Desktop design services

We design powerful and easy-to-follow desktop applications.

Desktop software can be installed on your computer, and it usually works in connection with the computer’s operating system.
Our team has already created more than 40 desktop applications with messengers, management systems, and time trackers among them.
During the design process, we run user and market research to make the UI familiar to users and compatible with the operating system’s guidelines.
Finally, we establish a clear layout and make the created design interactive to provide the customers with intuitive and easy-to-use digital products.
60+ employees
1500+ projects
16+ years on the market

We make the following steps to build cool desktop designs:

  • 1
    Creating a project mind map and low-fidelity wireframes of the most complicated flows.
  • 2
    Developing 2–3 screens, a few UI elements, or a prototype to define the style.
  • 3
    Creating a detailed design and adapting it to the required screen size.
  • 4
    Discussing the completed visuals with the client and making improvements.

Our best desktop design samples:


It’s always a great pleasure for us to receive positive reviews, and here are some of them:

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This type of software isn’t directly connected to the browser, so it provides a higher level of data security than other types of digital products. That’s why it is widely used in healthcare: Health records and hospital management systems are the most common use cases. Also, finance and governmental institutions often use this type of application for document management, banking, performance tracking, and other purposes.
Desktop and web applications both have their advantages and disadvantages. Web services can be accessed from any place on the globe, and they don’t need to be installed on devices with certain parameters and a suitable amount of internal memory. These are the main advantages of web apps. On the other hand, desktop software provides a high level of data security and unlimited access to the device’s hardware like a camera, microphone, or printer. These features make the latter an attractive option for creating software like text, video, or image editors, management systems, and messengers.
We usually estimate the price of each project individually. The final price depends on the number of features we need to add to the software and the number of iterations required to complete it. The average price of building a desktop product in Ronas IT ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Don’t hesitate and get a free estimate from an in-house analyst.
As Ronas IT is a full-stack software development company, UI/UX design is not the only service we provide. Except for bringing bright desktop design ideas to life, we develop web and mobile applications for startups and businesses, which means that our team is ready to create a compelling interface design, develop it, and maintain it after the project work is finished.
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