Native mobile development services

We create compelling iOS and Android applications and help you release them to stores.

Our team has created more than 60 native applications both for iOS and Android devices. While on the market, we gained profound experience in building eCommerce, mental wellness, delivery, and item renting applications.
During the design and development stages, we follow Google and Apple guidelines to make the release to the store quicker.
Ronas IT engineers use Swift to develop iOS apps and Kotlin to build Android apps.
developers in an independent team
years of experience
repeat customers

Native mobile app development workflow:

  • 1
    Gather requirements.
    Before diving into design and coding, we help customers define project requirements and find out about their business ideas. Our analyst creates the project breakdown and estimates the product price and deadlines.
  • 2
    Create UI/UX design based on the results of analytics.
    Designers create the UI/UX of the interface and a UI Kit that can be used for scaling the design up. Then we discuss the created visual with the customer and make improvements.
  • 3
    Plan 2–3 week sprints.
    We always work with short iterations. By the end of each of them, the customers get a tangible result — an app version that they can check and estimate the progress.
  • 4
    Establish scalable architecture and write clear code.
    We develop the features according to their priority and with a focus on flexibility. Our engineers write code and give the product the ability to integrate with smartphone hardware. What’s more, they set up CD pipelines that help quickly update the software and show it to the customers.
  • 5
    Make sure the software runs stably.
    We run automatic tests and use error-tracking tools in a ready-made application to fix the bugs.
  • 6
    Release the product to the store.
    We have helped more than 80 customers release their products to the store. To provide quicker release, we ensure that applications have no bugs and run flawlessly. Our experience helps us to avoid all the common pitfalls.
  • 7
    Provide post-launch maintenance.
    We don’t stop working with an application after the project work is completed. Ronas IT team is always ready to enhance the application based on user reviews, add extra features, or fix bugs if there is a need for that.

Our projects:


The reviews that our customers send really help us to improve service and encourage us to keep creating cool software. Look at some of the positive reviews that we have received.


The total price of the project depends on its size. On average, creating a native app for one platform costs $25,000–40,000. However, each project requires an individual analysis. So, don’t hesitate to contact our analyst and get a more precise estimate.
If you haven’t tested your business idea yet, cross-platform development is preferable. It will give you an opportunity to connect with the users of both iOS and Android devices. But if you have already tested your idea and know exactly who your audience is, you may choose native development. Thus, you will provide your clients with a smoother user experience. Native apps can integrate with all the features of the operating system which results in better performance. Also, they can connect to smartphone hardware like Bluetooth, a microphone, or a gyroscopic sensor.
Full native mobile development is not the only service we can deliver. Ronas IT is a full-cycle IT company that specializes in engineering web and mobile applications for startups and businesses. We will lead your product from the stage of UI/UX design to coding, testing, and release to the store. Our team can develop native, hybrid, and web apps as well as desktop software.
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