20 software outsourcing companies with vast experience in IT and high ratings

20 software outsourcing companies with high ratings

When you decide to build a digital product for your business, you inevitably face the challenge of finding tech experts to help you with software development. Luckily, nowadays there are a lot of software development companies ready to outsource the full process of app development, from UI/UX design to coding and release.

In this article, we are providing you with a list of IT agencies from different parts of the world with high rates on Clutch. We also list tips for identifying good IT contractors so you can seamlessly find a suitable software outsourcing company.

What are software outsourcing companies?

You come to a software development outsourcing company to have a custom digital product built for your business. These organizations can outsource software development throughout the entire cycle. They can help with design, deployment, and release as well as provide related services like DevOps, app maintenance after the release, bug and security issues fixing, and more.

Usually, a software outsourcing company already has all the necessary design and IT specialists on its board, that’s why you need just outline your business problem and requirements to the application or website, and the agency will do the rest of the IT work for you.

What’s on the software development outsourcing market?

According to analysts of Statista, the demand for software development outsourcing has grown in recent years due to macroeconomic factors such as globalization and technological advancement. COVID-19 boosted the popularity of remote work, which raised the demand for outsourcing software development services. Luckily, there are a lot of IT agencies to cover this demand. What are the key reasons to use this kind of service?

  • Shortage of tech talent — according to Gartner, 86% of CIOs report the high competition for skilled tech professionals in most industries, which is expected to rise further by 2026. With this market situation, the recruiting of a suitable candidate may take months, while with a software outsourcing company by your side, you’ll have all the needed professionals on the board.
  • Flexibility — with an in-house team, you will have to pay each of the team members a salary even if your business is unprofitable. You won’t have an opportunity to stop the work if you run out of resources. At the same time, with a reliable outsourcing software development company, you can start and stop the development whenever it is convenient.
  • Freeing your resources up — the business owner is responsible for many tasks including marketing, searching for investors, managing staff and finance, and others. When you stick to software development outsourcing, you delegate all project management functions to your tech contractor and only check the results the contractor comes up with. In this case, you may dedicate all your time to completing other significant business tasks.

All in all, nowadays software outsourcing is available to all businesses no matter what their size is. You may get help with any IT aspect, from creating robust interface design and coding to advanced outsourcing services such as installing AI, ML, and VR features into your apps, countering security issues, and managing your corporate data. You can find a tech contractor to solve any tech issue you need.

30 best software outsourcing companies with a high rating on Clutch

We have created a list of IT agencies that provide software outsourcing services, so you can find a suitable contractor for your project. This selection includes companies from different parts of the world, with different rates and services. We have decided to choose companies displayed on Clutch since it is one of the most reputable review aggregators, and all its reviews are thoroughly verified.

Ronas IT software outsourcing company

1. Ronas IT

Website: https://ronasit.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Estonia

This custom software development company has been on the market since 2007. It provides services like mobile app development, web development, and custom software development to startups, middle-sized businesses, and enterprises. Apart from these services presented on Clutch, this dedicated development team can design interfaces, launch IT infrastructure as a part of DevOps services, and install AI-powered features into your application. The team can help you with MVP development if you aim to test your idea on the market quickly.

On the Ronas IT website, the team mentiones that it works with agile methodologies and develops the products stage by stage to fully comply with the requirements of a customer. The team also takes full responsibility for managing your project, which means you will only need to express your requirements and check the results, and the company’s project manager will communicate with the product development team and manage its work.

Ronas IT team works with app development projects in hospitality, FinTech, e-commerce, real estate, betting, and many other fields. According to Clutch's review, customers love this company for seamless communication, high-quality code, and cool in-app solutions.

Azumo software outsourcing company

2. Azumo

Website: https://azumo.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: San Francisco

This software outsourcing company specializes in custom software development, web development, staff augmentation, and AI development. The company was founded in 2016 and during the last few years has grown a few long-lasting partnerships with its customers. This dedicated team of developers states that reputable companies like Facebook and Discovery Channel used their software development services.

