Top education startups and companies in 2024-2025: Overview

Top education startups and companies in 2024-2025

The technological advancement of the last two decades has changed the way children and adults learn and acquire new skills. Nowadays, a variety of digital tools and platforms help people all over the world to get high-quality education in each and every industry sphere. This trend became even deeper with the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in lockdowns. According to UNESCO reports, about 214 million children were out of school due to the closures. This factor made teachers, students, and education systems find new ways of delivering educational materials and providing outstanding learning experiences.

Edtech startups are a driving force behind these changes. The business owners keep coming up with exciting ideas that make education accessible and involving. They create virtual labs, platforms enhanced with artificial intelligence features, VR simulators, self-learning courses, websites for tutors and teachers as well as fundraising sites. It seems that nowadays you can learn any new skills online. No wonder the edtech industry is expected to grow by $112,39 billion in the upcoming years.

As this industry has so much potential, our team did its research and found out which edtech companies are shaping the industry in 2024 and 2025. Meet our list of education startup companies worth watching in the upcoming years. Let's find out more about them!

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  1. Simply
    Website header of Simply educational technology startup
    Simply app allows users to learn to play musical instruments

    Founded: 2011

    Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

    Investors: Aleph, Insight Partners, Google Ventures

    Simply is one of the educational technology startups created by the company named JoyTunes. Simply app allows users of all ages to learn to play musical instruments online. After joining Simply, they can opt for one of the activities: playing either guitar or piano or singing. The app was created by a team of professional musicians, designers, data scientists, and software engineers. They invented an acoustic recognition engine and installed it in the app. So, the Simply application can listen to what a learner plays and sings, analyze this data, and give immediate feedback. The app users can buy a family subscription and give all family members an opportunity to engage in this interactive learning too.

    More than that, we think that Simply owns one of the top startup websites. The site UI is full of hand-drawn illustrations and live videos that make it look friendly and provide users with an engaging learning experience.

  2. Labster
    Website header of Labster educational technology startup
    Labster provides virtual labs for acting out scientific experiments

    Founded: 2012

    Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

    Investors: GGV Capital, Educapital, Owl Ventures

    Labster is a science education company that gives students an opportunity to perform scientific experiments in a virtual 3D laboratory. This educational technology startup provides users with virtual labs and simulators that help them act out actual scientific experiments in a safe environment. This edtech space brings several benefits to both students and their teachers. First of all, it helps users visualize complex theoretical concepts making them more enjoyable to study. Besides, Labster makes expensive equipment accessible. And what is more important, students can study the safety protocols and lab procedures before entering a real laboratory. The teachers are provided with dashboards that can be used for tracking students' results. To provide better student engagement, Labster created multiple language versions of the service. Also, the service is adapted to hearing and eyesight-impaired users. In the end, Labster education technology startup has created a great online learning tool that can stimulate the kids' interest in physics and chemistry, which is why it can be called one of the top tech startups to watch.

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  3. Photomath
    Website header of Photomath educational technology startup
    Photomath helps children to crack complicated math tasks

    Founded: 2014

    Headquarters: San Mateo, United States

    Investors: GSV Ventures, Cherubic Ventures, Learn Capital

    Photomath is one of the most innovative startups that help kids and teenagers study math. Whenever facing a tricky math task, users just need to scan it, and the app helps to solve it. The provided solution is accompanied by a step-by-step explanation aimed at helping the students crack similar tasks in the future. Students of any grade may find this interesting startup especially useful as it covers the whole curriculum — from elementary math to algebra and trigonometry. The idea hit the founder when he was struggling to help his children with their homework, so he decided to engage in app development and came up with an artificial intelligence solution that now helps millions of kids and their parents.

