Ronas IT has been awarded by Design Rush

ronas it has been awarded by design rush

Ronas IT has been awarded by Design Rush for creating the best Uber Super app concept!

Recently the Ronas IT team has been awarded by Design Rush for creating the best Uber Super app concept!

Our team of designers arranged an 8-hour workshop to complete a challenging task. In summer Uber bought Postmates - an app offering food delivery. So, we decided to create our own concept of the Uber app with extended functionality to sharpen our app design and analytical skills. During the workshop, the team of 6 designers created 38 screens. Each of the participants was given a separate role to provide a smooth workshop flow.

To create a Super app our designers took the following steps:

  1. Identified the problems the app is going to solve
  2. Brainstormed ideas
  3. Conducted an audience survey to choose the best ideas
  4. Created the marketing component of the design
  5. Designed the app screens
  6. Tested the concept on the app’s target audience

What app features did the Design Rush highlight?

  1. The extended app functionality - it was divided into several segments: Home, Food Delivery, Delivery, Marketing, and Analytics.
  2. High usability - only 3 steps are required to go from an opening screen to finalizing the order.
  3. The onboarding screen introduces the app’s main features and strengthens the user’s trust in it.
  4. Readable interface design.
  5. Consistency to Uber’s brand style.

All in all, it’s a great honor for us to get the reward. It gives us great motivation to continue designing new concepts and delivering high-quality services for our clients!

award certificate
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