The team provides staff augmentation services and shares the expertise of its CTO as a separate service. This means that you can invite the company’s tech specialists to fill the gaps in your software development projects if you struggle with finding skillful specialists.

As for reviews, the team has experience working with software in fields like sports, healthcare, biotechnology, entertainment, and many others. The customers call the Azumo employees enthusiastic, reliable, and effective in communication.

Fulcrum software outsourcing company

3. Fulcrum

Website: https://fulcrum.rocks/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Poland

Fulcrum is a young 50-employee company working in the field of software outsourcing. The team provides custom software development, web development, mobile app development, and staff augmentation services. The team started to work in fields like e-commerce, social networking, healthcare, and many others. It mentioned participating in an app development project that is now used by 9 million people. Fulcrum software outsourcing company has released several manuals on UX topics and constantly implements all its UX expertise on various projects.

According to reviews, the team has developed products like mobile CRM apps, mobile and web software to automate in-house processes, corporate websites, and many others. The customers who outsource software development to Fulcrum praise the team for being hardworking and proactive.

IIH Global software outsourcing company

4. IIH Global

Website: https://www.iihglobal.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.8

Location: India

This Indian company dealing with software development outsourcing provides its clients with services like mobile app development, web development, custom software development, and web design. IIH Global was founded in 2013 and now wields a talent pool of 80+ employees. It works with a wide variety of technologies and frameworks and uses multiple apps for communication to be flexible.

According to reviews, IIH Global has completed several web development and web projects and helped their customers with overhauls of their products. The team can not only participate in app development from scratch but also bring minor changes to interfaces. Their partners love working with this company for its ability to bring timely results within a relatively short budget.

OAK'S LAB software outsourcing company


Website: https://www.oakslab.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Czech Republic

This European company specializing in software development outsourcing offers its clients services such as mobile app development, web development, custom software development, and AI development. Founded in 2016, OAK'S LAB has grown its talent pool to include a dedicated team of professionals skilled in a wide array of technologies and frameworks. The company is renowned for its flexible communication and collaborative processes, ensuring seamless project execution.

According to reviews, OAK'S LAB successfully outsources software development across several sectors, including FinTech, FoodTech, cybersecurity, and social media. They have developed entire platforms, including backend systems and websites, significantly boosting their clients' business outcomes. Their outcome-focused and data-driven approach makes them a trusted partner in the industry.

Rocket Code software outsourcing company

6. Rocket Code

Website: https://therocketcode.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.8

Location: Mexico

Rocket Code is an IT agency specializing in software outsourcing and providing a wide variety of services including custom software development, API development, staff augmentation, mobile app development, UI/UX design, and development of apps and features powered by generative AI.

According to Clutch, Rocket Code participated in multiple FinTech projects. During the last year, this dedicated development team got rewards for being top smart TV developers, as well as top Unity, HTML, and Flutter developers, which proves their wide expertise. The partners of this software outsourcing company love the team because it provides reliable solutions and guarantees 99% uptime.

Radity software outsourcing company

7. Radity

Website: https://radity.com/

Clutch review rating: 5.0

Location: Switzerland

This software development company is an expert in custom software development, mobile app development, web development, cloud computing, and computer engineering. The team is able to work with a diverse tech stack that includes popular technologies like Vue.js, React.js, .Net Core, Python, Flutter, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The team can also create a custom design in the process of app development or deliver an MVP within a short period of time. Customers praise the Radity team for smooth communication and for creating products and solutions the customer desires exactly.

Valletta software outsourcing company

8. Valletta Software Development

Website: https://www.vallettasoftware.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Malta

Valletta Software Development is an experienced IT agency specializing in software development outsourcing, offering services such as custom software development, web development, DevOps managed services, IT staff augmentation, and mobile app development. With over 15 years of expertise, Valletta Software Development utilizes technologies like .NET, React, React Native, Node.js, Python, Swift, and Kotlin, as well as AWS and Azure for DevOps.

