Top 8 React Native development companies in 2023

List of best React Native development companies to work with

React Native is a popular technology in mobile development that lets people create apps faster and with fewer expenses. It’s especially profitable for startups and small businesses which want to enter the market as soon as possible and test their ideas on real users. If you’re interested in creating a mobile app, you know that searching for a reliable development partner can be difficult and time-consuming. To make it easier for you, we made up a list of the best companies providing React Native development services. In the article, we will also explain how to choose the right vendor and give you more details about React Native.

What is React Native app development, and when to use it?

React Native, or RN is a JavaScript-based framework designed to help developers in creating natively-rendered apps for iOS and Android. The app created with RN will work on both types of devices equally — it’s possible due to a single codebase shared across platforms.

Developing apps with RN takes less time and money as it requires only one team of developers to write a single code, while in the case of native development, it requires two separate teams and two separate codes. React Native development allows entrepreneurs to launch projects faster, reach bigger audiences, and cut the budget at the same time. We could write a whole long read about RN, and actually, we have already done it, so if you wish to go deeper into the topic, check out the article.

Now, let’s find out which companies are experienced in React Native app development and provide these services at the highest level.

Best React Native development agencies

1. Ronas IT

RonasIT, a React Native development company from Estonia

Yes, we do provide React Native app development services. The story of our company started in Estonia back in 2007. Now, we provide solutions for startups and small and medium businesses. We deliver a full cycle of product development — from business analysis to product release and maintenance. Our goal in every project is not to simply create a product but to help clients with their businesses. React Native is one of the technologies that help us do it efficiently.

An example of our React Native projects is Lainappi — an eco-friendly app for renting items we designed and developed. In order to reduce costs and reach a larger audience, Lainappi decided to create a cross-platform application. We used React Native for mobile development as it allowed us to implement the needed functionality and solve the task quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it allowed Lainappi to enter the market and validate the idea faster. You can read more about the case here and check the results on AppStore and Google Play.

That’s what the Lainappi team says about our work on the project:

“They’ve been fast in coming up with different kinds of registration solutions and integrating other software into the app. With their work, our app has been secured and offers a great customer experience. Moreover, their price estimation has been very accurate. Overall, we’ve been very satisfied with Ronas IT’s work.”

2. Netguru

Netguru, a polish React Native development company

Netguru is a React Native development company from Poland founded in 2008. They equally focus on mobile and web development and also provide BI and Big Data consulting services. Most of their projects are related to finance, retail, and real estate fields. Middle-sized businesses and enterprises are the main type of clients Neguru works with.

An example of Netguru’s React Native projects is the Kata app. It’s a healthcare app for people with lung diseases that helps them to use inhalers properly. The company used React Native to develop the app for iOS and Android around the UI provided by the client.

And here is feedback left by the Kata team:

“Netguru provided us with developers who built almost a completely new mobile app for our AI on React Native. Netguru’s project management was very good, and they were very accurate. Throughout the development process, Netguru’s senior developer was fantastic. They delivered on time, accomplished the most important requirements, and delivered a high-quality product.”

3. Droids On Roids

Droids On Roids, a React Native development company from Poland

Droids On Roids is a Polish development company having created native and cross-platform apps for startups and enterprises since 2011. They have a strong background in developing e-commerce, IoT, fintech, and business services. Their main focus is on mobile development, and they mostly work with enterprises and midmarket clients. You can check out the company’s portfolio on the website.

Here’s what the clients say about React Native app development services provided by Droids On Roids:

“Droids On Roids made the most of their brainstorming, development, and coding proficiency to build a product that met our quality standards. They had thorough testing and bug fixing skills, which helped fine-tune the final version of our app and ensured a smooth go-live. Overall, we were pleased with how they strategically used their skill set to deliver our requirements and refine our platform.”

4. Vincit

Vincit, a React Native development company from the USA

Vincit is a USA-based company founded in 2007. They have a strong focus on developing e-commerce platforms, both web and mobile. The company also creates IoT and embedded systems and mostly works with middle-sized businesses.

