The power of mobile app development in modern business operations

A cover showing a man and woman selling and buying products via devices. The cover demonstrates the power of mobile app development in modern operations

As the accessibility and capability of smartphones continue to expand, the importance of mobile apps in connecting businesses with their consumers has soared higher than ever before. Statistics reveal a sharp increase in the number of mobile app downloads globally, rising from 140.7 billion in 2016 to a staggering 255 billion in 2022. This upward trajectory underscores the vital role of mobile apps, now seen as indispensable tools in modern business operations.

Stats demonstrating the number of mobile apps downloaded worldwide proving the importance of mobile app development in modern business operations
Number of mobile apps downloaded worldwide, by Statista

With over 16 years of experience in the mobile app development industry, Ronas IT has developed more than 100 apps that serve various industries — from real estate to fintech, healthcare, delivery services, and retail. Each of these apps has served not just as a value-add, but as an essential tool for our clients’ operations. Whether it’s an app for real estate customers to view and purchase properties or a delivery service app that manages orders and deliveries efficiently, these processes couldn’t be done any other way than digitally. The wide-ranging use of apps reaffirms their essential role in modern business operations.

The significance of mobile apps in modern business operations

From online shopping and banking to health monitoring and food education, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, creating an accessible, convenient, and efficient platform for communication and transactions.

This paradigm shift in consumer behavior is indeed supported by statistical data. According to eMarketer, adults in the United States spend an average of over 3 hours per day on mobile devices. According to the business of apps report, in 2022, Apple’s App Store experienced 32.6 billion app downloads, while Google Play had over 110 billion app downloads. Despite the dramatic difference, both numbers are still remarkably significant.

Stats demonstrating the time the US users spent in connected devices per day proving the importance of mobile app development in modern business operations
Time the US users spent in connected devices per day, by eMarketer

The figures clearly underscore the importance of mobile apps in today’s business landscape. As mobile apps continue to pervade various aspects of our lives, they provide businesses with numerous opportunities for customer engagement, offering ease of access, enhanced user experience, and improved service delivery. In a competitive business environment, incorporating mobile apps into business strategy is a necessity. All in all, mobile app development covers such modern business operations as:

Sales and customer acquisition. Businesses use mobile apps to accelerate purchasing processes, personalize customer experiences, and provide on-the-go access to products and services.

Marketing. Mobile apps offer a direct communication channel that facilitates real-time updates and delivery of promotional content.

Data analytics. Insights drawn from mobile apps inform business decisions by providing valuable information about user behavior, preferences, and engagement.

Internal operations. Mobile apps are used for task management, communication, training, and collaboration within businesses to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Finance and banking. Mobile app development extends to finance with the advent of mobile wallets and payment apps, providing businesses with quick, secure, and hassle-free financial transactions.

In summary, mobile app development pervades every aspect of modern business operations, including customer interfacing, sales, marketing, internal operations, and finance. Its significance continues to grow as app download numbers continue to rise. However, what are the advantages of digitalization for businesses?

Key benefits

If you are still hesitating here is what you get with supporting your business processes with mobile app development.

Streamlining operations. Mobile apps offer an effective tool to improve business operations, making processes smoother and faster. Tasks that traditionally took considerable time and manual effort can now be automated via mobile applications. For instance, apps can manage inventory, track sales, and automate routine tasks. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the chances of human error, thereby enhancing efficiency. Businesses can also leverage apps to provide real-time updates and information to employees, adding to their productivity.

Increased accessibility. With mobile apps, businesses are always at the fingertips of their consumers. Regardless of time or geographical location, customers can access a company’s products or services with a simple touch on their smartphone. This 24/7 accessibility significantly enhances customer convenience and allows businesses to operate around the clock, thereby increasing their opportunities for sales and growth.

Customer engagement. Mobile apps open up an avenue for businesses to interact directly with their consumers. Through push notifications, personalized offers, loyalty programs, and interactive features, businesses can communicate with their customers in a more personalized manner. Furthermore, customer feedback can be gathered easily through mobile apps, helping businesses understand customer needs better and improve their offerings accordingly.

Competitive advantage. In an era where customers seek instant gratification and convenience, having a mobile application can provide a business with a competitive edge. With visually appealing interfaces, quick loading times, personalized experiences, and easy-to-navigate designs, mobile apps can significantly enhance user experience. Moreover, businesses with apps demonstrate innovation and proactiveness to customers. As a result, businesses can stand out in the highly competitive market, attract more customers, and retain their existing user base.

Case study: Transformative mobile apps developed by Ronas IT

Experience shows that a well-designed mobile application can significantly transform a company’s operations. Ronas IT has accrued this experience through numerous projects — two examples being the mobile applications for Hamperapp and Noah.


The Hamperapp company as a great example of the power of mobile app development in modern business operations
Hamperapp laundry service team

Hamperapp, a Florida-based laundry service, collaborated with Ronas IT to create a mobile and web application aimed at automating their service operations and expanding their customer base.

To cater to the needs of all user types — clients, drivers, managers, and admins, we created distinct, intuitive interfaces. The cornerstone of the app was its innovative route optimization feature that significantly enhanced delivery efficiency by automatically charting the most optimal route for drivers.