According to customers, Valletta Software Development has successfully completed over 700 projects, including apps, websites, business intelligence products, and complex cyber security solutions. The team outsources software development for companies from a wide range of industries such as Education, Healthcare, Fintech, E-Commerce, and Automotive. Clients love working with Valletta Software Development for their team of highly professional and skilled software developers and transparent communication, which ensures seamless project execution and timely delivery.

NaNLABS software outsourcing company


Website: https://www.nan-labs.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Argentina

NaNLABS outsourcing company provides high-quality services in custom software development, cloud computing consulting, UI/UX design, and staff augmentation. While already on the market for 11 years, the team has managed to work with app development projects in the fields of FinTech, e-commerce, and education as well as work with formats like IoT, SaaS, and MVP development. The team also states to be an expert in data engineering.

On the review website, the company is liked for its ability to take responsibility for all the project management functions, completing tasks before deadlines, and always leaving its customers satisfied.

Haefele software outsourcing company

10. Haefele Software

Website: https://www.haefelesoftware.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: South Africa

Founded in 2006, Haefele Software is a seasoned IT agency that specializes in software development outsourcing, offering a broad range of services including custom software development, enterprise app modernization, web development, API development, and mobile app development. The company also excels in providing IT audits of products and consulting services, positioning itself as a comprehensive technology partner.

Haefele Software utilizes a robust tech stack with a strong focus on .NET, complemented by expertise in React, Angular, Flutter, React Native, and VueJS. According to reviews, Haefele Software outsourcing company has a track record of successfully completing tasks and delivering valuable debriefing documents that aid internal teams in future projects. Clients commend Haefele Software for their excellent communication, smooth workflow, and professional, accommodating approach throughout project engagements.

instinctools software outsourcing company

11. *instinctools

Website: https://www.instinctools.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.6

Location: Germany

With over 350+ seasoned in-house professionals located in Poland, Kazakhstan, and LATAM, *instinctools has been a trusted player in the software outsourcing market since 2000. Specializing in custom software development, web development, AI development, e-commerce development, enterprise app modernization, IT strategy consulting, and mobile app development, *instinctools provides comprehensive solutions to middle-sized businesses and enterprises. The company works with customers in three different languages: English, German, and Polish.

According to the customers, *instinctools software development agency usually meets all requirements and delivers the project on time and within budget. The team demonstrates a deep understanding of the issues at hand and goes the extra mile to deliver tailored solutions, earning high praise for their dedication and professionalism.

Projectland software outsourcing company

12. Projectland

Website: https://projectland.rs/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Serbia

Projectland is a software development company providing mobile app development, web development, e-commerce development, and web design services. This dedicated development team can build your product from scratch leading your project from idea to design and finally release. The team has some experience in working with such popular technologies as Laravel, React, and React Native as well as experience of product development in several fields including FoodTech, manufacturing, e-commerce, and many others.

One customer of Projectland outsourcing company commends the team for outstanding project management, meeting deadlines, and being meticulous and responsive.

Brocoders software outsourcing company

13. Brocoders

Website: https://brocoders.com/

Clutch review rating: 5.0

Location: Estonia

Brocoders is a software development outsourcing agency specializing in mobile and web application development, custom software development, AI development, and web design. The agency, founded in 2014, has already gained experience in fields like FinTech, fitness, e-learning, AdTech, and others.

When providing their outsourcing services, Brocoders developed apps and platforms that reached significant results. For instance, their Agritech product serves 50 farms and 1000+ users, while the AI-based FinTech software solution got a $3+ million investment. Customers like this software development team for its seamless and flexible communication, high-quality coding, and efficient approach at every stage of product development.