NaviWheel is an example of React Native app development by Vincit. It’s a steering system that allows users to remotely steer their boats. You can read the case for more details.

This is what one of the reviews says about how the Vincit team rebuilt an app using React Native:

“Vincit helped us rebuild our iOS and Android-based app through React Native. They also consulted us on the best techniques and practices in the mobile app space. The team updated the app with an entirely new code base and implemented on-demand and live audio features.”

5. S-PRO

S-PRO is a React Native development company

S-PRO is a development and IT consulting company with eight years of experience. They provide full-cycle development for tech startups and scaleups. The company develops both mobile and web apps and creates AI/ML solutions.

One of the apps built by the company with React Native is GoBeauty. The app allows individual beauty professionals to manage their appointments and business activities. While working on the project, S-PRO also created a web app for end customers, enabling them to book appointments and find nearby professionals.

Here’s what the client says about collaboration with S-PRO on React Native development:

“S-Pro offered us the most suitable development plan and approach. We liked that S-Pro team was focusing on the product’s goals and demonstrated product ownership. The application is live now, so the team also reacted quickly to requests and feedback from end-users to provide good service and remove blockers.”

6. Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs, a React Native development company from San Francisco

Cheesecake Labs is a React Native development company from San Francisco, founded in 2013. They specialize in mobile and web development, and blockchain. The company has a lot of experience in building e-commerce and finance products, working with mid-market and small businesses.

An example of a project developed by Cheesecake Labs with React Native is Wizeo — an app for fleet and fuel management. With the help of React Native, Cheesecake Labs were able to improve user experience significantly and help the client to achieve their goal of rolling out the app to multiple regions.

That’s what reviews say about working with Cheesecake Labs:

“Everyone we worked with at Cheesecake was very enjoyable to interact with, and always asked for our input on key design and functionality decisions without being overbearing. Their UI work was very impressive, and they made several great improvements to the functionality that we hadn’t even thought to ask for.”

7. One Beyond

One Beyond, a React Native development company from the UK

One Beyond is a React Native development agency from London, UK. Since 1994, they’ve been creating web, desktop, and mobile apps for middle-sized businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and funded startups. The company also provides staff augmentation services.

One of the RN projects that the company worked on was Hive. This app helps to manage smart home devices and sensors.

Here is feedback on the collaboration with One Beyond shared by one of the clients:

“One Beyond meets our team’s expectations with their quality work. They work diligently to conduct product testings and ensure that each solution they produce is functional.We’re most impressed with One Beyond’s responsive and personable nature, which makes our project flow seamlessly. They’re also a very honest team — they don’t make promises they can’t keep.”

8. Geeky Ants

Geeky Ants, a React Native development company from San Francisco

GeekyAnts is a design and development company from San Francisco that builds web and mobile solutions. They are experienced in technologies like Next.js, React Native, Flutter, Node.js, GraphQL, and more. The company usually works with enterprises and midmarket and has a lot of projects in the manufacturing, finance, and education fields.

Torii is one of the projects the company developed with React Native. It’s a real estate app that helps users to find desirable houses and flats for purchase.

Here’s one of the many reviews from a client who’s been working with the company:

“The team at GeekyAnts is highly responsive and collaborative. The quality of their work is superb. They work closely with us to make sure that the product adheres to our requirements. We have a wonderful understanding and flow of information between our teams. GeekyAnts always does a good job of communicating with us, and their estimates are always on point.”

How to choose a React Native development company?

First of all, check the companies’ websites, portfolios, reviews on Clutch and Goodfirms, social media accounts, and professional platforms. Feel free to use our list of React Native development companies or do your own research if you wish. Don’t forget to talk to managers because it can tell you a lot about the company and save you a lot of time in picking the right development partner. As for us, we’re always open to discussing your project ideas and answering all your questions. If you wish to request our React Native app development services, get in touch with us by clicking the link below.

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