Tablet design services

We will optimize the design to devise screens of any size.

A tablet is a great option when a smartphone is not enough and a laptop seems excessive.
High mobility, durable battery, and relatively big screen make tablets useful in fields like healthcare, finance, architecture, and restaurant business.
Our team is ready to create a responsive layout for your website or prepare an app design optimized for the tablet’s screen size.
We will establish clear navigation and content layout as well as add informative dashboards to your product.
60+ employees
1500+ projects
16+ years on the market

We usually take the following steps to build compelling interfaces:

  • 1
    Creating a project mind map and low-fidelity wireframes of the most complicated flows.
  • 2
    Developing 2–3 screens, a few UI elements, or a prototype to define the style.
  • 3
    Creating a detailed design and adapting it to the required screen size.
  • 4
    Discussing the completed design with the client and making improvements.

Have a look at some of our best tablet design samples


We are glad to share some positive reviews that we have recently received:

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Although smartphones are slightly more popular than tablets, both types of devices are used for various purposes. Smartphones allow us to take short-run and frequent actions like calling, messaging, or listening to music. Tablet screens are larger, so they can display more content at once. This feature makes them particularly convenient for watching videos and dealing with diagrams, stats, and texts. That’s why tablets are more practical for applications like restaurant POS systems and hotel or construction management systems.
The final price of the visuals depends on the complexity and number of iterations we make to complete them. The average price of this service in our company is $5,000. Each project is analyzed individually, so if you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact our analyst.
Ronas IT is not only a tablet design company. We deliver full-cycle services, which means we can create web and mobile applications for startups and businesses. Our team is ready to design a user interface, develop it and maintain it after the project work is over. So, if you have a business idea that you want to make real, just contact us!
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