Datarockets software outsourcing company

14. Datarockets

Website: https://datarockets.com/

Clutch review rating: 5.0

Location: Canada

Founded in 2014, Datarockets is a dedicated IT agency with a team specializing in custom software development for web, mobile, and cross-platform applications. They also excel in mobile app development for both iOS and Android, AI and data science, team augmentation, product advisory, and embedded software for devices. With a holistic approach to technology solutions, Datarockets has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses looking to outsource software development to innovate and scale.

According to a review from a satisfied customer, Datarockets, an outsourcing software development company, successfully delivered their application for testing, complete with a comprehensive review management report. The team was praised for their exceptional organization and detailed documentation. Through 14-day sprints, Datarockets maintains transparency in managing product development and remains highly responsive to client requirements, demonstrating its commitment to delivering high-quality, customer-focused solutions.

Newwave Solutions software outsourcing company

15. Newwave Solutions

Website: https://newwave.vn/

Clutch review rating: 4.8

Location: Vietnam

With over 12 years of experience and a team of more than 300 engineers, Newwave Solutions is a seasoned software outsourcing company specializing in blockchain, CRM consulting and system integration, custom software development, and web development. The company serves a diverse clientele, working with customers in five languages: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai.

Alongside their software development projects, they have a strong presence in staff augmentation, assisting numerous clients in scaling their teams effectively. Clients commend Newwave Solutions for their impressive ability to attract and hire remarkable software developers, ensuring high-quality outcomes and streamlined project execution. Their expertise and multilingual capabilities make them a reliable partner for businesses looking to innovate and grow.

CodeNinja software outsourcing company

16. CodeNinja

Website: https://codeninjaconsulting.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Chile

CodeNinja is a multinational software outsourcing company that established its branches across several countries including Chile, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Their portfolio includes projects in fields like staff augmentation, software development, cloud computing, AI development, data engineering, and mobile application development. Last year, the company entered the rating of the top 100 software development companies on Clutch.

CodeNinja provides its outsourcing services to partners from FinTech, healthcare, logistics, hospitality, and other industries. As for Clutch reviews, staff augmentation is one of the key services this outsourcing company has done recently. The partners love engaging with developers from CodeNinja since they are highly responsive, enthusiastic, and proactive.

Dreamix software outsourcing company

17. Dreamix

Website: https://dreamix.eu/

Clutch review rating: 5.0

Location: Bulgaria

Dreamix is a European app development company with 17+ years of experience and is renowned by prominent organizations such as Forbes and Clutch. This dedicated development team partners with customers from the US, Europe, and the Middle East and provides custom software development, staff augmentation, web development, AI development, and enterprise modernization services. The team works with popular technologies such as Angular, NextJS, React Native, and others.

This bespoke software development company has several long-term partners who have trusted it since 2020. With projects in industries like logistics, FinTech, media, healthcare, and several others, the team is loved for its ability to meticulously coordinate the project work along all the stages of the software development cycle.

Accedia software outsourcing company

18. Accedia

Website: https://accedia.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.8

Location: Bulgaria

Accedia is a dedicated development team from Bulgaria that offers services in custom app development, mobile and web application development, data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, UI/UX design, and other fields. The team serves companies from more than 20 countries and works in two languages, English and Bulgarian. The company can not only develop a product from scratch but also provide consulting services.

These software developers manage product development for industries like manufacturing, media, energy, automotive, and many others, the team gets high ratings for its customer-focused approach and ability to meet deadlines.

Redberry software outsourcing company

19. Redberry

Website: https://redberry.international/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: Georgia

Redberry is a company providing custom software development, staff augmentation, mobile app development, UI/UX design, and web development services. The team wields 10+ years of development experience and works with key technologies such as Laravel, VueJS, NextJS, NodeJS, React, React Native, and others. This team got a lot of awards for providing outstanding software development services. During the last two years, the team entered the top 1000 Clutch software development companies, became the top VueJS and Laravel company, and was rewarded for its quick expansion.

As for reviews from the aggregator, the team has recently participated in product development for industries like e-learning, real estate, and finance as well as provided consulting and partnered with companies for staff augmentation. The clients note that Redberry not only provides high-quality software but is also good and transparent in terms of communication and managing product development.

