A pipeline of qualified web app developers is constantly being provided by the region’s leading tech schools. Because European companies adhere to strict technical proficiency standards, many developers have in-depth knowledge of a variety of tools, frameworks, and programming languages. Before focusing on European countries and the specifics of their markets, let’s take a look at the variety of web development services available.

Web app development services: An overview

Web app development services refer to a set of activities taken to build a reliable and user-friendly product that is accessible through a browser without the need to download it from app stores. The best part about starting your product development with a web version is that it will definitely be responsive and will not be limited to certain gadgets, meaning it will adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

Importance and benefits of utilizing these services

There are a multitude of benefits that web app development services offer to businesses.

Easier maintenance

Web apps are more convenient compared to native applications when it comes to maintenance and updates. Since web applications don’t require approval from app stores’, there is no need for the updates to reach the user. Thus, users always have access to the latest features and improvements.

Greater accessibility

As we’ve already noted, users can easily access web apps regardless of the operating system: tablets, desktop, smartphones — startupers don’t need to worry about developing a website, iOS app and Android applications with different programming languages and overwhelming costs.

Enhanced user experience

But what if we compare using web development services to using website builders? Still, web application development services have a big advantage. With their help, companies can create personalized user experiences. This refers to personalization that sets a product apart from other offerings and sticks in the minds of users, making them want to come back again and again, since the sight of something that looks and feels different evokes both aesthetic and experiential feelings.

Common features offered by web app development services providers

Web app development services consist of a wide range of microservices or, if you like, stages that ensure the creation of high-quality and functional web applications. These include:

User interface and user experience design. Web app development services Web application development services always include a design phase, since before coding it is important to think through the wireframes (essentially the path through which the user will interact with the product), the placement of elements and the overall visual concept.

Frontend development. This stage is actually coding what the user will interact with. Essentially, the task of front-end developers is to build what the designers have drawn.

Backend development. The backend development purpose is to store and arrange data. It is the server side of your web application. Users indirectly access features built on the backend through the frontend.

Testing and quality assurance. Web app development services might include testing and quality assurance processes to ensure the stable performance of the web application. However, if a company adheres to a DevOps culture, as we at Ronas IT do, then the entire development process will be covered by automated tests.

Deployment and maintenance. These are the final stages of developing a web application after coding is completed. A web application is deployed to production and then enters a perpetual cycle of updates, improvements, and ongoing maintenance — all of which provide the best possible user experience.

Thus, web app development services help startups or any businesses in general to handle the complex process of creating a new product and avoid studying and struggling through each step on their own. However these services come with their own features in different places.

Next, we will explore web app development in some of the regions of Europe, highlighting the key players among the countries.

Web app development services in Europe

The European web application development industry has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, thanks to its pool of talented engineers and the many creative companies driving it forward. All this makes Europe an attractive destination for businesses looking for outsourcing web application development services.

Benefits of outsourcing in Europe

When speaking of outsourcing web app development in Europe, usually Eastern and Central Europe regions are meant. Countries that belong to Central Europe are situated between Western Europe and Russia, including Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Eastern Europe includes countries such as Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The classification can vary, and some countries might be considered part of Central Europe or Eastern Europe.

Outsourcing in Europe has the following benefits:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Frankly speaking, many Eastern and Central European countries have lower labor costs compared to Western European countries. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses looking to outsource their web app development.

  2. Skilled professionals. Many of the developers in these regions have degrees in computer science or related fields and are well-versed in the latest technologies and programming languages. Also, it is worth noting that European tech founders have never been better. The share of companies being started by repeat founders and experienced operators is at an all-time high in 2022–2023, which demonstrates the maturity and expertise of the European tech ecosystem.

Data on European tech founders. There was 37% of repeat founders compared to 29% in 2018, and 19% operator to operator founders in 2022 compared to 11% in 2018. The first data is share of founders starting a company each quarter with prior founder experience. "From operator to operator" is a share of founders starting a company each quarterwith prior senior experience at a company that raised in total over $50M.
  1. Time zone proximity. Outsourcing from the US to the European region allows for closer time zone proximity compared to Asian countries. Avoiding rough time differences can result in more efficient communication, leading to better project management and fast changes implementation.