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  4. Mursion
    Website header of Mursion educational technology startup
    Mursion helps to improve soft skills

    Founded: 2014

    Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

    Investors: Leeds Illuminate, Figure 8 Investments, New Markets Venture Partners

    Mursion is another technology startup worth watching. While many of us think that VR is a tool for gaming or other forms of entertainment, some online education companies have turned it into an irreplaceable professional online learning tool. Mursion provides professionals with a virtual reality simulator where they can improve their soft skills. This AI-assisted platform is used by a wide range of organizations in the fields of education, healthcare, finance, HR, and many others. The platform uses a combination of artificial intelligence and real actors who simulate challenging interpersonal situations that professionals can meet in their everyday life. During role-plays, employees learn to cope with emotionally charged situations and improve their leadership skills using flexible and user-friendly online learning software.

  5. Byju's
    Website header of Byju’s educational technology startup
    Byju's provides children with online classes

    Founded: 2011

    Headquarters: Bangalore, India

    Investors: Vitruvian Partners, BlackRock, Sumeru Ventures

    Byju's is one of the biggest edtech companies and education brands in the world. This education technology startup offers a variety of educational services starting from 1-on-1 personalized lessons with professional teachers to apps that provide self-learning online courses. The company specializes in K-12 education. Its educational programs cover a variety of topics including coding, reading, music, animation, and video, but it mainly focuses on math and science. The online learning materials are provided in different languages including Indian regional languages and English. This educational corporation constantly updates its products and comes up with new projects like Exam Prep which helps students prepare for international exams and Future School which provides pupils with short tutorials about math and coding. The personalized learning experience and innovative approach of Byju's owners made it the first Indian edtech unicorn with over 150 million users around the world.

  6. Immerse
    Website header of Immerse educational technology startup
    Immerse is an e-learning platform for learning languages

    Founded: 2017

    Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

    Investors: Eagle Venture Fund

    Immerse is another digital education company that allows students to use VR technology for studying. In this case, virtual reality is used to make language learning a more immersive and engaging process. The creator of this educational technology startup used to be a volunteer in refugee camps located in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. During that time he faced a language barrier and had to learn Arabic — one of the most complicated languages on the globe. Thanks to this experience, he realized that language immersion is the key to fluency. That's why he decided to engage in web app development and create an online learning platform where students can fully immerse themselves in the process of learning languages. When students use the platform, they can create and customize their own avatars, choose locations, and get rewards for passing the levels. The VR allows them to interact with virtual objects, play interactive games, attend virtual events, and act out real-life conversations with their peers and teachers. This highly interactive environments fosters student engagement and interest. Right now only Spanish VR simulations are available but other languages are to be added to the platform soon. This new startup company keeps developing its digital product, and we believe it will become one of the best startups for language learning in the near future.

  7. Codeyoung
    Website header of Codeyoung educational technology startup
    Codeyoung is an online platform where children can learn to code

    Founded: 2018

    Headquarters: Bangalore, India

    Investors: Guild Capital

    Codeyoung is one of the hottest new startups that attracted its first clients in 2020. Codeyoung is a coding platform for interactive learning targeted at children of 5–17 years. The main goal of this educational technology startup is to provide kids with an interactive and exciting learning experience that allows them to get a job in the future. The courses are tailored for children of various age groups. This e-learning company not only provides its students with cool educational materials but also holds IT events like hackathons. Interactive lessons help younger students study block-based programming, while the older students learn to use coding languages, create interactive websites, and try app development. While studying, they create complex products like games, corporate sites, and apps. The platform users get rewards for their achievements.

    If you are interested, check out the projects of Codingyoung students.

  8. MasterClass
    Website header of MasterClass educational technology startup
    MasterClass provides kids with video lessons from iconic artists

    Founded: 2015

    Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

    Investors: Vershina Capital, Empede Capital, UTA Ventures

    Not all kids want to dive deep into math, coding, or science. Some are searching for a way to express their creative side. MasterClass is an education technology startup that connects students to an online streaming platform where they can learn from world-leading specialists. The online classes are dedicated to cooking, design and style, sports and gaming, writing, filmmaking, and other crafts. Each class consists of twenty 10-minute video lessons that students can watch one at a time or all at once. All the videos feature close-ups, hands-on demonstrations, and cinematic demonstrations that allow students to study topics as thoroughly as possible and receive immersive learning experience. Moreover, the lessons are supported by workbooks aimed to help students sharpen their skills. The lessons are recorded by iconic artists, chefs, and producers like Gordon Ramsey, Duffer Brothers, and Kris Jenner. The platform materials can be accessed through smartphones, personal computers, or Apple TV which enhances student engagement.

