Web Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Web Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond

There are about 2 billion websites on the world wide web, while only 400 million are actively used. The number of available sites is so big that it becomes challenging to catch the attention of users and make the web product accessible and even visible to the search engine. This article has collected the trends that will most likely continue to affect web development in 2023. With the help of these innovative ideas for web development, entrepreneurs and product owners can make their web products convenient and available for users with different devices and reach better SEO results. Let’s explore the trends!

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An average user spends 4–5 hours per day in apps, according to Techcrunch. But what if an entrepreneur wants to get an app for business but doesn’t have enough resources for that? Such technology for web development as PWA can become a great alternative to native applications.

PWA stands for a progressive web application and refers to technology that allows users to install a website on their mobile device like a usual mobile application. It means an entrepreneur doesn’t need to develop a website as well as Android and iOS mobile versions to gain both web and mobile presence. Here are the major benefits of having a PWA:

  • PWAs can send push notifications.
  • They are about 70% less expensive to develop than native apps.
  • They do not need to be submitted to the App Store and Google Play.
  • They can run without an internet connection.
  • The PWA size usually doesn’t exceed 1 MB, which is smaller than a usual app.
  • PWAs can connect to some parts of mobile hardware like a microphone, camera, or geolocation.

PWAs make the services accessible for users no matter what device or platform they use. The ability to work offline and send notifications helps businesses raise conversions. That’s why PWAs became an attractive choice for eCommerce brands. According to Statista, about 8% of eCommerce brands have already invested in having a PWA solution, while 9% are considering getting one.

Those companies that have already adopted this solution now achieve reasonable results. For example, Starbucks PWA has doubled the number of daily active users who place orders via the web. Now they receive an equal number of orders via the mobile app version and PWA.

Web Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond.

The PWA replicates the functionality of the native app, and it can be accessed both via mobile device or PC. All in all, impressive stats and results prove that this technology can become one of the trending technologies in 2023.


SPAs, or single-page applications, are another technology in the web development field that business owners can consider developing. A single-page application is a website or a web application that dynamically rewrites the page content with new data from the server when the user scrolls the page. SPAs never refresh, they only load additional content as a response to users’ actions. This type of technology resembles native applications. The only difference is that SPAs work within the browser and do not connect to devices’ operational systems. There are several advantages to implementing this web development trend:

  • SPAs load quickly, which enhances the user experience.
  • The navigation is simple, and there is no need to create a complicated menu.
  • The backend code used for creating a SPA can be reused when creating a web application and a native mobile application.

The content in SPA blocks updates only partially when the user scrolls the page which results in a quicker page load. Therefore, if you want your site to be dynamic and display a little amount of data, the single-page application may be a great choice. SPAs can become smooth and compelling landing pages, product cards, subscription pages, or catalogs. This technology is used by world-known digital products like Gmail, Google Maps, GitHub, and many others.

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JavaScript is the most popular web development technology according to surveys by Statista. Although many developers prefer this language for coding, JavaScript brings some issues when it comes to the development of heavy platforms that require complex calculations. Such platforms perform slowly, which results in poor user experience and prevents a project from becoming more successful. WebAssambly can become a solution to this problem.

WebAssambly is a type of web technology that allows one to create code in any programming language, turn it into a bytecode, and launch it using the browser. The analysis proved that, on average, products created with WASM are 30% faster than products created with Javascript. High performance is considered to be one of the WASM’s best benefits, and here’s the list of other advantages:

  • WebAssambly supports popular coding languages like C/C++, Rust, Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, and others.
  • It can run in all the basic browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, and others.
  • It can provide a high level of security.
  • It’s easy to understand for developers, as they don’t need to write code in WebAssambly.
  • WebAssambly is a low-level assembly language, and it has text format support that can be used for quick debugging and rewriting.

WASM is used in the development of several prominent projects like Doom 3 or Figma. It can be implemented for developing games, graphics editors, web clients of financial platforms as well as PWAs that we mentioned earlier, and for many other purposes.

