Why python is so popular for a new business

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Why do people prefer to use Python rather than other coding languages? One reason is that it lets developers type programs in just a few lines, which increases the efficiency and speed of coding. See how a “Hello, world!” program looks different in two languages:

A smiling snake representing Python with a case in its tale
Pieces of code in C# and Python

The clarity and brevity of this technology helped Python become a popular programming language.

Such big brands as Netflix, Pixar, Spotify, and Google chose it to develop their products. Let’s see how you can use it for your startup.

What can you do with Python?

The technology is well known as a coding language for server-side programming. But these are some other popular ways how to use it:

  • Build machine learning (ML) algorithms. Python has a very active community contributing to ML development. It has multiple handy instruments. Libraries that are mainly utilized for ML are scikit-learn and TensorFlow.
  • Create a graphic user interface (GUI). The cross-platform Tkinter framework built into Python allows you to make simple applications and bring them to the market as fast as possible. It covers the prototyping needs as well.
  • Conduct basic data analysis and digitalize processes. Python is used for drawing charts, calculations, and even detecting your emails’ tone of voice. By integrating it into the business processes, you get rid of unnecessary routines.

Actually, with Python, you can build pretty much anything, just like with any other modern framework. For instance, create an MVP for your product.

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By now, the technology has over 150,000 libraries to complete any task in any field: from game development to scientific research. But what are the specific features of the coding language that help a new business?

Reasons to choose Python for your startup

Statistic by Statista displaying the size of coders communities worldwide as of 2022 in millions. Python takes the second place with 15.7 millions, Javascript is on the first place with 17.4, Java is on the third with 14.0.
A statistic showing the size of groups of people who know and use different programming languages

Development speed

Python is one of the most popular technologies as well as the simplest. Therefore, instead of spending precious time on resolving engineering tasks, a team has an opportunity to focus on business goals more. Even though its execution speed is arguable, the Python development team recently increased Python 3.11 speed by 1.25, compared to the 3.10 version, and they’re going to improve it further for 3.12.

Development cost

Python is an open-source and, like Ruby and JavaScript, dynamic language. What does it mean? Its syntax takes less time to type, whereas the wide range of libraries allow the use of ready solutions. And time spent on coding directly influences the cost of development. Plus, it has a low threshold of entry, and an entrepreneur may hire junior programmers for the start. According to Indeed, the average salary of a junior developer is $82,907 per year in the US (whereas an average base salary is $108,184).

Relevance of technology

Python is in demand within the academic community. Hence, the latest updates and discoveries will be contributed to it. What else? Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision — trending technologies — are all built with Python. If your startup deals with these exact areas, then you don’t really have a choice of language, as Python is the best choice. Why? Because it is efficient — there are many available packages, including high-level ones, to rapidly deliver your projects.


Being a general-purpose language, it can be used in different fields, from web development, where it shows the best performance, to artificial intelligence solutions. An opportunity to enter the market of any industry — another reason why Python is so popular among startups.

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