  9. Springboard
    Website header of Springboard educational technology startup
    Springboard is a famous startup company that provides self-learning courses

    Founded: 2013

    Headquarters: San Francisco, United States

    Investors: 500 Startups, Costanoa Ventures, Learn Capital

    Not only children but also adults have an opportunity to learn something new and change their jobs. Springboard is a famous startup company that provides adults with self-learning online courses in the fields of design, coding, cyber security, data science, and tech sales. All the classes at Springboard are held online, and they can be accessed at any time of the day or night so students can get a more flexible learning experience. The experts of the online learning platform constantly update the online courses to provide platform customers with information about the latest tools, techniques, and industry practices. What is more important, the platform students are supported by mentors, the student community, and advisors. This e-learning platform guarantees that by the end of the course, students will find the job of their dreams. The students can study materials from the online courses whenever it is convenient for them and combine studying and working hours. This flexible approach makes Springboard education technology startup one of the most adaptive learning companies.

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  10. NeighborSchools
    Website header of NeighborSchools educational technology startup
    NeighborSchools inspires caregivers to create their own daycares

    Founded: 2018

    Headquarters: Boston, United States

    Investors: Hannah Grey, Metrodora Ventures, Accomplice

    NeighborSchools is a popular educational technology startup from the US whose mission is to inspire caregivers to create new independent daycares and provide kids around the US with affordable child care. Unfortunately, not all daycares provide high-quality services and pay fair salaries to childcare professionals. NeighborSchools aims to give child care providers an opportunity to go independent and open home-based daycares within their community. The startup owners believe that caring for children is an important job and that caregivers deserve bigger salaries, which makes NeighborSchools one of the best education companies to work for. To enter the program, parents need to go through a short survey, and after that, the platform finds a caregiver who matches the family's needs. Thus, the startup brings benefits to all its counterparts: Childcare providers get higher wages, parents receive the help they need, and children get personalized care from professional caregivers.

  11. Teachers Pay Teachers
    Website header of Teachers Pay Teachers educational technology startup
    Teachers Pay Teachers is a marketplace for educational resources

    Founded: 2006

    Headquarters: New York, United States

    Investors: Tiger Global Management, Spectrum Equity, True Ventures

    Teachers Pay Teachers is one of the educational technology startups popular among teachers and tutors. It is a marketplace for educational resources like lesson plans, worksheets, presentations, and interactive digital resources. The company was founded by a New York teacher Paul Edelman who always struggled to find the needed educational materials for the lessons, so he came up with an idea of an online learning website where teachers, tutors, and parents could share the educational content they create. Thus kids' learning experience can be enhanced with the most up-to-date materials, while teachers could save time on their lesson preparation routine. At first, it was just a website for exchanging lesson plans but later the idea turned into a powerful tool used by more than 7 million educators. It is estimated that the platform is used by 2 out of 3 U.S. teachers every year. A great result, isn't it?

  12. Chegg
    Website header of Chegg educational technology startup
    Chegg makes higher education more affordable and accessible

    Founded: 2005

    Headquarters: Santa Clara, United States

    Investors: PAR Capital Management, Kleiner Perkins, Employee Stock Option Fund

    Chegg is a public edtech company that gives students access to an online learning platform with a wide variety of tools. The mission of the platform is to make higher education more affordable and accessible as well as to improve study outcomes. Chegg helps students in debt to ease their financial burden allowing them to exchange, buy, or sell expensive used educational materials. Also, the platform provides the students with access to writing tools and math help. All the platform subscribers can take advantage of free online tutoring and use career search to obtain the job of their dream. This set of tools is available online at any time of the day and night. Although the headquarters of the company is located in the United States, the international offices are spread all around the world so as many students as possible can get outstanding learning experiences.