An image demonstarting three screens of the Hamperapp application (a list of orders, a map for tracking, order details) showcasing a result of mobile app development for modernising business operations of the company
Hamperapp application screens

But the transformation didn’t stop at delivery optimization. The app offered a user-friendly system that allowed clients to schedule their laundry pick-up and delivery times and track their order status in real time. For admins, the app served as a comprehensive monitoring tool offering up-to-date reports and statistics on sales, user activity, and operational efficiency.

“It’s so easy to place my orders in the app and the team cares and is in constant communication. I’ve been using them for over a year and highly recommend them.“

The impact of the app on Hamperapp’s operations was phenomenal. It has been instrumental in supporting over 43,619 registered users and 78 laundries and has facilitated over 47,521 orders since its launch. Such digital transformation not only sped up operations but also significantly boosted customer engagement and satisfaction, proving the transformative power of mobile applications in modern business operations.


A photo of a smiling farmer in a hat and a plaid shirt in front of the green hills illustrating the purpose of the Noah mobile app for purchasing products directly from farmers
Noah is an app for purchasing products directly from farmers

Noah, a Swedish-based farmer marketplace platform, required a transformative mobile and web application that would significantly alter local agricultural business operations. The app’s primary goal was to empower farmers by enabling them to control their product pricing dynamically and to nurture a direct relationship with the consumers. This was facilitated through interfaces tailored for farmers, consumers, and administrators.

An image demonstarting three screens of the Noah application (a product card, a catalog, and a map with the farmers nearby) showcasing a result of mobile app development for modernising business operations of the company
Noah application screens

The most innovative features of the app included a rating system that allowed customers to provide feedback and rate their purchasing experience. This empowered the farmers with useful insights into customer expectations and helped them improve their services.

“Really fun to be able to order local ingredients directly from producers. Much like the farmer’s market but digital.“

The app also enabled dynamic control over pricing. It gave farmers the flexibility to adapt their product prices according to demand, quality, and seasonality. This not only helped farmers optimize their income but also promoted transparency in pricing for consumers.

Post-release, the Noah application had a significant impact. It digitized the local farming industries and reshaped consumer purchasing patterns for locally sourced products. The app’s success was demonstrated by the extended partnership with Noah for additional enhancements and support, proving its lasting impact on the industry.


Thus, these case studies underscore how mobile apps can transform businesses — from accelerating operations to optimizing delivery routes in the laundry service industry or revolutionizing sales strategies and pricing control in the agricultural sector. The key takeaway from both these examples is that mobile applications can be significantly transformative, regardless of the industry. They open new avenues for innovation, improve customer engagement, optimize modern business operations, and in some cases, completely change how businesses function.

Furthermore, mobile apps particularly shine in their ability to adapt. In the case of Hamperapp, the app could adjust delivery routes in real time, whereas Noah’s app accommodated dynamic pricing. These are not mere cool features, but critical vectors that have a tangible impact on operational efficiency and the bottom line.

In addition, Hamperapp and Noah have also proved that mobile app development can have a profound impact on customer behavior and experience — be it scheduling laundry services at their convenience or making informed decisions on purchasing locally sourced products.

Thus, these two businesses leveraged the power of mobile apps to their advantage, paving the way for digital transformation and the resulting growth and efficiency in their operations. The extensive capabilities that these mobile applications offer signify the immense potential that mobile app development holds for modern businesses. And as a provider of these transformative solutions, Ronas IT is ready to aid businesses in their journey to digital evolution.

Digitize your business idea with us

What should you look for in development services to modernize your business operations?

When it comes to selecting a development service to modernize your business operations through a mobile application, there are several key factors to consider.

First and foremost, look for a team with broad-ranging experience in mobile app development across multiple sectors. This indicates their ability to understand and adapt to a wide variety of business requirements.

Next, you need a service provider with a flexible, customizable development approach. This ensures that the app built for your business is particularly tailored to your specific objectives and user base.

Communication is another vital aspect. A service provider who maintains consistent and transparent communication can help you stay abreast of the development process and facilitate changes if necessary.

Lastly, it’s important not to overlook the value of post-launch services. A team that continues to provide maintenance, updates, and iterative improvements based on user feedback, market trends, and your evolving business needs, ensures the longevity and efficiency of your application.

In this respect, we do our best to tick these boxes. We specialize in developing cross-platform applications and offer comprehensive services based on understanding the business’s unique challenges. By crafting tailored solutions, we ensure a robust post-deployment plan that includes continuous updates and maintenance, our solutions are designed to keep up with our clients’ business evolution.

Thus, when choosing a software development service for mobile app development, consider their experience, flexibility, communication, and post-deployment services. These attributes are crucial for a service that can effectively modernize your business operations.

In conclusion

Mobile applications have become increasingly pivotal in driving modern business operations. They provide an avenue for improved communication with customers, streamline business processes, and open up new opportunities for growth. Utilizing mobile app development allows businesses to maintain their competitive edge in these digitally advanced times while offering services that meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers.

In closing, harnessing the power of mobile app development is crucial for any business seeking to modernize its operations and stay ahead. As a provider dedicated to delivering custom mobile solutions that correspond to unique business needs, Ronas IT can be the partner to aid your business in this journey.

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