Experion Technologies software outsourcing company

20. Experion Technologies

Website: https://experionglobal.com/

Clutch review rating: 4.9

Location: United States

Experion Technologies is the provider of software development services that harnessed data science, analytics, ML, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and IoT as well as served more than 300 customers in different industries. The team can also help you with web or mobile application development. The range of the team’s tech stack is impressive and wide since they can both engage in big data projects and work with low-code technologies.

The company provided outsourcing services to a very diverse clientele including mortgage companies, technology startups, weapon control companies, law firms, and many others. All these entities rated software development services provided by Experion Technologies high and commended them for streamlined internal processes, transparent communication, and good-quality product development at all stages.

What are the features of a suitable tech contractor?

With so many software outsourcing companies on the board, it might be hard to find one that would cover all your needs. However, there are several signs that you have encountered a true match. Here they are:

Comfortable rates

All companies set their rates based on their experience and location. According to studies by Statista, India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America were popular regions for outsourcing app development in recent years due to their high technological advancement and lower labor costs. The Clutch also provides a price breakdown by region.

CountryAverage hourly rates
United States of America$100 - $149
United Kingdom$150 - $199
Canada$50 - $99
Australia$100 - $149
Philippines$25 - $49
Ukraine$25 - $49
Poland$25 - $49
Spain$25 - $49
Mexico$25 - $49

Robust tech expertise

A good software development services provider possesses proficiency in relevant technologies and programming languages, with a proven track record in similar projects or industries. Their knowledge should be up-to-date with the latest industry trends and tools.

Experience and track record

Look for contractors with considerable years of experience in custom software development and positive reviews from customers. A demonstrated ability to deliver projects on time and within budget is a strong indicator of reliability. You may look for reviews on aggregators such as Goodfirms or Clutch.


Numerous and diverse cases in the portfolio are essential for finding a suitable software outsourcing company. With the help of cases, you can find out if the company is good at problem-solving and find out about industries and technologies the company is good at. You may also look for cases on the website of a software outsourcing company. Apart from that, look for galleries of the company’s projects on Dribbble or Behance.

Project management capabilities

The information about communication and project management capabilities is usually reflected in the reviews. It’s important to assess the aspect to understand how independent the team is. Software outsourcing companies with streamlined project management are capable of delivering results within deadlines and are able to break the project down in stages and complete this plan autonomously, while your task will be to check the results and prove that they comply with your vision.

Post-release maintenance

When you are searching for a software outsourcing company, it’s important to find out if it provides post-release maintenance. After the first version of your app is released, the app requires support. It may need bug fixing or you may decide to add new features based on feedback from the users. The IT infrastructure of your web app or website may also need support. A reliable team won’t leave you alone with your app after the release and will provide support on demand or by subscription.

Run know-your-business procedure

KYB or know-your-business procedure is the process of checking if you are partnering with a reliable contractor. The KYB process involves verifying the business credentials, ownership structure, and operational legitimacy of the software outsourcing company. Most of the companies on Clutch are already verified. However, if you decide to find your tech partner elsewhere, you should check the following information points about it:

  • The official name of the company
  • The company's location
  • Documentation verifying official registration
  • Required industry-specific licenses
  • Tax information, such as the tax ID number

You can collect this data manually or find online services and applications that assist with the KYB procedure.

Wrapping up

Nowadays software development outsourcing is a popular service that helps businesses to solve numerous challenges. A key advantage of the service is an opportunity to start making your idea real the moment you have it. Remember the founder of Slack, who immediately partnered with the outsourcing company when the innovative idea hit him. Together with the tech partner, they released the product that became a world-known corporate messenger. With outsourcing development, you will be able to implement your idea before anyone else, and that is the greatest pro.

By the way, our team deals with software outsourcing too! That’s why we can help you to make your business idea real.

If you are searching for a software development services provider, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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