Google Earth is one of the projects created with the use of WebAssambly. At first, it was possible to run it only in Chrome. But the developers’ ambition was to make this product available for as many users as possible, that’s why the project was later moved to WebAssambly. Now it can be accessed from Firefox, Opera, and Edge. Look at this exciting web application built with WASM.

Web Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond.

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Voice recognition

As the life pace gets faster, users are more willing to use voice assistants to make search queries, as it saves them time. It’s been more than ten years since Google launched its first voice search. During this period, Amazon and Apple created Alexa and Siri, the latest versions of which can not only find the information we need but also control smart devices by recognizing our speech. According to some surveys, the global voice recognition market is projected to grow by $27.16 million by 2026, meaning the trend will continue to affect the scope of web development and the entire digital sphere.

One of the common examples of voice recognition use in web products is Duolingo with its speaking exercises. Duolingo web app uses an AI voice recognition mechanism that allows users to improve their pronunciation and fluency.

Web Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond.

The problem is that more and more people start using voice search when making search queries in browsers. Voice queries are usually longer and more detailed than written ones. It means we’ll need to optimize our web content using long-tail keywords and run more research to understand user behavior. Here’s one common scheme that explains how the whole system functions.

Web Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond.

Considering that about 20% of all search queries in Google are voice searches, this trend shouldn’t be overlooked by entrepreneurs who mainly promote their goods and services via websites.

AI-powered chatbots

AI-powered chatbots are a technology that can come in handy for both entrepreneurs and their customers. Entrepreneurs can create a personalized user experience and sell their services using bots, while users can hand over boring everyday tasks to them.

AI chatbots are a technology installed in apps and websites that simulates human conversations using machine learning and natural language processing. The words the user says or types trigger machine-learning algorithms that get better over time.

The application of this web technology can result in better user engagement and lead generation. AI-powered chatbots help users navigate through the interface faster and make decisions more quickly. It was estimated that the implementation of chatbots results in 30–40% higher response rates, and these are just the lower numbers of the spectrum. Some chatbots can generate 80–90% response rates, proving that users are actually willing to use these assistants to find out more about services and goods. These features make this technology especially effective for the eCommerce field, and such world-known brands as H&M, Sephora, and Tommy Hilfiger have already implemented bots in their digital products.

Moreover, AI chatbots are often used in banking, healthcare, and insurance fields, where users need 24/7 customer support. The companies from these fields can outsource some of the common and basic questions to bots to streamline the in-house processes and reduce the workload of the staff. Babylon health is a healthcare service that uses this advanced web technology to consult its patients. Whenever patients feel unwell, they can write about their symptoms to the chatbot, and it gives them recommendations or offers to make an appointment with the doctor if there is a need for that. That’s how the bot functions.

Web Development Trends for 2023 and Beyond.

By 2023, AI chatbots are projected to generate over $100 billion in eCommerce transactions, which means that this web development trend will continue growing.

Motion UI

When you develop a website or web application, it’s important to make it visually compelling to attract more users. One way to provide the product users with a smoother user experience is to add smooth animations and transitions to the UI design. Motion UI is one of the best web development technologies when it comes to dealing with animation.

Motion UI is a Sass library for creating CSS transitions and animation. This library displays many sets of ready-made transitions and animation classes that developers can use and save time and resources for their clients. This latest web development technology is compatible with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, the most widespread front-end technologies.

Motion UI is a website technology used for improving the user experience and making interfaces more interactive and responsive. It would be a nice idea to implement it for creating onboardings and splash screens, confirming users’ actions, and leading them through the interface or adding funny elements that can make the digital product more recognizable.

Wrapping up

Based on the information mentioned above, we can come to the conclusion that the biggest development trend is making your digital product accessible, interactive, and convenient to use and navigate. The product owners and developers can use all the newest web development technologies mentioned here to break away from their competitors and enlarge the audience of their products. The impressive stats and use cases show that these technologies are most likely to shape the future of many websites and the future of web development itself.

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