Executive interview: founder & CEO Roman Surikov

The success story of Roman Surikov, interview made by Goodfirms

The Goodfirms company has recently interviewed our CEO Roman Surikov. Goodfirms help tech companies promote their services, and we store some of the reviews from our customers on their website. That’s why it was a great honor for us to make an interview with them. Here’s the summary of the interview that Goodfirms made. Read the full interview with our CEO — https://bit.ly/3G54jEv

Exclusive Interview with Roman Surikov About How Ronas IT Mastered IT Innovations Under His Leadership

Staying proactive and agile is associated with innovating to stay competitive as businesses are digitally transforming. Ronas IT under the leadership of Roman Surikov is known to deliver high-quality IT solutions with impeccable services. Let’s dive deeper and learn more about this impressive success story.

About Ronas IT

Ronas IT is a dynamic and fast-growing IT company that designs and develops applications efficiently. Founded in 2007, the company comprises more than 60 professionals that competently develop web and mobile applications, offer system administration and technical support, and services related to devOps, quality assurance, IT consulting, startup consulting, and many more innovative solutions.

The dedicated team members of Ronas IT move heaven and earth in delivering cost-effective IT solutions for all types of companies (startups, small and medium companies). These professionals understand the clients’ needs and sincerely work towards delivering solutions that help them in achieving their predetermined goals. Ronas-IT, with a lot of hard work, having a solid track record of developing high-quality solutions, and following agile principles, has been able to gain a prestigious position amongst the top web development companies in Estonia at GoodFirms.

The GoodFirms’ team got the opportunity to have a word with one of the best web development companies’ CEO & Co-Founder, Roman Surikov, and discuss how his company has become an inspiration through their good work and strong values, principles, and ethics.

While introducing Ronas IT and briefly explaining his role within the organization, Mr. Roman Surikov expressed that as a co-founder and the CEO, he is answerable for establishing the direction of the company’s development and supporting processes that enable the company to move in the planned direction. He even manages specific projects of the clients from time to time and firmly believes that in the IT industry, it is essential to stay involved in the clients’ company’s operations. Consequently, it helps find weaknesses within the clients’ company quickly and improve processes to fix these issues.

The Inception Story

Mr. Surikov recalls that the success story of Ronas IT commenced 15 years ago when he decided to work remotely and manage their own time; as such, he followed three fundamental principles: self-time planning, hourly pay, and the capability to work remotely. Further, the CEO and his teammates were obsessed with consistently innovating their IT and software development processes and even gained extensive experience in the same field, making it easy to decide what should be pursued.

Business Model

When enquired about the company’s business model, Mr. Surikov declared that his team helps the company get maximum efficiency from the project. In the custom software development process, the cost of communication comes near about 30% of the cost of a project, while working with a group of freelancers takes a higher cost of the project. Further, he added that the in-house team gains more experience and can guarantee predictable results and compliance with internal quality standards.

Differentiating Factors

Mr. Surikov stated that his company distinguishes itself from the competition by delivering personalized solutions for every customer. The company holds its vision of working. The dedicated teams under the supervision of Mr. Surikov are trained enough to efficiently manage every project using their technical and human capabilities both.

They are always ready to answer clients’ queries, eventually ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction. Besides that, the team is proficient at offering innovative ideas that can help customers save their budget, gain economic benefits and make the most out of their investments. Mr. Surikov has always ensured that his team members and clients are on the same page when it comes to commencing projects and making them successful.

Industries Served

Team GoodFirms questioned Mr. Surikov about the industries they generally cater to. He replied that the company possesses expertise in finance, real estate, business automation, and some booking, rental, and betting projects since the company’s commencement.

Most clients are related to startups, developing MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) idea validation, gathering feedback from first users, and raising funding. In contrast, the other half is related to business automation, which requires different approaches and processes. The main aim is to add value for the customer rather than breaking what the company already possesses.

Customer-satisfaction Rate

While discussing the customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Surikov stated that Ronas IT tries to know and brainstorm customers’ requirements to the deepest level and believes in sharing the expertise to find the best solution for the valued clients.

The company’s clients are long-term, and surprisingly most of them have been associated since 2007. The reason behind this gaining customer loyalty is the team’s dedication towards delivering services that best suit clients’ needs.

The team maintains the infrastructure essential to swiftly troubleshoot and scale the clients’ infrastructure in case of load growth. For every customer, the knowledgeable team members prepare and negotiate an individual Service Level Agreement (SLA), a code that regulates the company’s partnership with the client. Further, the team provides clients with timely support and query resolutions even after the completion of the project.

Below mentioned review clarifies that Ronas IT provides an apt software solution to their clients.

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Payment Structure

On discussing the payment structure, Mr. Surikov clarified that the payment structure depends on the type of the project and the initial constraints. He further added that the company follows two types of pricing models: fixed price and time & material pricing as explained below.

If the work can be completed in phases and the uncertainty of the project is low, then a fixed-cost pricing model is a good option. This pricing model can be applied to only the projects that have sequential phases as the output of one phase can impact the costing of the following phase.

The time and Material pricing model is essential if flexibility is essential and there is a high level of uncertainty. With this model, the team can react to changes quickly and with more agility.

The company has business analysts that work with the clients and gather their requirements in terms of budget, time, and quality. At the development stage, the business analysts determine the scope of the work and the clients’ business requirements.

Moreover, in 2021, the project’s price range started at around $30,000 for a project and ended at $500,000.

On questioning regarding where Mr. Surikov sees his company in a decade, he replied that the company would continue to be a reliable partner and deliver high value to the customers as the company believes that information technology makes both business and life more productive and convenient and builds potential for growth and development.

To explore more insights about how Mr. Surikov is leading his company Ronas IT towards unbelievable progression, you can go through the entire interview published on GoodFirms’ site.

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