  2. Cultural similarity. With many European countries speaking the same languages as the majority people in North America, it can be easier for businesses to communicate and work with outsourcing partners in Europe.

  3. Data protection laws. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has some of the strictest data protection laws in the world.This means businesses don’t have to worry about their sensitive data and information being shared with third parties.

  4. Time-to-market. All of the above, such as skilled professionals, convenient time differences, and cultural similarities, affect the time spent on a project. More effective partnerships lead to faster product completion.

  5. Access to new technologies. By outsourcing in Europe, businesses can gain access to the expertise, which can help them stay ahead of their competitors. In terms of sectors, Europe is showing leadership in emerging areas such as generative AI. Generative AI companies have captured a significant share of funding in the AI/ML sector.

Thus, web app development in Europe can provide businesses with cost-effective, high-quality, and efficient services, allowing them to focus on their core tasks and ideas. Let’s explore European countries where web development companies rank highly on Clutch. We’ll also mention interesting statistics like hourly rates for development and the number of startups in each country.

United Kingdom

GB is home to many web app development firms that have a great offer of different services, from custom web app development to e-commerce solutions. Of course its capital, London, serves as a hub for tech startups and innovation.

Development cost: $150–$199 / hourStartups: 6,980
Information on development costs is sourced from Clutch, while startup data by country is from Startupranking.


In 2022, Germany was recognized by Statista as a leading country in software development. The county is known for its attention to detail and adherence to quality standards, making web app development services in Germany highly sought after.

Development cost: $100–$149 / hourStartups: 2,419


Web application development services in Poland have gained incredible popularity due to the number of good specialists and affordable prices, which can be easily checked in the ratings on Clutch and other service marketplaces. Cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw are particularly known for their tech talent and thriving IT ecosystem.

Development cost: $25–$49 / hourStartups: 521


Another good choice for outsourcing web app development. The country has an outstanding work culture, whose main characteristic is punctuality (just imagine an agency meeting all deadlines). That’s why Swiss citizens prefer domestic firms to seeking solutions abroad. The countries’ innovation centers are located in Switzerland’s Silicon Valley Zurich, in Geneva and Lausanne. And universities such as ETH Zurich provide new wonderful specialists to the labor market.

Development cost: $100–$149 / hourStartups: 809

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is another important player in the European web app development landscape. Known for its creative and entrepreneurial spirit, the country boasts a thriving tech ecosystem. The government in the Netherlands supports innovation. Thus, in the 2022 report, they set goals to achieve technological leadership in Europe through the development of areas such as artificial intelligence, data, quantum technologies, 5/6G and cloud computing. Dutch web app development service providers focus on delivering user-friendly, intuitive applications with a keen eye for design aesthetics.

Development cost: $150–$199 / hourStartups: 1,102

Baltic countries

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, have also emerged as significant players in the web app development industry. They have developed robust IT sectors with a focus on technology-driven innovation. Baltic web app development service providers offer a combination of technical expertise, cost-effectiveness, and a highly skilled workforce, making them attractive destinations. For example, Estonia has digitized most of its government services — e-woulding, e-tax filing, e-residency and much more. The country has given a rise to technologie companies such as Skype, Bolt, and Transferwise.

Development cost: $25–$49 / hour
Startups Estonia: 285
Startups Latvia: 97
Startups Lithuania: 179


Ukraine has established itself as a leading place in the field of outsourcing web application development services. The country is known for a large number of well-educated and skilled software developers — most engineers have a higher degree in STEM. Ukraine also offers a great price/quality ratio and a strong focus on technical excellence. Web app development service providers in Ukraine are well-versed in various technologies, offering a wide range of services: from UI/UX design to comprehensive backend development.

Development cost: $25–$49 / hourStartups: 371


The country has rapidly grown its web app development sector in recent years. It possesses a great number of talented engineers with expertise in a variety of programming languages. Slovak web app development services and the tech industry in general are known for their focus on security. The country is ranked 19th among all countries in the National Cyber Security Index. Slovakia has a government-implemented cybersecurity capacity index of 83.12, while its level of development is rated at 65.44.