  13. GoStudent
    Website header of GoStudent educational technology startup
    GoStudent is a tutoring startup for students and private tutors

    Founded: 2016

    Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

    Investors: Left Lane Capital, SoftBank Vision Fund, Tencent

    GoStudent is a tutoring startup that helps students and private tutors connect with each other. GoStudent revolutionizes the way the tutoring market is functioning. It is an application enhanced with artificial intelligence features that helps students find tutors that match their needs. All the processes like rescheduling, finding available sessions, replacing tutors, and payment, are automated, so the platform users can enjoy a seamless and personalized learning experience. GoStudent analyzes the needs of the students and finds the tutors that match them. Students can connect to their tutors, get help in cases of uncertainty, receive feedback, and get answers to their questions. The studying happens in the form of private 50-minute lessons. The startup owners believe that all kids are different and need different teaching approaches, so they are provided with adaptive and interactive learning plans. The platform is extremely flexible, so GoStudent can be called an adaptive startup.

  14. GoPractice
    Website header of GoPractice educational technology startup
    GoPractice offers training for product managers, designers, and data scientists

    Founded: 2013

    Headquarters: Simpsonville, United States

    Investors: Undisclosed

    GoPractice is an online learning platform that specializes in startup training. It doesn't offer a lot of courses as other edtech companies do. This startup is targeted at providing digital specialists with immersive and interactive learning experiences. Instead, the e-learning platform provides product managers, designers, and data scientists with courses that help them to build and scale successful products. It has its own ecosystem of products that help both junior and senior specialists with career growth. The GoPractice team believes in a data-driven approach and aims to help professionals understand how to make informed product decisions. Another useful option is a skill assessment test that helps professionals estimate their professional level and create a an individual development plan to provide each user with personalized learning experience.

  15. Kahoot
    Website header of Kahoot educational technology startup
    Kahoot allows users to create their own learning games and quizzes

    Founded: 2012

    Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

    Investors: Stefan Blom, SoftBank, Microsoft's Venture Fund

    Kahoot is a global education software company that aims to make the learning experience more engaging, letting people learn without even realizing it. The education technology startup allows users to create their own learning games and quizzes. With the help of the platform, users can turn school lessons and professional meetings into mini quiz shows. The quizzes on any topic can be created within a few minutes. All quizzes can be displayed on both small and big screens which makes it easier to play with the others and ensures interactive learning. Kahoot can also be used as an assessment tool. The reports that become available after each game can be used to estimate the knowledge and skills of the players. Kahoot is used for studying in more than 200 countries which proves that games are still a great online learning tool.

  16. ALEKS

    Headquarters: USA

    ALEKS is an online learning platform that helps kids to learn math, science, and statistics. It utilizes AI-based features to check the knowledge levels of pupils and create an individual path for each students to provide them with personalized learning experience. The company itself was found back in 1993 by researchers of cognitive psychology and created the writing called Knowledge Space Theory. The AI-powered platform breaks the kid's knowledge into mind map, offers the kid topics to learn and provides the access to platform tools and online courses and content created by teachers and education providers. Apart from accompanying kid's learning process, the platform also generates the reports for parents and teachers. To foster better student engagement, the platform provides gamification. It reflects the results in the form of pie graph that shows the progress in each topic.

  17. Riiid

    Headquarters: South Korea

    Riiid is a South Korean educational startup that incorporates AI-powered features to provide students with personalized learning experience. The Riiid's team engaged in mobile app development to make the platform accessible from numerous devices. This startup is listed in CB Insights AI 100 list that displays AI-based startups that redefined the standard in their industries. The Riiid provides its users with AI tutor who can teach, assess, and recommend learning paths. Riiid's flagship product, “Santa,” offers comprehensive support for standardized test preparations, covering exams like TOEIC, SAT, and more. The AI tutor meticulously tracks a student's progress, adapts to their learning needs, and provides precise feedback to enhance their educational journey. The platform's ability to tailor learning experiences to individual needs sets it apart fosters student engagement and makes the studying highly effective.

Do you have an edtech startup idea?

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