Development cost: $25–$49 / hourStartups: 77

Some other European countries to consider

There are several other countries that are known for their high-quality IT services and, of course, web application development services. All of them are among the states that value cybersecurity standards, and the Czech Republic ranks third in terms of data protection. As for Bulgaria and Romania, both offer competitive prices and have a high level of education in the field of mathematics and programming, which means that specialists there are well versed in the latest technologies. Bulgaria is also well known for its high retention rate, so it is highly likely that you will finish your project with the people you started it with.

BulgariaDevelopment cost: $25–$49 / hourStartups: 166
Czech RepublicStartups: 152
RomaniaStartups: 269

Cost considerations for web app development

Evaluating the cost of web app development services in Europe is vital, with factors like project complexity, team size, technology stack, and provider location affecting the total. Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria, offer cost-effective solutions due to lower labor costs, without sacrificing quality.

Nonetheless, aligning cost with provider expertise and quality is key. Opting for the cheapest service may lead to unsatisfactory development and future issues. Thorough research, review of previous projects, client feedback, and detailed project requirements are advisable for precise cost estimates, ensuring alignment with the assigned budget. For this, consider using platforms like Clutch, Goodfirms, or even Google reviews to find the right match.

Communication aspects to consider when working with web app development services in Europe

We’ve already mentioned that cultural similarity is one of the major benefits of outsourcing web app development to Europe. Nevertheless, let’s discuss this aspect in details:

Language. English is widely spoken in many European countries, making it easier to communicate with web app development service providers. You can check the English proficiency index by English First if you have any doubts.

Time zone differences. If we talk about outsourcing from the US to European countries, then the time difference between the regions is quite fine. Despite the fact that both have several time zones, for example, the difference between Washington (USA) and Berlin (Germany) is only 5 hours. However, better calculate it beforehand, such websites like Time and Date might be helpful.

Communication channels. Determine the preferred communication channels and methodologies with the web app development service provider. This can include email, video conferencing (do you prefer Zoom, Google meets or Skype?), project management software (Jira, Trello or ClickUp?), or instant messaging platforms (WhatsApp, Slack or Discord?). Clearly define communication expectations and establish regular update cycles to keep track of progress and address any concerns or questions.

Cultural understanding. Taking cultural differences into account can contribute to better communication. Being aware of cultural norms, behaviors, and communication styles can help build a stronger working relationship and ensure effective collaboration. Many European countries place emphasis on work-life balance, no matter how urgent your request. So, if you are used to working 24/7, you may find it difficult to work with Europeans.

Somehow or other, transparent communication and a clear understanding of project requirements and expectations can contribute to successful partnerships with web application development service providers in Europe.

Europe for Europe: UK Retreats case

If you’re interested in experiencing the functionality of a web application, consider exploring the UK Retreats application that we specially developed for one of our clients. This innovative app provides users with the opportunity to reserve unique nature-based retreats all over the United Kingdom, offering varying options based on their subscribed plan. Furthermore, it includes a free subscription feature, making it possible for users to understand the app’s operation.

Screens of the UK Retreats web application developed by Ronas IT. Here you can see a map of available accommodations and a scree with a special offer for the premium users.

This application serves as an exemplary illustration of our expertise as a European web developer, working for a European client. Thanks to our established communication channels, we were able to effectively engage with the client, accurately understanding their vision, guiding the application’s development path, and promptly resolving any arising issues. Our collaboration resulted in feedback from a satisfied client and +850 registered users in the first month after the app’s launch.

This is a feedback on the web app development services of Ronas IT. A feedback is from Bill Measom, UK Retreats founder. He says, "Throughout the design and development process, the communication was excellent. The results were exactly what I had in mind. What I also loved was how the team contributed when I was on the fence about a particular website feature. Their understanding of how users typically interact with websites was extremely reassuring and this experience saves so much time in terms of decision making."

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the journey of this app’s development, you can find the complete story on its dedicated page on our website.

Summing up

In conclusion, choosing the right web app development services is fundamental to the success of your web app project. When evaluating web application development service providers, consider factors such as budget, specific needs, knowledge and experience, and communication and collaboration capabilities. This ensures that you find the perfect solution for your project and achieve the results you want. If you choose Ronas IT, the Estonian company, for your web app development, click the button below and allow us to say, “Tere tulemast”, which means “Welcome!” in Estonian.

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